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(L,F&E #22) Healing Hands

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01.23.2012 , 04:22 AM | #1
<A few minutes after the end of ‘Consultations’>

Hawkir sat waiting. He hoped that he wouldn’t have to wait too long. Jedi body control only went so far, and he had been in the force cage for almost thirty six hours. The door to the detention block opened. The female mandalorian entered, followed by… He smiled.

“You shouldn’t be up Maria. You should be resting” She smiled back at him and he felt amusement from the Mando. Maria walked to the controls and touched one. The cage around him vanished. He raised an eyebrow and Maria waved to him.

“Come on. We have much to discuss.” He looked into the other cage; the Twilek was still crying and was curled up in a ball now. Then he looked at Maria. She looked at the Mando. The Mando nodded. When she spoke it was cold.

“We were watching. You knew that.” It wasn’t a question, but he nodded anyway. “We need him, for now.” She ended sourly. Hawkir walked by the other force cage and he wasn’t sure if the Twilek had heard any of what had been said. He shook his head and followed Maria out. She waved him towards a refresher. He smiled his gratitude and was swift. A few minutes later he left the refresher, adjusting his robes. He smiled to Maria and she smiled back. She led off and he followed.

The two women led him to a conference room and all of the other people he had met before were there, but now… The atmosphere was calmer, Even the Wookiee was calmer. He nodded to them all and took the seat Maria indicated. Dia sat beside him and smiled. He smiled back, and she laid something on the table in front of him. He froze. It was his lightsaber. He shook his head. They all looked at him.

“It’s better if I don’t carry it I think.” Dia snorted but let Boss speak, when he did there was humor in his dry tone.

“You are not safe on this ship, Hawkir Strum. No matter what we…” He indicated the people scattered around the room. “…might think, and we are not decided yet, you are not our enemy this day. I… owe you an apology. I didn’t believe. Not until Maria…er… convinced me.” A muffled laugh ran around the room and Hawkir looked at Maria who smiled like a cherub, or a demon pretending to be a cherub he realized with a start. He stared at her. The elderly woman laughed.

“I may be old, but I can still hold a blaster.” Now he goggled at her. Everyone laughed at his expression and Boss snorted.

“Yeah, I still haven’t forgiven you Trava. It’s not every day that I go to visit a convalescent and find myself staring into the muzzle of a repeating blaster.” Hawkir looked from Boss to Maria to the Mando woman that had to be Trava from the amusement she was projecting. He shook his head. Boss laughed “And I am not even going to say what Dia did…” Hawkir looked at Dia and she smiled, almost exactly the same as Maria had. He shook his head in mock dismay.

“What have I done?” They all laughed at his mock sad words. Even Olana unbent enough to chuckle.

“Doomed us all.” Trava spoke quietly but humor was evident in her words. “Those two are bad enough apart, together?” She shuddered dramatically, her armor clinked softly. Then they all looked at Boss and he spoke.

“Take your lightsaber.” Hawkir shook his head again, but surrendered to the inevitable. He took it, and clipped it to his belt, he would examine it later. “We need to talk about Nia…”
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01.23.2012 , 04:23 AM | #2

Nia was cold, so cold… She shivered. She had been wake for a while, and she felt…odd… She closed her eyes, only for a moment it seemed but then she started. A warm hand touched her brow and warmth spread through her body. She looked up into the eyes of the man who had helped her and smiled. He smiled back. The tube was still in her mouth, she still felt…odd. She tried to bring the man’s name to mind, she was SURE she knew it…but it wouldn’t come. She looked around, and other people were there. She was certain she knew them. But…She couldn’t remember! She turned back to the man who had helped, and shook her head, terror filled her eyes. She was scared, hurt and confused. He smiled gently and took her hand in his. His were warm and soft, she noticed. When he spoke his voice was soothing and she calmed, slowly.

“It’s all right. Nia, it’s all right. You memories are there; you just have to find them again. I can help. There are some things that need to be done first though. You will sleep, and when you wake, you will be better. I promise you that. I will be here when you wake.” She stared at him, fear coming back into her eyes. “Nia, we need to fix things in your body. Do you understand?” She shook her head, terrified now. He stroked her hand, gently, and something spread from him. It felt…good. It felt warm and nurturing and… She sighed through the tube, accepting. She looked at him and she knew without him saying anything that he understood. Something changed and she was floating. At the edge of sleep, she heard his words. Were they spoken or in her mind?

“The Force is with you Nia, always.” Then sleep claimed her.

