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Diplomacy help

Eliop's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 07:14 PM | #1
Is there any easier way to level diplomacy then sending my companion on tons of missions? This was one of the only professions I never got to try during beta.

Eliop's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 09:40 AM | #2
Is there not a different way to level diplomacy? Would be kind of annoying to have to level it just through missions!

TheRabbit's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 09:41 AM | #3
I don't think I've ever seen a world interactable that triggers diplomacy. In other words, yes, I think the only way you can level it is through companion missions.

ebilwon's Avatar

12.15.2011 , 09:46 AM | #4
I would think you would do missions to level mission skills.... just sayin'. :P

If it doesn't appeal to you then you may want to drop it and pick up another gathering profession and eventually (once there are enough items on the GTN) just sell the things that you gather to buy what you would have gotten from the mission skill.

Also keep in mind that as you level you get more companions and can send out more companions on missions which may help alleviate some of your trouble