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Clan Veil'Kesh - A Deadly Debt

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01.23.2012 , 03:06 AM | #1
((So this is my attempt at trying to write some fan fiction. Anyways, i'll try and add more later. Enjoy and feel free to comment/criticize.))

Vostave stood and looked over the city of Dromund Kass. He stood on the balcony of one of the villas in the city center. While the rest was decorated like a lavish palace his room was simple with just a bed, closet and dresser. To him the villa was just a place of rest as Dromund Kass was just another city. He only served the Empire after the leader of Clan Veil'Kesh, his boss, requested him to. It made sense to Vostave to have someone from Intelligence in your pocket.

Vostave was tall and had a average build. His face didn't hide the fact he was a middle aged man. His short blonde hair was dampened from the rain as blue eyes watched speeders pass bye. His brown coat blew in the wind revealing a simple shirt and pants underneath. A simple pair of boots were worn on the feet.

He also kept a Vibroknife at his right side. What he didn't know was that it would be of use to him tonight. As he went back inside his room he heard commotion in the hall as if someone was running away. As his hand went to the knife he heard blaster fire. Vostave rushed for a nearby closet and hid. Two men wearing padded armor and robes entered the room. One carried a light saber. One of them smirked.

"A bed, and dresser. No chest to hide his equipment. What kind of Intelligence officer is this."

The other, who carried twin light sabers, quieted the other one.

"Shut up, he's probably smart enough to have a hidden cache. Find it."

As the one carrying the duel light sabers looked through the dresser he didn't see as the other was slashed across the throat. Body hitting the floor he turned to watch a vibroknife impale him in the forehead. Vostave had all ready rushed back to the closet as the body hit the ground.

Quickly he changed into his padded armor, boots and gloves. Grabbing a blaster rifle he went back over to the body to remove his vibroknife from its victims head. Clicking on his cloaking field he snuck out into the hall. He stopped to see one of the servants dead from a blaster wound to the back. Look up he could see two mercs at the other end of the hall. A dead body, the head poking out of a doorway, could be seen on the left side of the hall.

It was his boss. It was his brother. Vostave stood and armed a thermal grenade. The two at the end of the hall heard the arming sound as well as Vostave's cloaking field shutting off. Tossing the grenade Vostave watched it reach them as they raised their blaster rifles. It went off sending the two of them flying into the wall. He ran for his brother's body and raised his rifle.

Firing Vostave took out another who ran into the hallway from a room on the right. Reaching the body Vostave knelt down to find a necklace. He took it. Looking at it he held back his tears.

"Brother, i'll lead the Clan well. You just rest in peace."

Standing he examined the dead bodies to see that they were most likely Bounty Hunters. Who would want to hire Sith and Bounty Hunters to attack his family? Clan Veil’Kesh was a clan of families who were merchants and traders. Fear filled his eyes as he heard the sound of two light sabers turning on. Turning around he saw a armored Sith standing before him.

"So this is how it ends? Was my service to the Empire not good enough?"

The Sith chuckled behind a mask.

"No, this is not a Imperial matter. That Pirate you owe money to has convinced my Master to help his Bounty Hunters collect."

Vostave smiled as he hid a hand behind his back. He clicked a button of what looked to be a remote. A probe entered the hallway from his room and began to approach the Sith from behind. The Sith smirked as if he knew it was there. He turned to crush the probe with the force.

The probe was a flimsy design but was packed with explosives. The Sith was forced to shield himself from the explosion. Vostave jumped over the railing to the floor below. Upon hitting the ground he rolled to avoid hurting himself. A couple more Bounty Hunters were downstairs.

Both guarded the door that lead to the landing pad. As the one closer to the door raised his weapon force lighting hit him. The Bounty Hunter was fried to a crisp as the other one had a light saber impale him through the throat a second after being stunned by force lighting. A Human Sith entered the room and grabbed the saber. With a sadistic grin he ripped it out the side of the throat.

This Sith was shorter then Vostave but had the same build. Short red messy red hair was seen under the hood along with orange eyes. A Sith robe was worn with matching gloves, boots and belt. Vostave knew from the short stature and build it was his Nephew Lord Rezearz. He looked over to Vostave the sadistic smile fading.

"Vos, get out of here. I can deal with this worm.”

Upstairs the Sith chuckled.

“Worm? I can tell you were once a slave. Maybe I should make you fetch me a glass of water.”

Rezearz glared at the Sith. It was probably one from a Sith family. Probably didn’t know what it was like to face a stacked deck. Vostave rushed outside only glancing behind him once to see his Nephew just stand their. He stopped to see a Fury Class Imperial Interceptor on the landing pad. It was probably safer on there then out here.