Hawkir sat back and watched as the doctors prepared Nia for surgery. He focused himself. This would be…difficult. He felt Maria come up behind him but she did nothing else, just waited. He appreciated it. While her exuberance for life was…off-putting at times, he understood it. And she understood what was happening. When they had told him that Nia was rejecting the sedatives that they gave her, he knew she needed more help. More surgery. Part of what she was doing was natural, the Force trying to rid the body of toxins. Part was two of the implants that they had not been able to remove. They had been inserted so skillfully by the Twilek surgeon that removal would be…difficult. The Twilek had begged to assist and finally, Hawkir had convinced the others that he was needed. They would a close watch on him however. He ended his meditation and stood up. He had to go prepare himself. Maria and Dia both stood nearby. He nodded to them. He gave Dia a significant look and she nodded back. She knew what had to be done. Maria opened her arms and he hugged her once, then turned and left the room to go sterilize and prepare for the surgery.

Maria could only stand and watch. They were beginning. To see Nia, who had been such a powerful figure in her life, for the short time she had known the girl. To see her so…reduced. It hurt. Dia took her shoulders in a warm arm and led her from Medical.

“Come on Maria. There is someone who wants to meet you.” Maria shook her head, the Stormhawk crew was kind and they liked her. And she liked them, but … their constant almost adoration of her was…worrying. So what if her son was a pilot, so what if he was an insanely good pilot? He was her son, she had changed his diapers for goodness sakes! He wasn’t a superhero! Dia led her towards the stern and she was so lost in her thoughts that she barely noticed when they entered the hangar bay. But then…

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01.23.2012 , 04:24 AM | #3
((This post takes place during the open RP "Escape from Coruscant'))

Boss stepped onto the hangar deck and could only smile. Maria had her hands full of Sara, who, while wearing Mando clothing and sporting a breastplate that had apparently been made for her, was very much NOT the image of a stoic Mandalorian. Then he froze. Another transport had docked, and stepping down from it… He swallowed. This was not a good thing… he moved to head the man off before Maria and Sara saw him like that. He stopped behind a large stack of supplies. The figure had vanished. He slumped. He knew he was covered.

“I’m sorry. We couldn’t contact you.” The voice came from close by and he shivered a bit. So cold and controlled.

“I was occupied. Where is she?” He didn’t move. He knew Will had him cold and usually carried armor piercing weapons.

“She’s in surgery again, Two…she’s a mess.” But when he turned, Will wasn’t there. He looked around quickly, but there was no sign of him. He slumped.

This just gets better and better…

But when he came around the corner, he saw Will standing as if frozen, looking at Maria and Sara with a strange look on his face. “Two?” he asked quietly. His friend didn’t turn.

“I… I hadn’t believed…” Then the unthinkable happened. Will collapsed to his knees. At the sound of his armor striking the deck, Maria looked up from Sara’s head and froze. Will bowed his head, overcome by his grief. Maria, holding onto Sara’s hand came close. He looked up at her. Tears streamed freely.

“I… I didn’t know, they… they all said you were dead… I didn’t…I would have… I swear I would have…” He broke off overcome. Maria handed Sara’s hand to Boss and she knelt by her son. She took his shoulders in her arms and gave him a hug. “I didn’t know…I didn’t know…” He repeated over and over and she made soft noises. He buried his head in her shoulder and she stroked his head, softly. She looked up at boss with entreaty in her eyes and he nodded and led gently Sara away.

“Who is that?” Sara asked quietly. He sighed. When he spoke it was just as quiet.

“That is your brother. Nia’s father.” She stared at him, and then comprehension dawned. She tore her hand out of Boss’ armored gauntlet then ran back to where the two were still kneeling. She threw her arms around them both and hugged them tightly. Will continued to cry.

“They said you had been killed, that the shuttle... I looked, there was nothing… Sharra made me stop, said was driving myself insane. I should have continued, I should have…” Maria hugged him again.

“You wouldn’t have found anything. They were…very good at it.” She managed to get it out with only a minute quaver. “Shhh, Will. It’s alright.” He shook his head again.

“No it’s not. I failed… I failed you, I failed Dad… I…”

“You trusted the people you had always trusted. It’s not your fault.” She gave him a gentle shake. “It’s not your fault.” She repeated. Sara looked at Will and smiled.

“You are my brother?” She asked and he couldn’t help but smile back at the sight of her grin. He looked at her and then he smiled wider.

“Yeah. Yeah I am your brother.” Sara looked at him, and for a moment, she looked far older than almost thirteen.

“Then get up off the floor, vod, pull yourself together and let’s go get something to eat.” He couldn’t help it, he laughed. Maria stared at him then at Sara. He straightened up, pulled Maria and Sara to their feet with no discernible effort. Then he saluted Sara in the Mandalorian style.

“As you wish Elder.” She reached up and slapped him. Maria looked shocked, but he grinned.

“Don’t call me that, vod. I’m not an Elder.” As they walked out Boss spoke to himself.

