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Raid loot itemization, master looting bug

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01.23.2012 , 10:55 AM | #1
The raid itemization is terrible. People do not want this exotech crap with the same stats as the columi set bonuses because people want set bonuses. We had so much of it drop on hard mode that no one wanted our companion pets are probably going to be in full exotech in a week or two.

What is up with tanking relics having endurance/power, while non-tanking relics have pure endurance?

Why exactly do some bosses drop ~6 pieces of loot (minus patterns), some drop 4, and then the pylons drop 1 piece of loot? Yes, last night the "fixed" pylon boss dropped 1 piece of loot for us on hard mode, Columi bracers that you can get in BT.

Patterns are useless unless they are biochem. Because of the requirements on biochem to use the awesome rakata stimpack/adrenal/medpac, our raid has 16 people with 400 biochem.

Last night we downed 6 hard mode bosses and got 0 alien data cubes -- we were master looting each boss. Last week, we didn't have ML turned on and each boss seemed to drop 4 of them on hard mode 16 man. This leads me to believe that crafting mats do not drop if you master loot. Can anyone else confirm this? Or did they just remove alien data cubes from drops? I really don't want to have ML turned off due to if multiple items of the same type drop, it becomes hell making sure that item1 goes to person1 and item2 goes to person2 and they made sure to "need" the right one with the loot spam windows.

Rakata weapons are still broken. I've had my token on me for I think 3-4 weeks and I want to turn the thing in.

Nightmare mode drops are just screwed, this needs to be addressed.
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01.23.2012 , 11:20 AM | #2
I can wholeheartedly agree with all points made in this post. Had all the same issues, plus more. Our Nightmare Pylons and Infernal Council dropped a pattern and a 25 mod each. Yes, thats right, 2 bosses in Nightmare mode = two crappy patterns and 2 mods. Nothing else. No gear, no cubes, nothing. Apparently NM is for bragging rights only, as the loot incentives are entirely absent.

Absolutely LOVE getting Tionese and Columi drops in "hard mode' when I can get them in a frigging flashpoint. *******es.
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