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Sith Warrior/Juggernaut [WORKING ON IT] Dialog

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Sith Warrior/Juggernaut [WORKING ON IT] Dialog

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01.23.2012 , 12:05 PM | #1
HI everyone!

I hope i am allowed to post it here! dont get mad if it isnt the right one. ( cause i thought of story so i posted it here ).

I am uploading to YouTube the complete dialogs (my way) of the the Sith Warrior/Juggernaut.

Anyone who doesnt want to play Sith Warrior Class. You can go to my YouTube and watch all the dialogs! at the moment im at chapter 2. ( already got like 40 videos ). i mostly try to post the main story! but some have side Quests in it. ( hope you dont mind it at all.

I am not speaking during this videos. i just wanted to have the in-game sounds without f*cking it up with my voice.

So let me give you the 1st episode of my Story. The Quality of the sound will get better after couple of videos!

i wanna thank you all who are willing to check it out and maybe comment it ( doenst have to ofcourse ) but feedback is always cool .


Best Regards,