“Yet…” Then he followed them, shaking his head.
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01.23.2012 , 04:26 AM | #4
<4 hours later>

Hawkir stood back from the operating table and breathed a sigh of relief. They had done it. And they had done what was needed with a minimum of additional damage. That was always a danger with surgery, to do more harm trying to fix something than the initial injury. He preferred using the Force to heal, but in some cases, this one in particular, nothing else would have worked. He nodded to the other doctors and they began to close the incisions. He smiled under is surgical mask. Using Force telekinesis instead of mechanical instruments to move pieces of anatomy around did much less damage. He examined Nia with the Force and nodded. They had done it. She had a long recovery ahead of her, but she was alive and now, all of the implants were gone. Well, all but the sanitary arrangements, but those were easy to fix. He could, and would help her recovery. Truth be told, he was worried about some of the brain scans. The neurons were not meshing as they had. That was somewhat disturbing, but… Her Force sense was undimished and…

He smiled as he saw Dia outside the surgical bay with a transparent figure standing beside the Twilek. Nia’s force projection was much stronger now. He nodded to them and they both nodded back, then Nia’s force projection vanished as she returned to her body. He looked at the supine figure of the girl and shared a nod with L’trask. He was spent. He walked out of the bay, leaving the sterile environment behind. He shrugged out of his sterile garments and pulled on his robes. Then he walked out the door of the locker room and stooped short. Standing just outside…

“Thank you for saving my daughter, Jedi.” Will extended a hand. After a moment’s hesitation, Hawkir took it and shook politely. The Hawkir froze, what he felt from Will… He let the arm drop. Will looked at him. “What?”

“I think I may know what went wrong with the experiment. Nolikas blames herself.” Will shook his head, he didn’t blame anybody. Bad things happened, you just dealt with them. Or not as the case might be. Dwelling on them didn’t help.

“She shouldn’t.” Hawkir nodded to the soldier's soft words. If he what he believed was true… He looked at Will.

“Do you have a minute?” Will stared at him, and then smiled slightly.

“I’m not going anywhere until she wakes up so, sure.” Hawkir led Will to another room a conference room. He sat, knowing Will wouldn’t until he did. He looked at Will and shook his head.

“First I owe you an apology.” Will stared at him. “I worked with Nolikas, she was secretive about who and what we were researching, but eventually it became clear. She was looking for a way to cure you. I… was not as secretive as she was. My brother…” He bowed his head and when he raised it again, his eyes flashed, but his voice was still calm. “...Jarrel, used my research to aid in his project. It was from my research that he discovered your daughter. The records the Stormhawk captured say as much. So it is partly my responsibility that your daughter was taken and hurt.” Will nodded, but when he spoke, there was no condemnation in his words.

“You speak of responsibility instead of blame. In that you are correct, you share responsibility, but then, so do I.” Hawkir stared at him. “I ran off. I lost my temper, hurt three of your colleagues, two of them seriously, and then left. If I had been here, things might not have been the same, she might not have been taken, but…she might have been anyway. A very wise being told a friend of mine ‘Flarg happens. Someone has to deal with it’. The past is past. Let’s deal with the present and the future.” Hawkir nodded, this man was…not what he expected. “Nia is alive. You say she should recover, although it may take some time.” Hawkir nodded again. “My mother is alive because of you.” When Hawkir would have demurred, Will snarled, only half in jest. “Don’t say it. You helped her. You saved her. I have my mother back, my daughter is alive.” He grinned widely. “And I just found out I have a twelve year old sister. Now we have work to do. And we need your help.” Hawkir flinched.

“But the crew…” Will scoffed.

“The crew can go hang. If they want to face me, that‘s one thing. Mother has said that if they do want you, they have to go through her too. I owe you, I don’t trust you, but I do owe you. Now what did you want to talk about.” Hawker shook his head and gave up, arguing with this man was like trying to hold back an ocean with a spoon. It didn’t work.

“I know how you do what you do. It involves…”
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01.23.2012 , 04:27 AM | #5
<Twenty minutes later>

“...and then the electrical charge is amplified by the midi-chlorians…” Hawkir stopped as Will raised a hand. He looked at the soldier. Will shook his head and smiled ruefully.

“You lost me about three minutes ago. I’m a fighter jock. Can you…I don’t know…simplify it a bit?” Hawkir sat back at that. Will grimaced. “Hawkir, I blow things up for a living. I know my fighters, I know my way around most kinds of transport craft, I know my guns, I know explosives… I don’t know anything about midi-chlorians. I know how to kill most sentients silently, but other than that, I don’t know any other anatomy. First aid I get from a medkit. This is way beyond me.” Hawkir shook his head and laughed as well.

