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Luke, worst Jedi in history?

Chuckskyline's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 02:28 PM | #81
Luke the worst Jedi?

Both Vader and The Emperor wanted to used him as a pawn for their side.

Vader wanted Luke to join him, to kill the emperor and to rule the galaxy as Father and son.

Vader knew that Luke could destroy the Emperor.

The emperor wanted Luke to kill Vader because Luke would be more powerful than -present- Vader.

Right went Luke takes Vader's hand/arm.. the Emperor says, "good, good now finish him"

Luke throws down his Light sabre, refuses, and says no I will be a jedi like my father before me.

So be it.

Force lighting.

I fail to see how the most powerful guys in the universe would want to recruit the "worst jedi eveR"

Journeyer's Avatar

01.31.2012 , 02:52 PM | #82
We can't judge by lightsaber skills.

Have a look-see at the daily schedules from shooting of RotJ, and you'll find that the actors took hours of fencing classes. The intent was for a lightsaber duel to be "elegant" and "civilized"...and also insanely dangerous. They are playing tag with plasma.

The prequel movies went for a new approach, where Jedi weren't engaged in rare duels of individual skill and cunning, but rather, in full combat. They adopted saber techniques from a variety of 2-handed sword styles and even from tree-chopping techniques.

We might assume that if these movies were to ever have met, the duelists would have altered their styles accordingly. But we can't really compare~
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