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Enjoy story or just "get it done"?

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Enjoy story or just "get it done"?

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01.25.2012 , 03:38 PM | #11
I don't understand people who skip everything, I bought this game for the story and not for the multiplayer aspect but its nice being able to chat and team up for heroics, also warzones are fun occasionally.
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01.25.2012 , 04:29 PM | #12
I think it all depends on the player. It's also easy to say that "someone who does something differently then me is doing it wrong."

With that said, I am a Star Wars fan FIRST, and a video game fan second. The only MMO I ever played before this was Star Wars Galaxies. I was never interested in WoW or any of the others.

For me, the story IS the only reason to play. I also think there is the PvP aspect. IMO, the people that started SWTOR to "level to 50" really fast for PvP "usually" didn't care about the story, they just wanted a different PvP Challenge.

Like I said above, I'm not condemning anyone for their playing style, but for me, a MMO is better when players have similar tastes and that's why I like that there are PvP, PvP and RP servers.

To prove this point just go to the PvP SWTOR Forum read the posts, then go to the SWTOR Story and Lore forum, it's like day and night. I hang in the lore forum and we talk stories and characters all day, in the PvP forum it's all tech talk, strategy and gearing up. Once again, neither is right or wrong. Some poeple just want to get the MMO under the belt, Some want to enjoy the journey.

I'm actually super depressed I'm level 46! I look at it like I will only have four more levels of stories to go But then I can always create and alt and start all over!

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01.25.2012 , 04:49 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by WizzyWarlock View Post
I think they're talking about the side quests, which in my opinion are three minutes of voice overed fluff followed by, "Go click on three glowing objects.". If there was more variation to the quests then I'd be more inclined to listen, but after the 30th 'Go click on three glowing objects' after listening patiently for 3 minutes, I tend to find a use for that space bar.
In my opinion that you do not care about, it is much better to know why the hell you're clicking on them rather than "Collecting 3 bear pelts" for no apparent reason that has any visual affect on how the character reacts to you or storyline moving with you.
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01.25.2012 , 04:54 PM | #14
I play through the story...Once..But thats it. I skip through all the side missions on my alts because, really, I hate reruns.

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01.25.2012 , 06:08 PM | #15
The first time players should listen to the NPC... some of the stories are quite interesting, and funny.

But after you've leveled one Republic/Empire character, then you might as well skip all the sidequest dialogue.

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01.25.2012 , 07:11 PM | #16
Quote: Originally Posted by Pengatron View Post
The "get it done" mindset I saw in the phrase I quoted originally gave me the impression that person was not even interested in the game play, just in getting things done in the fastest way possible, just to get to max level as fast as possible (for what reason I do not know).

That person was calling these "stories" a "negative mark" in his review because it slowed down his "getting it done". My response is if you want a fast "get things done" type of game play, instead of a "take your time and enjoy the journey" type of game play, then this is not the game for you.
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01.26.2012 , 01:56 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Jellison View Post
In my opinion that you do not care about, it is much better to know why the hell you're clicking on them rather than "Collecting 3 bear pelts" for no apparent reason that has any visual affect on how the character reacts to you or storyline moving with you.
What does it really matter? It's no different than having a wall of text in a game like LOTRO. That tells you the reason but nobody cares. The only difference here is that it's voiced and 'acted' instead of just something you read, which I admit is nice at first but when all the quests amount to the same thing it just gets tedious.

Class quests on the other hand have a continuous flow to them so I watch every one, but side quests where I hear the guys life story and then never see him again after clicking three glowing objects. As pointless as the walls of text from past games.

gaskull's Avatar

01.26.2012 , 02:11 AM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by Force_Me View Post
I have the opposite problem... I want to listen to the stories and could care less about the quest. Oh well, to each his own!
Same here
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01.26.2012 , 02:37 AM | #19
This is a problem for everyone who got tired of the quest progression system from other MMO's. I have the same issue.. And for me also, after getting to tatooine, I started pressing spacebar bcoz it is almost just as boring as to read that the guy is being attacked by horrible things who are just standing in a field where they always are.

Everyone who came from other MMO's and have grown tired of the quest system already I would like to advice going back to either WoW, or move along..

You will have to wait for Guild Wars 2 which will be released later this year.

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01.26.2012 , 02:46 AM | #20
To each his own, I like seeing how my new alt is reacting to things. Even if you have the same quest the different classes might react a little bit different approaching them. My smuggler felt really sad for the guys on Taris who had been there for so many year that she helped them get away from the army. Hmm... I don't see my Trooper giving them a easy time for leaving their group. But there isn't a right or wrong way to play, if you are enjoying your time gaming, you are doing what is right for you. I happily listen to the same quest a 6:th time. Did it all in beta twice before =) and have 4 republic chars.