“I never thought of that. The way Jina and Nolikas speak of you, well...” Will scoffed. And then he sighed.

“I have a reputation. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes its not.” Hawkir looked at him.

“Did you really threaten the council with a baradium bomb?” Will winced and then he sighed.

“Yeah, I did. It was the only thing I knew of you Jedi couldn’t stop. I just wanted Nia back.” Hawkir nodded. “It turned out OK, but… I know it was obsessive.”

“Just a little.” And Will laughed, he liked this Jedi. He didn’t trust him, no, but he liked him.

“Ok, let me see if I get this straight. I merge with my ship, or anything else, by using my body’s electrical field to connect directly to it.” Hawkir nodded. “Then why don’t I fry when I touch a power cable?” Hawkri shrugged.

“I don’t know. Do you normally connect to a power cable?” Will scoffed.

“You make me sound like a droid.” He laughed, a bit sourly. “I’ve been called unemotional, but uh…” Hawkir smiled as well. “Anyway, No, I usually just, well, handled my controls.” Hawkir nodded.

“I think what happened, I think mind you, is that the scanner didn’t have enough power.” Will stared at him.

“It was a big scanner.” Hawkir shook his head.

“Size doesn’t matter. And no, I’m not being mystic. The power level of a scanner compared to a starfighter’s reactor, what kind of difference?” Will looked at him, thoughtful.

“Astronomical. Starfighters have to go for hours or days, and power weapons, shields, sensors, drives, life support… Scanners…” he broke off thinking.

“…usually have an external power source, if they operate independently like Nolikas’ does, unless it is hooked into its own reactor, which I know hers is not… It doesn’t have nearly the same power level.

“So what happened? Shouldn’t it have just deactivated then?” Hawkir put his fist on his china and thought hard for a moment before responding.

“It should have, but it didn’t. It had another source of power.” Will’s eyes widened. “You.” Will sat back in shock.

“Are you saying…?” Hawkir nodded.

“It sucked the power right out of you.” He looked up as Will smiled. “Wait.”

“What?” Will asked with a quizzical look on his face.

“When you merged before, you became part of the circuit that was the ship, all the systems interconnect, right?” Will nodded, mystified. “When I touched you, shook your hand, I felt what Nolikas described as flashburns.” Now Will just shook his head, baffled. “Think about it this way. If you have an electrical circuit, it follows the path of least resistance right?” Will nodded again. “The ‘burned’ sections of your brain are less resistant to the power that would hit them.” Will’s eyes widened. “If you merge again before they heal…” Will nodded grimly.

“I fry.” His tone was wry, sad and not surprised. “Thank you for the explanation.”

“It’s not all bad. Nolikas described what she saw and felt in extreme detail. The ‘burns’ are lesser now than they were. And she is working on something, I don’t know what, but I know it deals with you, and knowing her…” Will smiled. “Yeah, time is what you need. And maybe she can help too, but sooner or later, the ‘burns’ will be gone.” Will smiled, and this time there was no hesitation in it.

“Thank you.” Hawkir shook his head and smiled thinly.

“I didn’t really do anything.” Will laughed.

“You explained it to me and kept me from doing something dumb. I probably would have tried it immediately. First you save my daughter, then you tell me this. What can I do for you?” Hawkir swallowed and spoke slowly.

“The...Twilek who operated on Nia, under my brother’s command… he…” Will looked at him and nodded.

“I’ve seen the tape. I know what revenge can drive a person to do. And from what others have said, he has helped Nia. What would you do with him?” Hawkr thought for a moment then nodded slowly.

“I would send him back to the enclave. Nolikas can use him.” Will nodded, then grinned.

“Done.” Hawkir stared at him. “I know about revenge and I know about getting stuck in situations. And we better get him off the ship as soon as you are sure we don’t need him any more. The crew is bad enough, they love Nia. The Mandos are worse, they…almost revere her. And Olana…” Will grimaced. Hawkir snorted. “You want to tell him?” Hawkir shook his head sharply.

“Do I look suicidal?”
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01.23.2012 , 04:30 AM | #6
<The next day>

This time when Nia woke, she was warm. She savored the feeling for a moment, then drawn by some impulse she couldn’t define she wiggled her fingers and toes. They all moved. She hurt, but it was deep, muted. She smiled, and then she realized something. The tube that had been in her mouth was gone. She opened her eyes. She was in a different room. This one felt familiar. And someone sat beside her bed. She stared at the man, and then she smiled again. It took a moment, but she knew him!

“Daaaaaaad...?” She could barely make herself heard but he heard her. He smiled gently to her and took her hand in his.

“Nia. You scared us girl.” He kissed her hand. She felt her face heat up. The pain she felt started to grow and she grimaced.

“Hurts…” She complained and he smiled again, and laid hand on her brow.

