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Rate Class Stories You've Played (Scores Compiled & Updated) (No Spoilers Please)

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Rate Class Stories You've Played (Scores Compiled & Updated) (No Spoilers Please)

Duradel's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 08:00 PM | #11
Trooper, 8/10.

Had the storyline I expected, and it all turned out like a very epic war movie. The companions are all memorable and interesting, but, as you've probably heard, there are very few long reaching significant choices.

Bereduss's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 09:37 PM | #12
I'd give the Jedi Knight story a 9/10... a few odd moments but it really felt like the driving story of the game.

For the Sith Warrior I'd probably go with a 7/10. Really enjoyable story, but i feel like I'm just being used all the time
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Quezar_Terran's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 09:57 PM | #13
Jedi Knight: 7/10 Some great moments, a few lame apects

Sith Warrior: 10/10 Simply amazing, epic, there were times where I was literally sitting in my computer chair with my fists in the air cheering like I was watching the super bowl

Those are the only 2 I've gotten far with, the next 3 I've only got to level 20 or so

Trooper: 6/10
Inquisitor: 7/10
Bounty Hunter: 7/10 with a bonus for having my favorite moment so far

BlobbMonster's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 10:32 PM | #14
Sw 7/10

EnderSaizh's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 11:22 PM | #15
Jedi Knight 4/10

It just felt really lazy. None of the major players outside of your companions are characterized all too well, they're all one-dimensional borefests with single defining character aspects like "old mentor" and "evil guy". The fact that I can sum up the entire sentence in exactly three sentences and not miss anything at all just lends to the fact that there is very little depth and complexity to it all.

The story itself was mediocre at best, but I feel like they made the structure first, then wrote the story around that fixed structure instead of allowing the story to feel dynamic.

Don't even get me started on the whole Mary Sue aspect. I know that in the other stories you're essentially the golden boy (or girl) but the Knight takes it to a whole other level. It's as if BioWare desperately wanted to make you a hero but couldn't think of any way to make it so.

Sith Warrior 9/10

Probably my favorite so far. I love, LOVE Darth Baras and his character and his voice acting is wicked strong. The Sith Warrior's voice actor also knows his stuff well and while it's silly when he's trying to flirt or be romantic (as it kind of falls flat) the Sith Warrior's voice really fits well whether you're playing dark side or light side. The Sith Warrior story is the strongest in my opinion merely because the characterization is fantastic and the voice acting is strong.
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Raydus's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 01:36 AM | #16
Ones ive played so far.

Jedi Knight : 8.5 Has a KOTOR 3 feel to it most of the time.

Jedi Consular : Act 1 3.5 Act 2-3 9
Really an acquired taste, you have to like mystery and intrigue type of story telling. Pacing is much slower than other classes. Story really picks up after Act 1.

Sith Inquisitor : 8 again an acquired taste because of the pacing of the story.

Sith Warrior : 10 Best story in the game in my opinion hands down.
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Norumaniac's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 01:40 AM | #17
Jedi Consular: 3 or 4 / 10

Some cool moments, but it was bad.

Sith Warrior: 8 / 10

It was cool.

I completed both stories (both characters lvl50) btw.

DarkestDaemon's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 01:43 AM | #18
Sith Warrior: 10/10.

The level of intrigue in it, the missions, all of it brought a wonderful combination. You have your character's own quest for gaining power and then in the later acts him gaining power for the Empire as well. It is, sadly, the only class I've gotten to any good level to be a judge but, I quite honestly never felt a dull moment throughout the quest lines. All of it, from beginning to interim felt like an epic adventure across the galaxy.
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Space_Chicken's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 01:53 AM | #19
Jedi Consular: 8/10 , not too many seem to enjoy it as much but I found it really good

Bounty Hunter: 6/10, I found Act 1 the best, but they're all pretty good ^_^

Sith Warrior: 7/10, I didn't like Act 1 too much, but I thought it picked up afterwards.

DaDe's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 03:54 AM | #20

Act 1: 8/10
Act 2: 7/10
Act 3: 9/10

Imperial Agent

Only played to Tatooine give it a 7.8/10

Sith Warrior

Played to lvl 20 (Balmorra) and i give it a 6/10, felt like a dog, kind of like "Go there and don't question me !".

Jedi Consular

Act 1: 8/10
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