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Black Talon Companion Affection Guide: Vette

STAR WARS: The Old Republic > English > Classes > Sentinel / Marauder
Black Talon Companion Affection Guide: Vette

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01.29.2012 , 06:44 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Avengelyne View Post

@ lvl 27 Im gaining 455 Affection with Vette in about 15/20 minutes. At higher levels with more abilites (AoE for example should Marauders get any) it would take less time, maybe 10 minutes. Assuming you've not been dick with regular questing you should easily have 3k Affection with Vette by lvl 25 - gainng the other 7k is about 3hours of effort & 1 less Companion to worry about.

Well at higher level it's not the AoE to speed things up... the level 10 mobs just won't aggro unless you stand beside them for a long time, so basically you just have to kill those key NPCs, and will take 10 minutes or less to finish one run with model answers. And you can cap Vette's affection in 2 hours or so, I believe it is faster than any other way.

So if you want to save time in crafting & gaining affection, do BT at 30+

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01.29.2012 , 07:31 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Izriul View Post
A few of these were wrong for me, I'm not sure if it's because I'm dark and it effected answers later on on a different person, but I don't think so. I didn't record them though, I do remember 3..I think, that were wrong, perhaps more (NOT on the ones where I chose a kill). For example, I remember on the very last one I started with 3 rather than random. Then the next option was wrong of yours. Overall though, nice guide. Haven't done any group stuff so never though about going there solo, was quite a fun place.
Same. I got a -1 with Vette because of that. I hit escape and chose a different option. Apart from that error, this guide is very helpful.

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01.30.2012 , 06:49 AM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Ethern View Post
Same. I got a -1 with Vette because of that. I hit escape and chose a different option. Apart from that error, this guide is very helpful.
Yea there are sections of conversation where you can lose Affection with Vette by choosing a random answer - for example when in conversation with the General if you choose a mean or rude response she wont like it, if you choose a nice or neutral response nothing is lost but nothing is gained.

Usually Conversations are scripted to start the same way regardless of which choice you make afterwards, its only after your 1st choice is confirmed that the conversation can move on.

Lieutenant Sylas: 'Turning towards the group': Good to have you aboard, I'm Lieutenant Sylas, 2nd in command on the Black Talon. We're your ride to Dromund Kaas.

Response Option 1: Very Good.
Response Option 2: Hello, Lieutenant.
Response Option 3: This is my welcome? < Pick this one +15.

Options 3's actual verbal response is: Is there a reason why your captian isnt bothering to greet me?

to which Lieutenent Sylas responds: We may only be a transport but someone needs to stay on the bridge, and the Captain prefers to to keep to himself.

Lieutenant Sylas: On our present course we should arrive at the capitol within a day. Wont be any trouble. I should also add on behalf of everyone its an Honor to serve the Sith and the Korriban Academy, Consider yourself our guest.

Response Option 1: Thank you.
Response Option 2: Yeah, Sure.
Response Option 3: You're very lucky. < Pick this one +15.

And so on. Then it goes on to inform you about your Droid after which any random response is fine as none generate affection for Vette. However being Rude or Mean could get you a -1 loss.

That script doesnt ever change unless you choose a specific response to make her 1st reponse be something different, regardless of whether or not your Dark, Light or Neutral.

At least not that i've noticed.

The same goes for the conversation with Droid NR-02.

NR-02: I'm advanced protocol droid NR-02, My functions are Dimplomacy, Translation, Manslaughter & Calumniation. I have an urgent message for you from my master, Please, standby for Delivery.

Response Option 1: I have questions.
Response Option 2: Let's hear it.
Response Option 3: Why should I? < Pick this one +15.

You then proceed to listen to a holographic projection of Grand Moff Kilran who explains why your here.

With this in mind my only thoughts are that if something is wrong in the guide its because you chose an answer somewhere to steer the conversation in that direction.

I went in yesterday on my Warrior (Passover, 18) on Frostclaw Server and I noticed that when I got to Yadira Ban and made my choices they didnt show the +15 Marker that usually comes up and I thought it was bugged - but at the end the Quest Notification showed I'd gained all 455 points. It can be wierd like that.

Anyways Enjoy your Game & if there are anymore questions or queries dont hesitate to ask.
Someone needs to take away your keyboard until you're better able to read the explicit meaning in sentences without implying whatever you want in order to be contrary.

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03.18.2012 , 08:42 PM | #14
Seeing as how this thread doesn't list "just" Lightside I figured i would place my post i added to DS Thread incase some of Darksiders end up here.

I started farming affection on my Jugg today and Tried an alternative option for gaining maximum affection and Dark Side, So I figured I would post it so that everyone could gain both Maximum Affection and DarkSide; and rather than start a new thread and possibly irritate people with a redundant post or have my thread moved. I decided to just post it here and maybe the Poster or a Moderator could edit the above.

Options you should "not" chose for fear of affection loss are marked with !# and parts where neither of the options give affection are marked ANY.
It's Simple, It's Compact, and It contains just enough information so that even the L337 player can scan through the list and find the segment they're on if they brain farts and they forget which options to pick.

So here go:

Conversation #01: Intro/Lieutenant Sylas = 3, 3, ANY
Conversation #02: NR-02/Grand Moff Kilran = 3, 3, ANY, !1
Conversation #03: Command Deck Entry Guard = 2, 3
Conversation #04: NR-02/Captain Orzik/Lieutenant Sylas = 3 ,2 ,1 , 3, !2, 3
Conversation #05: NR-02/Lieutenant Sylas/Satele Shan = 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 2, 2
Conversation #06: NR-02/Ensign Brukkara = 3, 3
Conversation #07: Padawan Yadira Ban = 2, 2

Before we start the Next scene with the General we need to get vette out of the party. We can't simply dismiss her because she will still be flagged for affection gain/loss; instead we summon any other companion that isn't out on a crew skill-for those that REALLY dislike that droid and proceed to kill the general.
If you can't be bothered to slow down, and are fine with the -30 from DS the Conversation below is highlighting that course of action.

Conversation #08: The General = !3, !2, ANY, 2
Conversation #09: NR-02 = ANY
Conversation #10: NR-02/Lieutenant Sylas/Grand Moff Kilran = ANY, 2, 3, ANY

+330 Affection Gain and +200 Dark Side if you followed these steps.
+300 Affection Gain and +200 Dark Side if you left Vette out for The General.
__________________________________________________ _______________________

Also of Note. To further expedite my affection gain I was also sending 4 Companions on Gift missions. Some say that running BT is a waste of time when you could just run Mission skills for gifts...

I will respond with this-
"If you can gain 300 affection from just ONE run through BT, and Complete 3-4 BTs "PER" Crew Skill Return then you, my friend, are saving the most possible time"
Especially since you can't be guaranteed which gifts will be rewarded per mission.