“It will be all right. You will be all right.” She looked at him.

“Pro…mise?” She was sure that wasn’t right, but he nodded to her anyway.

“You will be all right. You will be.” He hugged her gently. She took his gentle words and the smell of him back into slumber. He waited by her bed until her breathing eased completely and then he stood up quietly and left the room. Hawkir and Maria waited out side. He shook his head. “I should have been here.” Maria grabbed his shoulder and squeezed hard. He didn’t wince.

“Don’t start.” Her voice, while quiet was commanding and he smiled. Hawkir looked at them, smiled slightly then entered the room. He would stay with Nia. Maria led her son away from the recovery room. Wil looked at his mother. She was almost as he remembered her. The main difference was the armor she never went anywhere without anymore and the blaster at her side. And the heavy blaster slung at her back. She looked at him. “What?” He smiled at her tart tone.

“You will fit in well with the Mandos, mom. Or should I call you Buir?” He flinched as she slapped him on the top of the head.

“They do have some good ideas, I’m not sure about all of it, but some of their ideas are good.” He nodded. “Mandos… you and your friends…” Will jerked back.

“Hey!” She grinned, seeing something that only she could see.

“The Rodian swoop rider girl was bad enough…” He cast a hurt look in her direction.

“Once, Mom, I saw her once. And I was fifteen…” She looked at him and he wilted.

“Ok, then there was the transport pilot, the dancer, the cop, the…” She broke off as he exclaimed.

“Mom!” She smirked at him. He sighed. “Ok, so my judgment isn’t always infallible…” She stared at him. He sighed deeper. “OK, so it’s rarely infallible…” She hugged him and spoke quietly.

“What happened to Sharra?” He slumped. “Will, what happened?”

“We were on a mission… It went wrong…”

((OOC this section expands on Fyremage's "Reflections" thread, it should help things make a little more sense))

<Dantooine, six years previous>

“What are they doing HERE?” Will looked up as he heard her voice. He shrugged. He grinned sourly at her dumbfounded tone.

“I have no idea, but, knowing Sith, its something bad. We are getting ready to move.” Sharra nodded. There were too many people here now. Too many non-combatants. Too many people that the Sith would LOVE to take hostage or kill. The Stormhawk had founded a small enclave here, just as a hidden waypoint for refugees, it had been intended as a short term stopover. On a Sith held world, that was really the only safe thing to do. But then, it had grown. Settlers who had escaped the Sith occupation, refugees from other places, they couldn’t just turn them away. And no matter how hard they could try, 700 people were just too many to hide easily. So they had founded a village. The Sith garrison didn’t care as long as they paid their stiff taxes. And the few inspections were cursory at best. But now, the Sith presence had escalated. And it was strange. Their contacts had reported obvious Sith agents, commandos probably, moving through the spaceport secretively. Why secrecy on a Sith world? It made no sense, but there really wasn’t anything on the planet, except… A low growl came from a corner and both of them turned to see their friend rise to his feet. Olana shook himself and growled again.

<They have to be aiming for the enclave> Both of the humans nodded at the Wookiee’s words. <It’s the only possible target> They nodded again. Will sighed and spoke quietly.

“Let’s go.” They gathered up their gear and headed out to where their ground speeder was parked. Air speeders had the distressing habit of being used for target practice on Sith held worlds. As they moved out, Will checked in with the other teams. “Everyone is moving, Three hours, the Stormhawk will be here, she will…” He broke off as his comlink chirped. He keyed it on. A voice was heard yelling.

“They are here! They are here. Commandos and a…” The transmission broke off in static. The three friends shared a glance. Olana hit the accelerator and the speeder went to its maximum velocity.

<Stormhawk enclave, thirty minutes later>

Three figures moved like shadows through the night. The Imperials might have thought they were stealthy, but these three could have taught them a thing or two. Actually they were teaching them a thing or two.

An Imperial commando looked up from her sentry post. She looked around, she could have sworn… A furry had clamped over the throat of her armor and she was spun around to face a… Olana dropped the corpse of the Sith he had just killed and moved on. So far they had killed seventeen. The commandos were good, at killing civilians and unarmed settlers. Against three highly trained special forces members? Not so much. Olana shook his head silently. They had only found three survivors so far. In sixteen blocks worth of housing. Will motioned to him and he moved to a new shadow. The Stormhawk teams, two groups of six commandos each, were closing in from the other side, and finding the same. Bodies, lots of bodies. Very few survivors. Then, it all went to flarg. An Imperial saw…something… Maybe Olana, maybe one of the others and screamed a warning. Blaster fire crisscrossed the night, but Will had his sniper rifle and every time one of them poked their head over the cover they had taken, that one went down with a smoking hole in their helmet. After ten or so, they stopped trying to see where the fire was coming from.

