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Playable and Companion species suggestion checklist thread

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Playable and Companion species suggestion checklist thread

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12.29.2013 , 01:12 PM | #431
Togruta .

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01.12.2014 , 07:25 PM | #432

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02.26.2014 , 02:18 PM | #433
Well, I love Rodians and Gungans as well. My SWG character was a rodian and every time I play a SW rpg campaing I play a gungan, of course he is not a Jar Jar. But to be honest, there is a lot of people who hates gungans and looking at the playable races, it would be a miracle if we can play even as a rodian. So I think we will see some human-like races (if we are lucky) before they stop to make new ones.

P.D: Sorry about my english.
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06.14.2014 , 01:26 PM | #434
Come to think of it, Togruta would be the toughest addition up do date. Because of their 'big head things'. Think about it. We'd expect at least 9 possible different options for the 'big head tail things' and every one and each of those would have to work with every possible clothing piece. That is so much work. So much.
Yet, maybe out of my love for togruta appearances, these are the #1 species I'd like to play in this game.

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06.14.2014 , 01:36 PM | #435
The body of the togruta is no different then any other race in the game and their appearence is also easy as there are a lot of togruta NPCs that have varied colors, the head is the only really difficult part to work with as they have to make sure the lekku that hang down their front don't clip though certain more "bulky" armors, this can be fix somewhat by making the lekku fixed as they are with Togruta npcs such as Ashara whose Lekku never move even when she turns her head. however, I'm betting most would want them to move like the Twi'leks lekku do making them this way is what causes the clipping issues that BW has run into.

Tuxymonkey's Avatar

06.14.2014 , 07:57 PM | #436
Flexi-lekku for the Togrutas would be so cool , but I think they will add some rigged ones just like the npc's , I don't see why they would work on flexi ones , it may work better with physics and clipping since the Twi'lek ones haven't big issues with clipping (as far as I see ) but I think it's harder to make it happen .
Rigged ones would need to be big since some armors are sometimes thicker than others . And as we saw with the long hairstyles they are rigged / linked to the back of our character and not to the armor so a part of the hair goes throught the armor to join the back (and front with the male new hairstyle)
But flexi ones however would lay on the armor due to the physical collision (I don't know if it's the good terms) and since they are not linked . When my Twi'lek kneels his lekku are not going throught the armor and like robes the lekku's tip , if the character sit or kneel would lay on the floor (depending on the length) . but yet I'm not worried about this , what I'm worried about his the collision with the arms . Since the lekku are front and they lay on the torso , between the arms , will the lekkus respect the arms physics and not go cray' cray' with the animations( fight stance , combating etc..) .

But I keep hope , I really want my togruta Jedi ~ ! even if he wears no hood or even if he has to be naked to avoid issues , I would still love him or her....whatever !

Oh and everything I said before is only hypothetical , I'm not working on 3D models so things I say may be wrong but I wanted to share my opinion (clumsily) .

Anaesha's Avatar

06.14.2014 , 08:02 PM | #437
You don't really see a lot of clipping with the Twi'lek Lekku because they are positioned behind the head and stick out much farther then the Togruta's Lekku do.

Tuxymonkey's Avatar

06.14.2014 , 08:14 PM | #438
True , I think they should make them rigged from head to shoulders then flexi so when the head moves there is no clipping . But I can't say if it's possible .

Jawa_Trooper's Avatar

06.15.2014 , 04:23 PM | #439
People have brought up the Term Humanoid alot, so i'd like to post what Wookieepedia considers humanoid.

"Classification of a being as humanoid was not standardized or strict. Generally, it entailed having a basic anatomy or construction similar to Humans, that is, a central torso with a head on top, two arms symmetrically arranged on either side, and two legs symmetrically arranged below, providing an upright bipedal stance. Each arm ended in hands that had a variable number of fingers (used for grasping and moving objects), and each leg in feet (used for locomotion). A living humanoid's head had two eyes, a nose for breathing and smelling, and a mouth for nutrition and communication; a mechanical humanoid would not require respiration or nutrition, and would have two photoreceptors instead of eyes. Humanoid species generally had sparse hair, mainly concentrated on the head or face.

A species with slight variations and deviations from this general arrangement could still be classified as humanoid. For example, Duros had no ears, nose, or hair; Twi'leks and Togruta featured headtails; and many non-humanoids had humanoid features. Wookiees, although seeming animalistic, could be called humanoids; they were also classified as anthropoids[3], a term referring to a species with simian features. "
According to BioWare, I lack the imagination to get into the mindset of a species that doesn't have a pretty, human-looking face. I feel inclined to disagree
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06.22.2014 , 08:01 AM | #440
As much as I would love to see as many playable Species as they would be willing to put in, the only one that I would got abselute crazy for is CHADRA-FAN ( ) They did have Force users, and could speak basic (though nasily and squeeky) They would be an interesting addition to the roster. Besides EVERY mmo i have ever played had at least one short statured race. Granted there are more popular shorties that could be used but the Chadra-fan would bring a beasty race. The customization options for their Fur, Ears, and color could have a good amount of choices. Plus they are SOOO cute.