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Concerns about the bridge to Hard Modes

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01.30.2012 , 02:51 AM | #21
Before you run hardmodes do some of the level 50 flashpoints to get a feel for things - and as has been said make sure oyu have at least level 48 items (48 mods) and youll be fine for just about everything.

The other alternative is to do your pvp dailies/weeklies to get champion gear and wear that for HM/ops.

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01.30.2012 , 03:22 AM | #22
It is about people keeping different set of standards on their groups. Some people will always have a higher gear demand from pugs because they simply don't want to have to tryhard to carry the lowerlevel gear guy through the hardmodes.

In reality, any level 50 guy who has got tri-moddable oranges, crafted epics which amount to gear level 126'ish can do hard modes. This is sort of Tionese level, sometimes a bit higher than Tionese. It is good enough for the hard mode flashpoints. But some people will demand the Rakata crafted epics + implants and earpiece, some will also demand you to get some Columi through normal difficulty operations.

As I said, it depends on preferences. If I had Columi + Rakata gear I would preferably not want to do hm with a Tionese level gear guy, I'd much rather wait and ask my Columi + Rakata geared guildmate / friend first.

That's simply how the system is and this is how it has been in WoW as well.

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01.30.2012 , 05:14 AM | #23
Thanks for the advice, everyone!
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01.30.2012 , 05:46 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by Gilthandir View Post
My issue is with the system its self. If you think having dailies as a bridge between 50 and hard modes is a good idea, I disagree, strongly. My point is that I should be rewarded for hitting max level with fun and enjoyable content, not days if not weeks of grinding content that is not fun.

I know you probably can do them in fresh 50 gear, but as a solo player with no real life friends on the server, it becomes an issue when I can't get a group because the community seems to only accept those who are in as best gear as possible. I'm not refusing to do the dailies and I'm marching through it, but it's an extreme turn off to end game content IMO. You don't have to make HM's do able be ding 50's (but it seems that is the case anyway), but give me something non disheartening to do to "earn" it.
You can do hard modes as a fresh 50. Strangers may not want to take you because your low level gear means that they are more likely to fail. The solutions to this are to upgrade your gear (for example, a mix of 49 daily and crafted blue gems), or to find a guild that has an interest in gearing you up. Your premise that strangers who have no vested interest in your success should be helping you, or that the game should somehow make them do so, is foolish.
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01.30.2012 , 06:23 AM | #25
I don't see the problem here really, besides the OP being lazy. We're not talking about weeks of farming here. The barrels/hilts and armoring items cost 8 daily commendations each. Say you need 5 armoring items and 2 barrels/hilts, that's 56 commendations.

Now you got 13 solo quests giving 1 commendation each. Then you got 2 4man quests and 2 2man quests, giving 3 commendations each, which gives you a total of 25 commendations per day.

In addition, there's several of the non-repeatable quests on Ilum and the Belsavis bonus series that gives commendations.

So 2 days after hitting 50 you can have 5 armor items and 2 weapons at ilvl126, without spending a single credit. What did you expect, to have an epic set sent to your mailbox upon reaching level 50 ?

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01.30.2012 , 12:44 PM | #26
Like others have said, fill your slots with Correllia comm mods. That's good enough to get started.

A lot of my guildies like to do the daily quests for lvl 49 purple mods. I haven't progressed my story far enough to do them, and I'm the healer.

After I got all my slots filled with Correllia mods (which is super easy to do by running a few Normal lvl 50 FP's) I simply get someone to make me lvl 49 purple mods, or buy upgrades off the GTN.

If you haven't gotten all slots filled with blue quality lvl 49 mods, do it and you'll see a difference. From there, it's all about purples. Run HM's and hope some Columi gear drops for you. Be warned that we get BH/Trooper gear on 80+% of all drops. Tionese/Columi/Non-set.

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01.30.2012 , 12:47 PM | #27
Also, I have to note that as a guild, we all picked different crafting professions so we could make lvl 49 mastercraft pieces for everyone.

Implants/Ears/Bracers/Belts. I'd work on getting Mastercraft items in those slots and put your choice of augment in them. I prefer these items over the Columi grade gear TBH.

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01.30.2012 , 01:35 PM | #28
I have spent many hours and many many hundreds of thousands of credits getting my gear as good as it could possibly be in preperation for HMs and Ops. I did RE after RE after RE on some armor pieces to get the best recipe, then crafted over and over and over to get the augment slot. I've done all the dailies for weeks to get Rakata Implants and earpieces. Etc.

We did our first Ops this weekend, and man do I feel stupid. It was all an unnecessary and boring waste of time.

We cleared the first 4 bosses in the Hutt's palace and cleared all of EV (except Soa, who was easy but due to one of the many documented bugs kept resetting when we got him down to around 5% [not enraging, resetting-- teleporting to beginning of instance, out of combat, etc.]). We had a couple of new 50s. Our tank had green earpiece and both implants and a green belt and was wearing a bunch of PvP gear. Etc.

For a grand total of about 5 hours of raiding over the course of 2 nights, I got the Columi off hand weapon (Sentinel), Columi Gloves, Columi Belt, and Columi Leggings. Everyone in the raid got 2 Biometric crystals each, so I was immediately able to craft Rakata Relics for both slots.

We aren't even close to being a competitive progression raiding guild, we didn't even know which players were going to be showing up for the raid. Normal modes are just that easy. And the amount of loot each boss drops is staggering, multiple recipes and set pieces each time.

If I had it to do over again, I wouldn't spend any time doing anything that felt like a grind. I'd spend a couple of nights doing dailies to get the hilts/mods/armor/enhancements from the daily vendor on Ilum, but other than that, I'd just jump straight into Ops. My main is going to be broken out of storage twice a week on raid night, other than that I'm leveling my alt.
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01.30.2012 , 02:09 PM | #29
Quote: Originally Posted by daveytech View Post
Also, I have to note that as a guild, we all picked different crafting professions so we could make lvl 49 mastercraft pieces for everyone.

Implants/Ears/Bracers/Belts. I'd work on getting Mastercraft items in those slots and put your choice of augment in them. I prefer these items over the Columi grade gear TBH.
Sadly all crafting beyond Biochem is still a waste of time if you're going to raid. I don't like this situation (started out Synthweaving) but the truth of its undeniable. I hope at some point this is changed, but for right now you're not doing your guild any service by trying to fight the system. The only good thing is that IF they change this leveling up any of the crafting skills only takes a day or two when you're level 50.

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01.30.2012 , 02:25 PM | #30
"Once you get to 50 and get moderately geared from doing dailies, your next goal should be running hardmode flashpoints." (meaning you don't have to grind them, it should get you enough gear after you finish them once and you have to finish the ilum quests once anyway or some of the hardmodes will be locked out for you)

Hardmode Flashpoints Give rating 126 gear with rating 136 at the end. (Just like normal operations)

End Game quest gear is atleast around 110 rating or better.

Corellia commendations get you rating 116 and a chance at a good 126 (purple) item.

Crafters can make good gear or fill your armor/mod slots (from cybertech) to rating 124+.

Dailies get you lots of modifications (rating 124+) and when you get 120 daily commendations you can get the highest lvl earpiece/implant ingame (rating 140).

Pvp can easily get you rating 136 gear with dailies/weekly's.

If the difference in gear rating from normal ops to hardmode ops is 126/136 to 136/140 i would expect the gear you would need to do hardmode flashpoints(same gear as normal operations) to be 116/126 but some of the flashpoints like Black Talon hardmode are really easy compared to the others and don't require so much gear.
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