Sharra motioned with her repeating blaster. Olana nodded. A team of commandos was trying to flank them. He grinned mirthlessly and then slung his bowcaster and readied his other weapon. The grenade launcher chuffed and sent three grenades into the midst of the enemy team. White hot fire erupted from the plasma grenades that landed in their ranks and the surviving Sith moved to try and avoid his fire and flank him. Unfortunately for them, that took them directly into Sharra’s field of fire. Ten seconds later it was over. Will fired once more then nodded to Olana. The Wookiee fired the remainder of his clip into the Sith position. As he reloaded, he heard agonized screams from the Sith position, he didn’t flinch. Honorable enemies would be dealt with honorable…these scum? He shook his head and followed his two team mates.

Will froze. Ahead he saw a glow. With quick hand gestures he motioned his team to cover. Then he snarled soundlessly. A droid and a dark Jedi, he froze again, the Sith had cornered some survivors. He motioned Sharra and Olana up and they both froze as well. He made a few more gestures and they replied the same, and then melted into the shadows. He moved up, carefully. The Jedi’s focus was on the cowering huddle of women and children. He looked at the ground, willing his thoughts to be the ground… Jedi could sense danger, so he wouldn’t threaten the Jedi, until… The Jedi said something.

“Fyremage, c’mon, kill them already, there can be no witnesses.” Will spared a glance at the droid, an HK unit, battered. Then he focused on the ground again. The dark Jedi spoke again, sharper. “Do it Fyremage! Kill them now!

Just a few steps more…

The Jedi stiffened and Will threw his vibroblade. Luck was with him. It hit point first and sunk deep. The Jedi stiffened, then fell, lifeless. Will smiled as an EMP grenade went off, immobilizing the droid. He looked at his wife and she grinned. She had an amazing arm. Actually all of her was amazing. He shook himself. Then he examined the Jedi, she was clearly dead. He heard one of the Stormhawk teams move up and start to get the survivors clear. He looked at the droid. He reclaimed his vibroblade and sighed.

“Fyremage? What kind of droid is called Fyremage?” Sharra looked at him and shrugged, Olana wuffed. “I guess we should take this hunk of scrap back to the techs… see what they can make of it.” Olana voiced a compliant. “Yeah we will take precautions, HKs can be tricky…
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01.23.2012 , 04:31 AM | #7
<Still in memory, Eighteen later, Coruscant space>

Will hated coming here. It reminded him of things he wanted to forget. He sighed. Strong hands started massaging is shoulders and he knew without seeing her that it was his wife. He shuddered and relaxed slowly. It had been, a stressful flight and now… Her voice came to him.

“Did you sleep at all?” He shook his head. He never could… here. Too many friends... He hissed as her fingers dug into his muscles. “Will, you need sleep.” She came around and knelt beside his command chair. He nodded. It was an hour to the hyperspace limit and then… He froze as a muffled explosion was heard and alarms started sounding.

“The droid!” He keyed the intercom. “Team one, guard nav and cockpit, team two, guard the survivors. We will handle it.” He keyed off the intercom and grabbed his disruptor carbine. “This time we incinerate the bucket of bolts!” Sharra held her pistol and nodded. A few minuets later, they were moving through the ship. It felt, silent, oppressive. He shook that off; it was just that there had been so much noise before with sixty survivors crammed in with the teams and his people.

It’s trying to get away, it’s in the escape pod compartment!

Will motioned and Sharra nodded, Olaan moved up and then froze in cover as fire came from the droid. Will stared through his scope he had no clear shot and… those were the droid’s own weapons! How in the… Will kicked himself. He had put them in the container, NOT the hidden compartment like he had planned. Grenades went off and when his vision cleared he saw…

“SHARRA!” He screamed as the escape pod containing his wife and the Sith HK droid separated from the ship. Then his eyes got cold.

<Three hours later, Coruscant surface>

Will stood back a ways as the emergency teams moved around the area. He was cold… so cold… One of the rescue personnel came up and nodded to him.

“Officer Nemo, I’m sorry. There is organic residue, and what were probably droid parts. I…” The EMT broke off as Will stared through him. “If the suspects you were chasing were in here, they are dead.” Will nodded. He bowed his head and turned away. He had to… he had to…

<The present>

Maria was crying hard. Will was hard as stone.

“Olana found me an hour later. He had followed a trail of destroyed HK units. He took me back to the ship and got me drunk. When I woke up I was back here. I failed her Mom, just like I failed you and Dad.”

“No you didn’t. You couldn’t have done anything.” He shook his head mutely. She took his head in her hands and spoke softly again. “It was not your fault.”

“I brought that flarging thing on the ship.” She stiffened and when she spoke it was sharp.

