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Everyone should be on on Thursday, YAY

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Everyone should be on on Thursday, YAY

richardya's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 10:09 PM | #1
If the pre orders totaled 1 million and the total orders were 3 million. I would anticipate everyone being in tomorrow. #1 if they will have 3 million next week for the holidays I would assume they would want to test with 1 million asap. #2 the more people are in now the more the playtime will decrease by the 20th #3 The more people in now the more spread out people will be. #4 If something gets screwed up, much better for it to happen in bonus time then in real time. #5 If the servers cant handle 1 mil how will they handle 3 mil?

The ultimate goal is still the 20th. This game is the ultimate power in the universe, I suggest we use it.