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Why do Fans turn Star Wars into Dragon Ball Z

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Why do Fans turn Star Wars into Dragon Ball Z

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01.29.2012 , 06:48 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Deathforged View Post
Why didn't he throw himself down the shaft over and over again. Why was he old if he knew he could be more powerful from resurrecting?
well say you get stabbed, it hurts alot but when you recover you realize you're stronger. with that thinking, would you put yourself through hours/days of pain to come out stronger later? or be happy that you're stronger now?

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01.29.2012 , 06:52 PM | #22

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01.30.2012 , 12:53 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Riggnas View Post
But the "every dog has it's day" still applies. None of them are perfect beings, they are limited by there character. their emotions and state of mind.
Except we're not talking about mortals. If one person is capable of enhancing his abilities to move faster than the human eye, he's not going to come down with a cold and suddenly have normal speed. We aren't talking about normal people, we're talking about mystics that shoot lighting and wield laser swords.
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01.30.2012 , 02:57 AM | #24
Don't you know? When multiple characters powerlevels all go over 9000 and they all go Super Saiyan 4 and their lightsabers become tails and they can fly with the Force and when they find all the Dragon Balls they can summon Yoda and he grants them some wishes and once one of them wished to BE Yoda and he pimp slapped them and said "be me you cannot, too tall you are."
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01.30.2012 , 04:15 AM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthMoord View Post
Except we're not talking about mortals. If one person is capable of enhancing his abilities to move faster than the human eye, he's not going to come down with a cold and suddenly have normal speed. We aren't talking about normal people, we're talking about mystics that shoot lighting and wield laser swords.
Well they are mortals blessed with a gift. Plus you still ignore the other things I pointed out about them.

Plus what is inconsisten about it is, that it seems the Jedi/Sith only seems to perform certain feats when the plot allows it. I.E they can use force speed to run insanely fast. Q.E.D Episode 1 where Obi-Wan runs away from the Droideka's

But when he runs towards Qui-Gonn and Darth Maul who are fighting, he can't run as ffast anymore. I know this is all for the sake of making a movie and keeping it exciting, but it happens in Star Wars in other media aswell.

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01.30.2012 , 04:15 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by DecimaPoiuytr View Post
Males like to establish power hierarchies.

Having a X could beat Y debate, his power level is so much higher blah blah, is just an extension of this.

Really I agree though, this kind of thing leads to silliness and boring unimaginative plots.

The original star wars movies were good as someone above me said because it wasn't about duels between characters to see who's dick is longer. Even when there were "epic duels" like luke vs. vader it was about luke trying to rescue the stronger vader from darkness and was placed in the context of a larger story where non-force sensitives were also critical. And the jedi weren't invincible (obi wan didn't kill everyone in a swath on the death star, he snuck around so they wouldn't get overwhelmed), they just had a slight advantage and had to use subterfuge to succeed.
It does explain al the Fantasy Football, Boxing, and historic battle scernario's

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01.30.2012 , 04:31 AM | #27
Errr guys doesn't this writing have to do with the way Life (Death) esp. in War and Combat works in the real world? To me its is nothing to do with DBZ (which I know nothing about).

3 very good examples where real life with evil (depending which side you are on) all Powerful leaders, that came to a less than dramatic if very undignified end, caught out by ordinary soldiers or didn't even put up a fight 1) Saddam Hussein, 2) Osama Bin Laden 3) Col.Gaddafi.
I wonder who will be next?

As far as other world leaders go, Our own Mrs Thatcher has dementia and Churchill died in bed after a series of strokes.

When you relate this to the fiction of SWUniverse I think Palpatine being defeated by Vader (who had had nurtured as a little boy and then who he destroyed to save as a young man) who picked him up trying to save his new found Son and throwing him down a Vent after a hand to hand/force battle is therefore way more exciting than real life.

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01.30.2012 , 04:54 AM | #28
You people sure cry alot about how ****** Jedi and whatnot are. I seem to recall the Jedi and associated force sensitives being SLAUGHTERED TO A MAN in some movie.

Oh right. Episode III. Unstoppable ministers of death? It's called plot armor, scrubs. If you, as an author, wrote a story and killed your characters every time they went against even remotely lopsided odds you'd be writing very short, very disjointed stories.

So the author or whatever wants to have a Jedi fight off a small army of troopers and starships. For f's sake if you don't like it move on. Watch a sitcom if you can't handle so-called powerlevels and abilities that make you far more powerful than the average jerksauce guy with stormtrooper armor and a blaster.

And yes, every dog has his day. Totally agree with that statement. Even the best, brightest and most ****** make mistakes.

Further, to the first point I made, maybe they're some crazy ninjas with super powers and laser swords but they got played HARD. Force powers can't be all that great if they couldn't see those blaster bolts coming at their backs.

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01.30.2012 , 05:29 AM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by SandsOfArrakis View Post
I agree here. Would love to see this trilogy transferred into a movie trilogy. And could rightly be named Episodes 7-9.
I liked the X-Wing books as well. Partly because they took the focus away from Jedi, and partly because when he then went on to write I, Jedi, he wrote that scene where Corran realizes that even using the force will never make him quite as awesome a pilot as the really top ones like Wedge.

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01.30.2012 , 10:54 AM | #30
@ Part VI

I can understand plot armor to a point, but if you have some character destroy an entire army with his magic mind powers only to be killed in five seconds by a handful of clones, it creates an inconsistence with the audience.

In the back of their minds they are thinking, "wait didn't this Jedi have a hundred bad guys shooting at him before, and he didn't even break a sweat in deflecting all the shots, why doesn't he do the same thing here?"

A perfect example of this is (like mentioned above) Obi-Wan moving at unimaginable speeds to evad the droidikas (sp?), but then is suddenly unable to do the same thing when trying to come to Qui Gon's aid.

Plot armor enables a pivitol character to survive the story, but like any form of storytelling, it can be done poorly. If your character is god-like with plot armor on, but then instantly dies without plot armor, it creates a disconect with your audience.

But if your plot armor mearly gives said character a slight edge in battle; forcing the character to have to "work" to stay alive; then you have them die to a handful of soldiers, the audience isn't as "jarred".

People can get behind, root for, and then cry for a character that is thrust into a crazy situation and has to use their wits and skill to survive. A character that escapes danger by the skin of their teeth, and if need be, dies in a last stand, or as a sacrifice to help the other characters escape has depth.

Not somebody with "GodMode" enabled that slaughters entire armies single-handedly, but then is killed by five guys because their "cheat code" wore off.

A perfect example of good plot armor is Obi-Wan in episode IV, when he is sneaking through the Death Star to deactivate the tractor beam. Does he run straight through the station, killing all the stormtroopers he sees? No he uses stealth, he avoids all confrontation. Then after deactivating the tractor beam he sneaks back to the docking bay only to get caught by Vader.

Now if the movie did have Obi-Wan carve a swath of destruction across the Death Star, would this fight scene carry as much weight?

IMO no, firstly because we as an audience would have had a entire section of non stop action as Obi Wan killed everybody, making his battle with Vader seem lackluster in comparasion, but it would also rob the story of the build up to the fight; we would be unable to root for Obi Wan as he snuck through the battlestaion and hope that he escapes if the whole previous scence was just a mind-numbing action shot.

IMHO Jedi and Sith are best in small (believable) doses; being the mysterious warrior monk, or terrifying scorceror; not some dime a doze archatype that really only exists to say: "Hey everybody look what I can do!"