“Watch you language, boy!” She laughed a bit and then he smiled. Then she tensed. “And, I have something you need to see. Dia found it earlier going through captured records. It’s from a security camera. A bay on Coruscant used by a group heading to a world called Jodaka.” She showed him a still image and he froze. It was… When he spoke his voice was disbelieving.

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<Two hours later>

Will walked through the ship. He was heading for the hangar bay. Scattered crew seeing him, moved quickly out of his way. A voice called from behind him, he ignored it. He entered the hangar bay and froze. His mother stood there tapping her foot.

“Where do you think you are going?” He looked at her, she knew, she had been there. The briefing room had erupted when he had said he was going. He had ignored it, turned and left. He had stopped off at the Armory, to pick up his gear and now… “You can’t merge Will. You know that.” He heard fear in her words and he sighed.

“I know mom, but I can fly the old fashioned way. And I’m good at it, if I do say so myself.” He shook his head. “Mom, I have to do this. I have to know…’ he broke off as a small form came running out and grabbed him by the legs.

“Vod, don’t go. We need you.” Will smiled and picked Sara up. He hugged her tight.

“I won’t be long. Shuttle Five is fast.” They both stared at him.

“You are not taking the Dragon?” They had both heard a lot about his customized transport, more a superheavy fighter than a transport. He shook his head. He put Sara down. Another voice spoke.

“You should.” Will’s eyes narrowed as Dia came up. She was armed and armored. “I’m going with you.” Will shook his head. “Oh, no… listen. If you DO merge, accidentally, I can help. Hawkir showed me what to do. I can handle it, if it’s not too bad…” She qualified her words. “Olana’s staying here, he wants to go…” Will shook his head again. Olana’s sister was expecting, again! “So you are stuck with me. Maria and Sara will stay here with Nia and Hawkir. She will need them. She really needs you. But I know you need to do this, and she does too.” Will’s eyes widened and then he sighed. “You will need me.” He stared at her, then at Maria and Sara. He slumped. Dia hit her comlink. “Move Dragon to ready position.” He watched as his ship was moved from a standby position to launch position and stared at her.

“How could you know…?” She laughed, and Maria and Sara laughed at his expression.

“You are not that hard to predict if someone knows you.” She nodded to him and moved to where the ship was ready now, its boarding entry lowering. Maria and Sara looked at him and he extended his arms. They both came into them. Nothing was said nothing needed to be. He hugged them again, then let them go.

“I’ll bring her back Mom, I swear it.” Maria nodded and Sara saluted him, Mando style. He returned it and then turned and walked towards his ship. He stowed is gear quickly and made his way to the cockpit. Dia was already there, swearing quietly at all the loose fur everywhere. He grinned. A Wookiee made a great copilot, but… She turned and grinned at him. Then they began preflight checks. Next stop, Jodaka…
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<Two hours later>

Nia woke, warm and comfortable. She looked around the room. She felt… good. She reached up a slow hand and fingered the bandages around her head. She looked at herself, she was wearing a thin suit of some kind, it felt, good, but… she couldn’t bring the words to mind. She noted tubes going into her arms and wires all around and she shook her head again, she was sure she knew what they were, but again, she couldn’t bring the words to mind. She calmed herself, the man, what was his name, hawker? He had said it would help when she breathed this way and it did. She was sure that words were there, that things… she could almost feel the words there… but they wouldn’t come. She felt tears start. A moment later the door hissed open and a woman came in followed by a small girl. She looked at them She knew them, but… She smiled….

“Sara…?” Nia’s voice was not scratchy now, and it didn’t hurt anymore, but it was still so quiet. The girl jumped up on the edge of the bed and grinned as she sat down next to Nia.

“Yeah, Nia. You remember! I’m Sara.” Sara took Nia’s weak hands in her own and squeezed them, gently. She knew Nia was still hurting. The older woman sat in a chair beside the bed and laid a gentle hand on Nia’s brow. When she spoke it was full of care and gentleness.

“Do you remember my name?” Nia looked at her. She was sure she knew the woman, but… try as she might she couldn’t bring the name to her mind. She shook her head, distressed.

“I… I know you. I know I know you, why…? Why can’t I remember?” She was crying now and Sara held her close, not tight, but close.

“It’s ok, Nia. It will be okay. Don’t cry. You are getting better.” Sara held her as the older woman sobbed. The seated woman stroked Nia’s cheek and forehead gently. Nia winced, something hurt. The older woman saw her wince and spoke quietly.

“What hurts Nia?” She asked kindly and Nia smiled at her, but grimaced as the pain increased.