Rezearz stood inside and waited. He knew his opponent had the high ground. Besides, the lobby area he was standing in was big enough to accommodate a quick duel.

"I‘m waiting, over privileged Sith."

The Sith upstairs grinned as if relishing the battle to come. He leapt from the top of the stairs bringing his light sabers down with full force. Rezearz blocked them but was forced to a knee from the power of the strike. Forcing his way up Rezearz waited till the leverage was even and lowered his light saber. Striking out with force lightning he watched the Sith take the hit right to his mask.

Rearing back the Sith recovered and let out a force shout. Blocking it Rezearz as pushed back with surprise on his face. As the Sith, which he could now tell was a Warrior type, rushed him Rezearz used the force to lift one of the dead Bounty Hunters. He tossed the body at his opponent. The Sith just cut through the body. Rezearz stumbled back a bit as he began blocking a flurry of light saber strikes.

In a mere thirty seconds he was forced out onto the landing pad walk way. He shouted hoping his com unit was on.

“Vos, take off! Now!”

Hearing his ship take off Rezearz grinned his orange eyes showing murderous intent. Suddenly a piece of the landing pad ripped off and went flying for the Sith. Shoving himself off Rezearz watched the Sith cut it in half and charge. Rezearz looked at the charging Sith with annoyance. Using the force he slammed his hand into the ground causing a tremor to be sent forward.

He watched the Sith stumble and nearly fall. Rezearz focused as suddenly a hail of force lighting assaulted the Sith. He rushed through it but stopped short as both saber hands were hit with force lighting. Hearing his light sabers turn off he frantically clicked them but they were fried.

"Your just a slave! How can you beat me?!”

Rezearz walked forward purposefully taking his time. He wanted this Sith to learn what it was like to feel fear. What it was like for the others before they were butchered. The Sith tossed his sabers aside and attempted to strike Rezearz with a cross. Rezearz stabbed his saber into the platform.

Rezearz brought his left hand up in a upper block that deflected the cross. At the same time he struck the Sith in the neck with a knife hand. He leaned in whispering in the Sith’s ear.

“I was about to show you mercy but now you shall know death. May your soul suffer for all eternity.”

Rezearz used the force to return his saber to his right hand. Catching it he stepped back slashing the Sith across the throat as he did. As the body fell off the platform Rezearz approached his landing ship. Once on board he order his crew to pilot the ship back to the spaceport. Inside his quarters Vostave paced back and forth in a anxious manner.

"What do we do now?"

Vostave wasn't ready to lead the Clan just yet.

"Vos, we survive and rebuild. I'm sure some of the other families survived the attack."

Vostave nodded.

"Yes, but why did this Pirate send all of those Sith and Bounty Hunters to attack us?"

Rez had a idea or two.

"We’ve been building our power for some time. How many families did we acquire? Three? Four? Either we were attacked from fear of power or out of greed. After all, a clan of merchants and traders can mean a lot of credits. Vos, keep working for Intelligence. Maybe you’ll find a clue along the way.”

Vostave sighed.

"I'll get back to work then."

With that Vostave left the ship and headed back to his own. Rezearz smirked as he sat down on his bed. While he fought one war another had begun.

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01.23.2012 , 03:48 AM | #2
((Replies may be short or long depending on how much I feel like writing. Tried to make Ashara sound right but I find it hard to do that sometimes.))

Rez slept on his ship as the memories of his past toyed with him. The faces of those he killed and tortured remained fresh in his mind. One of them played through his mind. It was a young man who was captured on Korriban. He was tasked with finding out information. A couple shocks of force lighting was enough to get the young man to talk. He knew well enough, even if he didn't land the killing blow, that young man was probably killed later on. Survival of the fittest was expected in that Academy. It was expected in war but what about redemption? Could it be possible for a Sith so far gone? He kept hope that it wasn't. He awoke to find the other crew members asleep. Heading to the cockpit he took a seat and stared out into space. Man had found so much out here as has so many other species. What they found they fought over as if it was some kind of law that there had to be a war or two. Almost dying just to kill another for what? Power? Survival? He could have said he was in denial but he began to yearn for peace. Peace, who would have thought a Sith could think that. That's when a Togruta, named Ashara, joined him. She was dressed in Jedi robes. She was also a bit taller then him. Rez was, after all, short for being a Human.

"Master, you're deep in thought?"

"Yes, I am."

He looked at her. Her skin was orange with white circles around her eyes.

"Jedi say there is only peace. I wonder if they only mean within."

Rez looked back out into space.

