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Corellian Run - Premade

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01.25.2012 , 02:54 PM | #1
Is anyone from the Corellian Run server that would like to take a stab at regular Red Reaper tonight? I really don't feel like standing in the fleet shouting LFG so I figured I'd try this (I know it's a long shot.)

I'm a level 44 (almost 45) Sniper, so that makes me purely DPS. I have a guildmate that would be willing to help (most likely) that is a Sith Assassin Tank... and I might possibly have a 44 healer friend (Sorc) that would go if available.

However, it's hard to gauge what time they'll be on and if they'll be up for it so I'm asking here if anyone is down. If we form a group here first I say let's do it.

So if you're from the Corellian Run server and want to run regular Red Reaper (it's level 42ish I think) let me know here. My Sniper's name is Blood. I'm looking to get in-game tonight at 5:30ish EST. Let me know here or in-game if you're interested in running it. I haven't missed a FP yet and I don't intend to. I probably could've been 50 already but I don't want to miss any content on my first character.


/1 44 Sniper LF Red Reaper group

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01.25.2012 , 02:58 PM | #2
wrong place for LFG's. goto server forums.
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