“…Head… hurts… inside…” She winced again and Sara jumped off the bed and ran out the door. Nai stared after her, and then, she was slumped back on the bed… She wondered when she had fallen back but the gentle touch of the older woman on her cheek again brought her back to here and now.

“She has gone to get Hawkir, hold on Nia, he will be here soon.” No sooner had the words left the older woman’s mouth than the man who had helped her came in, walking quickly. Sara hovered behind. The man smiled and she smiled back, but it faltered as another wave of pain came. He touched her on the side of the head and she immediately felt better. She sighed in relief. He scrutinized her, she felt…something. HE shook his head.

“What happened?” His voice was quiet, calm and gentle. The older woman shook her head.

“Nia remembered me.” Sara said quietly form where she stood, trying to stay out of the way. “She was trying to remember Buir.” Hawkir looked at Sara, then at Nia. He shook his head.

“Nia, you can’t push through this. It will come when it comes. It’s coming faster than I though it would. But if you push it… you hurt yourself.” Nia shudder and started crying again. Sara was instantly back on the bed, holding her.

“I want to be me. I want to remember… I want to …” She broke off and collapsed unconscious as the medical systems reacted to her increased anxiety levels and sedated her. Sara kissed her on the forehead.

“You will always be the woman with the silver sword Nia. Always.” Hawkir looked at her and smiled. She smiled back, then got up and left the room with Maria. Hawkir focused into the force. As his projection formed, he was scowling. Nia’s force projection flinched from him. He calmed his expression and smiled sadly at her. She sighed.

“Nia, you can’t push this.” She slumped. But there was nothing she could say, she knew he was right. “Nia… I’m sorry, but this has to heal normally. If we or you speed it up…” She nodded. “I know this is hard, I’m here to help.” Ghostly tears fell from here eyes. He scrutinized her. “This isn’t just about the not remembering is it?” She flinched back. “Nia…?” She spoke quietly.

“I don’t blame him…. If this Sharra person was everything she was reputed to be, I don’t blame him. He didn’t remember my mother or me…” She broke off, and then continued. “But it hurts…Knowing he loved someone else…It doesn’t make sense does it?” Hawkir shook his head.

“On the contrary, Nia, it makes a lot of sense. Of course you feel strongly about this. This other woman, you don’t know her. All you know is what other people have said of her. And yes, he left. His memories were blocked by your people, for his sake as well as theirs from what I understand.” She nodded and he continued. “So yes, you feel betrayed that he found love somewhere other than with your mother. Of course it hurts. It’s one of the things that make us human.”

“I thought Jedi couldn’t love.” Nai recoiled a bit as Hawkir laughed, but then she realized, he wasn’t laughing at her, but at something else. When he spoke, his voice held humor.

“Nia, Jedi are supposed to not attach to any one thing or person, but to love all equally. How well do you think that works?” She couldn’t help it, she laughed. “But at the core of it, is a dilemma. How far can you love and not fall? The lure of the dark side lurks in strong emotion, you known that. It’s hard for many to find a balance, you seem to do it almost instinctively and that can be a good thing…”
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<Tython, Jedi enclave, two days later>

Nolikas looked up from her work and her eyes widened on their stalks as Jina escorted a Twi'lek into her office. She looked at Jina and Jina nodded and left. Nolikas looked at the Twi'lek and he looked at the floor. This was obviously the male that the Stormhawk had captured, and he looked… not physically hurt, but… something in his bearing called to her, saying pain. Nolikas snorted, humorous.

“That won’t do, doctor.” He stared at her. “You made a mistake, you paid for it.” He shook his head, his lekku hanging loose. “Don’t start that.” Her tart voice brought a smile to his face for a moment then he flinched back. She extended a hand. “My name is Nolikas, what is yours?”

“I… Jrick Holn, Jedi healer Nolikas.” He took her hand hesitant.

“I am glad you are here. I could use your help.” His lekku perked up at that and she smiled inwardly. “I have a problem. I made a mistake and I hurt a friend. I want to help him, but to do that, I need your help.” He nodded, silent. She stared at him and he flushed, and then spoke, hesitant.

“Why would you want my help?” He asked softly and this time her grin was full.

“Because my assistant recommended you to me, look here…” She pointed towards a set of brain scan printouts laid out on the table. “…what do you make of this?” He looked at it and flinched. Then he looked closer. He cocked his head.

“These aren’t from the girl, Nia are they?” He asked quietly after perusing them for a few minutes.

“No, these are from her dad.” His eyes went wide, and then focused back on the scan.

“Abnormal growth here, here, here and here, what are these…?” She shook her head.

“Those are my problem. I created them, and I need to find a way to fix them.” he nodded to her and focused back on the scans. Absently he asked a very technical question and Nolikas answered. Nolikas smiled as he focused on the case, and then focused herself. She had to help her friend.
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