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Rate the Class Stories!

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05.04.2012 , 08:53 PM | #81
I "only" played 4 class stories so far, here are my general thoughts/opinions on each of them, written in the order I played the classes in. (Yes, spoilers ahead)

Jedi Consular

Final Score: 7/10

Sith Warrior

Final Score: 7/10

Jedi Knight

Final Score: 6/10

Imperial Agent

Final Score 9/10

Currently levelling: Smuggler and Sith Inquisitor.
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05.05.2012 , 02:19 AM | #82
Only played completely through SW and IA stories.

SW: 8/10, overall it wasn't bad, if a bit predictable. I would have liked more chances to turn jedi to the dark side before killing them (loved that in chapter 1 lol). Playing as DS/rational also made it more interesting, since in some cases I would choose not to kill person/group x in exchange for a benefit later on. "Oh, hi Rathari. Meet these Republic troops that owe me a favor, hope you like surprises!"

IA: 9/10 I enjoyed the story and the depth of choice available, as well as the varied outcomes that you could get. The end of ch1 was a little too predictable (I guessed the boss before finding out who it was, which made it a bit less climactic). Chapter 2 was very well done imo, and interacting with SIS was interesting. By the end of ch 3, I would have preferred to join the main enemy of that chapter instead of fighting them.

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05.05.2012 , 06:10 AM | #83
Agent is the best. It's actually so good that I'm happily playing it for the second time on my sniper now. Has lots of great dialogue and twists, and it really makes things better when your character isn't a force-user, so he's at a natural disadvantage. Makes your accomplishments that much more impressive. 9/10.

Sith Warrior story is good. Dialogue is great, lots of very cool cutscenes, VO is ******, and it's just overall very fun to play the Darth Vader. This is the Sith storyline of choice by far. I think the ending was just the most epic thing in this game. 7/10

Jedi Knight is also good, on par with SW. The most epic storyline for sure, and if there was a KOTOR3, this could well be the story that was told. Seems to have the most relevance to the whole universe, possibly behind the Agent. The Voice Actors aren't very memorable. The story is a bit inconsistent in its quality, but the good moments are good enough. Really makes you feel like a jedi, though I think as a darksider it wouldn't be that good. 7/10

Sith Inquisitor is horrible. It was the one I was really looking forward to before beta, but after I heard so many bad things about it I decided to go for the Warrior as my first class, which turned out to be the greatest decision ever. There's nothing good about the story. It's a treasure hunt followed by playing ghostbusters, followed by some useless story about healing yourself. I mean come on, THIS was based on Palpatine? Force lightning to the face is kind of fun in the cutscenes, but the horrid overall story makes this one a story to avoid. 2/10.

Bounty Hunter I haven't finished yet. I'm at the beginning of Act2, and don't really feel like playing it, at least until we get transfers and I can get some pvp done on him so I don't have to play through the side quests. Some good moments, and great companion characters, and does give a good enough demonstration of the life of a bounty hunter, but I just couldn't get very interested. No score since I haven't finished it yet. Definitely way above the Inquisitor though.

The rest I've only played as far as coruscant. Smuggler story at least has great and funny dialogue, and trooper does have Shepard as VO, but I doubt I'll ever want to play those through.
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05.05.2012 , 05:18 PM | #84
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkJediAcheron View Post
I've just started the IA storyline and I'm kind of meh on it. It doesn't have the epic feeling I heard about yet. SI was really dull and repetetive at first but started to pick up till the ending which was simply amazing. I'm loving JK, its kind of boring at first but REALLY picks up at Chapter 2 with a lot of plot twists, choices, character development, and epic battles. Trooper is interesting so far but I'm a little wary of it.
Loved the agent story, but I think its awesome kind of depends on how much you let yourself get emotionally involved in it. I am surprised by this assessment of the Inquis, though - for me chapter 1 was pretty awesome and then after that it got very lame very fast, and I found the ending kind of meh.
Quote: Originally Posted by Darksaberexile View Post
IA: 9/10 I enjoyed the story and the depth of choice available, as well as the varied outcomes that you could get. The end of ch1 was a little too predictable (I guessed the boss before finding out who it was, which made it a bit less climactic). Chapter 2 was very well done imo, and interacting with SIS was interesting. By the end of ch 3, I would have preferred to join the main enemy of that chapter instead of fighting them.

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05.05.2012 , 05:34 PM | #85
IA 9/10

So amazing.

SI 6/10

Too many flaws, you don't manipulate people and Thanaton is a joke.

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05.06.2012 , 02:07 PM | #86
Only one I've done to 50: Smuggler.

8/10 - Had fun with it. I believe that it could have been done better, but it was an interesting and overall pretty funny story. It was solid all the way through, and had moments when the story, particularly the humor aspect, shined. It really does give off that "reluctant hero" feel, even if you do go lightside as a Smuggler. Chapter 1 was fun, going around on my personal vendetta, killing plenty of people along the way... Skavak was the perfect enemy for the Smuggler. Chapter 2 was a bit lamer, like I was kind of forced into a plot that some Smugglers would have no reason to have joined into. Chapter 3 makes up for it though, with a twist I didn't expect, and the Voidwolf, once you actually meet him, is a pretty good foil for a Smuggler.

Currently finishing up Chapter 2 on my BH...

8/10 - Also a good story, I'd say overall, especially with companions, it's more well-done than the Smuggler. But there were points were the people who wrote it really dropped the ball. However, the story itself is interesting enough, even if Chapter 1's ending was predictable. So far, wrapping up Chapter 2 and I really do not like it all that much... Doesn't seem to have a point beyond "run around and kill people". I am hoping Chapter 3 is better.

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05.08.2012 , 12:39 AM | #87
In order of best to worst of the ones I've played ALL the way through:

Imperial Agent 10/10. I grew up with and have continued to be a fan of James Bond movies and novels, Jason Bourne novels and movies, Nick Carter: Agent of AXE novels, "24", and the old Mission: Impossible series with Peter Graves all throughout my life. Take the best parts of those franchises and throw them into Star Wars with the Agent in the lead role, and you have a winner. Most jaw dropping moments in the game are with the Agent, from what I've seen so far, as well. Also gets my vote for best class dialogue.

Jedi Knight: 9/10. For sheer scope and the Epic feel, I have to go with the JK. Chapter 1 starts off a little slow, but really ramps it up in Chapters 2 and 3. Having Solid Snake doing the male Knight's voice was just icing on the cake, with some Easter Eggs for MGS fans thrown in at the most unexpected times.

Sith Warrior LS 8/10. Trolling Baras never gets old, and making the Jedi in the game go "waitWHAT???" when you don't attack right away was priceless as well. Great story, especially in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 and 3 tapered off a bit, but it was still engaging all the way through. Solid dialogue with arguably the best male VA in the game to turn what could easily have been a lowlife thug character into a class act.

Bounty Hunter 7.5/10. Some weak points, but otherwise very solid. Good dialogue, great voice work, and the best Easter Eggs for KotOR fans in particular. Calo Nord counting FTW. Not to mention the ABSOLUTELY most insane Jedi Master in the game trying to capture/kill you after Chapter 1. Seriously, this guy makes Nomen Karr look like a paragon of Jedi Values! He's SO twisted, he doesn't even realize how bad he's become!!! He goes to his grave STILL believing he did the right thing by framing you.
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