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ops loot distribution system

Giantshoe's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 02:26 AM | #1
so whats the general feeling on the operations loot distribution system?

I ran EV today and i got a drop from every boss. which should be awesome, except that i already had EVERY piece that i got. my buddy who was tanking could have made use of EVERY piece that i "won".

now i know automatically distributing loot will save a lot of loot drama, but it will also get people stuck getting the same item multiple times when simply being able to pass on a roll would distribute the loot where its needed, rather than randomly.
sure... you could have ninjas stealing whatever for companions, or credits, or because theyre upset with someone, but thats just as easily solved.

just wondering the general opinion on the system...

Lawli's Avatar

01.25.2012 , 08:20 AM | #2
guild quickly found running ev reg pointless waste of time aside from showing the new guy fights. ppl seem to be expected to gear up through HM FP. run em daily, get full columni in 2-3 days if lucky, shove em into hard mode ops after 3-4 pieces. rng is annoying though with karraga in terms of getting everyone columni mainhands, and its a pitty we cant turn in our rakata main/offhands. if they fix rakata weapons realistically you could never enter a normal ops, and go straight to hard modes and avoid the situation all together. difficulty wise we found after the gearcheck required for HM OPs wasnt as high as previously speculated - flasks and min 16khps.