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Re-patching 12GB again?

Ulain's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 10:15 PM | #1
Not sure what's going on with my launcher. Removed the game and files I downloaded from the weekend beta (which I didn't actually get into) and reinstalled the game.

Launcher opens, patches Main Assets/wahetever else, that took 12-something GB to do.

Then another one 1-100% (didn't even say what it was AFAIK), and at some point during then, says "an error occurred updating" Repair? I remember this happening for the beta download too, and when I did so, it wanted to re-patch the 12GB all over again.

I exited out of the Launcher hoping to dodge that, but it appears it's not letting me off the hook that easily.

I can show the logs if need be. I saw some errors on it, but didn't know what to make of them to have it need to patch essentially the whole darn thing again. Thanks in advance.

catherder's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 10:22 PM | #2
Yep. I'm in the same boat with you.

I was in the gen beta and the RC build, I don't think, was patched properly b/c I can't stay in the game now.

When this happened last time in Beta to me, I did the same thing (re-downloaded the files), and then I could play.

It was the week leading up to the final beta weekend and I had to re-download and re-install the whole thing so I'm not surprised I need to do it again.

yes I patched everything the launcher would patch. The 'advice' to leave the install intact if you played in the last beta weekend was not the best advice BW could have provided imo.