"I wonder if it is wrong just to want peace out there. I'm tired of fighting a war just for more land. Just for another planet."

"Then stop."

Rez chuckled.

"Naive girl, I can't just stop. If this Pirate we owe a debt to doesn't kill me then the Imps will for desertion. Either that or another Sith will kill me to take what I have. Its a wonder the Sith still thrive will all their manipulation and backstabbing ways."

"You did the same thing to get what you have. Redemption or not you still butchered many for power."

And it nearly killed him. It nearly killed the Clan.

"Power, as I've learned, can only bring trouble. Unless, you learn to use it right. That, however, begs the question. What is the right use for power? Its it right to use it for justice? Is it right to use it for personal gain?"

"I would've never thought a Sith could think so deeply."

Rez pondered that.

"You'd be surprised what butchering people can teach you."

Rez and Ashara talked with each other for a bit more before Rez nodded off in his chair. Ashara left him to rest his mind drifting back to the days when he butchered.

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01.23.2012 , 10:16 PM | #3
First post:
A decent opening, if a bit confusing. Is he in his house? He's on the second floor, in a balcony, comes inside and hears the blasters downstairs? A bit of clarifying would be nice. Love the "One carried a light saber. One of them smirked."

Your second full paragraph with all of the action might be a bit easier to read if you broke it up a little. I'd split at "Darting into the hallway". Or, even better, make a new paragraph beginning with "Quickly he changed into his padded armor" and make a third paragraph starting with "Stopping, he could see two at the other end of the hall."

"Curse my rotten luck" sounds slightly cheesy, just from this reader's point of view.

I like that you write action. A lot of writers don't. My suggestion to make it more readable and even more enjoyable is to take your time with it. Space it out. It makes it read less mechanically, makes it read more organically and avoids awkwardness. Make your viewpoint character the actor, not the bystander, not the witness of what others are doing. A man like Vos should always be doing something, physically or mentally.

For example:

Vostave had a hand behind his back. He clicked a button of what looked to be a remote. A probe began to approach the Sith from behind but the Sith turned to crush it with the force. The probe exploded forcing the Sith to shield himself. Vos jumped over the railing to the floor below. Upon hitting the ground he rolled to avoid hurting himself. A couple more mercs were downstairs. Both guarded the door that lead to the landing pad. As the one closer to the door raised his weapon force lighting hit him. Vos watched him fry as the other turned only to have a light saber impale him through the throat. Vos watched as it was ripped out, via the force, and returned to a Sith. Vos knew who it was by the red hair and shorter stature. He had the same build as Vos as well. He simply wore a Sith robe, gloves, belt and boots. A light saber was held in the right hand.
You could instead do something like this:

Vostave smiled at the Sith, conscious of the feel and weight of the remote tucked in the hand he had behind his back. He clicked the button with his thumb. A second later, both men heard the pitched up whine of a probe's repulsor lift kick in from behind the Sith.

His adversary reacted just as expected. With a single gesture, the Sith reached out with his fist and the Force, crushing the miniature droid. Unlike similar models, this one was rigged to explode. Vos was in motion the instant the Sith reached out, vaulting the stairwell railing to drop to the floor below. A wash of fire and roaring sound boomed above. The Sith might have shielded himself but the little droid did the trick; it bought him time.

Vos hit the ground in a roll, trained to take a fall without injury. Both gawked at him, clearly not expecting an agent to just drop in from the stairwell. Maybe it was the explosion above. Either way, Vos would have taken advantage of it if blistering arcs of force lightning hadn't beat him to it. The first merc writhed in the grip of the lethal energy while the second gagged on a thrown lightsaber through the Force.

Both bodies dropped. Vos' eyes followed the motion of the lightsaber as a Sith across the room summoned it back to himself. The red hair, shorter stature but matching build told him exactly who he faced. Garbed in Sith robes with matching gloves, belt and boots, the warrior who'd just saved his life glared at him.
See what I mean?

Your next four sentences all begin with Vos. Rewrite to make it less visibly attention-catching.

...okay, when did Rez meet another Sith? Is it the Sith upstairs?

Consider writing a bit more active voice instead of passive voice. For example:
Rez blocked the first attack but was forced down the stairs as he blocked the rest of the attacks. He was forced out onto the landing pad. Seeing a opening he pivoted and kicked back like a horse. It hit square on his opponents chest sending him to the ground.

Rez blocked the first attack but the other Sith fought relentlessly, forcing him down the stairs. Their duel pushed out onto the landing pad as lightsabers collided. Seeing an opening, Rez pivoted and kicked back like a horse. His foot hit his opponent squarely on the chest, knocking the Sith to the ground.
In general, Yoda's advice is good for a writer; "Do or do not, there is no try." A character isn't trying to rip the side of a building off, he tried. No beginning needed either.

