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Rate Class Stories You've Played (Scores Compiled & Updated) (No Spoilers Please)

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Rate Class Stories You've Played (Scores Compiled & Updated) (No Spoilers Please)

SonzeK's Avatar

04.20.2014 , 02:41 PM | #151
before i'd say bounty hunter 10/10 but as soon as i saw the jedi consular and sith warrior,i changed my opinion.
for bounty hunter (neutral-dark) 8/10,really the story fits a freelancer that cares just about his pay.
for sith warrior 5/10 if you go just dark(mindless puppet) but 9/10 if you mix dark with light,it gets really interesting and you twist everyone around you,a walking enigma.
for jedi consular 9/10,you really get inside the story and inside who you are,as soon as you become master you have decisions to make,big ones.

Aussie's Avatar

08.18.2014 , 08:10 PM | #152
Sith Inquisitor 10/10 (Mine was the lightside male so enjoyed playing the slave underdog that betters himself within the empire, I loved the dark sense of humor shown throughout the class storyline and the companions individual ones also reflected this for me. You could say it had a very "british" wit feel to it ).

Jedi Knight 8/10 (Jedi knight was my first class to level 50 so it was some that I took my time to play all the way through, having solid snake himself David Hayter as a male voice actor was a great surprise and the storyline felt very kotor-esque of all the 8 storylines in swtor).

Sith Warrior 8/10 (Sith warrior's storyline is only better enhanced I say for having played the jedi knight storyline also as there is definitely key threads tied in both storylines that lore fans will not want to miss. I also liked the way the warrior is treated as a sort of nobility of the sith empire compared to the slave like origins of the inquisitor player character).
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