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Will rakata weapons ever get fixed?

Pengant's Avatar

01.29.2012 , 09:24 AM | #11
There is a reason all these threads keep appearing.

People simply cannot believe, with good reason, that this issue has not been fixed yet.

It was reported in BETA testing phases multiple times, yet still remains.

Now because the content is so easy, this issue is not just 'hardcore' related. And that explains why we are seeing so many threads.

The issue does prove one thing - it shows Biowares complete lack of capability to run a progressive mmo. Which is very disappointing. You cant let an issue like this remain live for over a month and Bioware should know that. Either they dont care, or they cant fix it. Either way its an epic fail in my eyes. And this issue is just one of so many gj bioware.

And in before 'wow releese waz wey worze' - My response - This is 2012, not 2004.