Good opening, middle and conclusion for your first chapter. Bravo. Your pace keeps up, doesn't lag anywhere and moves the story along.

Second post:
First paragraph is long enough to break into several. Something to think about.

I like your conversation here. It's a little confusing to follow in places but the exchange is interesting, given she calls him master but they clearly have different philosophies. And yet, similar purposes. Nice setup!
Serenity is making peace with the evil you do but never making peace with evil

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01.24.2012 , 05:49 AM | #4
Thanks for the input. I'll be reposting a re-write of the first part. Hope its better then the origonal. Third part is in the works and probaly a re-write of the second part. Anyways, comments/critisicms are always welcome.

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01.24.2012 , 09:23 PM | #5
The first part isn't a bad part by any means. That I had comments or critique to offer as I read illustrates that I found the story compelling enough to read it through!

Receiving critique can be a painful experience for a writer, no matter how well meant, so props for accepting it. Rewrites are also painful but usually a good thing. Wish I was better at them myself. Anyway, your story is yours so take any of my comments and address them or not, as you see fit.

Look forward to part 3!
Serenity is making peace with the evil you do but never making peace with evil

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01.26.2012 , 03:21 AM | #6
((Here's part 3. Enjoy!))

He awoke to see, himself? Rez was no longer in the pilot seat of his ship but standing in front of the Dark Temple on Dromund Kass. He stood and looked into the eyes of himself. Was this a dream? Was this force ghost really him? It even spoke to him.

“Stop staring, failure. You let that noble die.”

A cold shiver ran down his spine. The noble he left to die was lying there on the ground. The force ghost grabbed him by the throat. Rez, helplessly, watched himself lifted off his feet.

“And now you think you can change?! You think you can receive redemption?! You are Sith! You are a servant to the Dark Side! Do you understand?!”

Rez was thrown to the ground. He attempted to use the Force Walk ritual to bind the ghost but it failed. Eyes watched in fear as a light saber was brought down on him. He awoke in a cold sweat to see he was still in the pilot seat.


Rez snapped out of his blank stare and looked at her with his fearfull eyes. She knew what was wrong.

“Was it those nightmares again?”

He nodded and stood. The cold and unforgiving planet of Hoth awaited him.

“Ashara, it’s time to continue your training.”

She smiled and nodded.

“Just don’t make me butcher anyone.”

With a smile he headed towards his quarters.

“I’ll try not to.”

Inside he dressed into a warmer pair of robes, boots, gloves and a belt. He also put on a skeleton looking mask. Normally he didn’t wear it but he figured the more clothing the better. After all, Hoth was a cold place. They headed out into the hangar which was located in the orbital station. He’d have to take a shuttle down to the planets surface.

To him it was more a hassle but he learned to deal with it. What he didn’t learn to deal with was the constant interruptions. At least this one raised his hands in to indicate he meant no trouble. Still, Rez shook his head in annoyance.

“Am I that popular?”

From the looks of it this one was another mercenary.

“I guess so. Look, just a heads up. That Pirate that’s after you. He’s on the planet surface and, like he did the first time, he brought more Sith. Look, before you start shaking your head again the dude has the backing of some Sith Lord.”

The Merc just watched Rez walk right by.

“Hate to be him right now.”

On the shuttle ride down Ashara showed a bit of concern.

“Is this a good idea? What if he has Sith waiting for you?”

A smile of anticipation was hidden under his mask.

“He wont risk open confrontation like he did on Dromund Kass. Keep an eye out when were away from the base.”

It made sense to him to attack then. No one to get in the way. This Pirate could just order his assassins to bring his body back. After that they could blame it on the climate or some indigenous species. Once they touched down and spoke to the commanding officer they were tasked with dealing with some Talz.

Why couldn’t the Imperials ever use a diplomatic method? At the main entrance of Dorn base Rez hopped onto his speeder with Ashara hopping on hers. He gave a playful smile as if challenging her.

“How about a race? Next outpost sound good?”

Ashara smiled.

“All right.”

Rez didn’t even wait and took off. Of course, being he wasn’t the best ground pilot, Ashara caught up. A sense of enjoyment he hadn’t felt in a long time over came him. Why couldn’t it be like this? No war, no slaughter but just taking life one day at a time.

Giving it more juice Rez inched out a lead but it was short lived as Ashara burst passed him upon reaching the forward base. He chuckled as he caught up. Their targets were nearby.

“Not bad, lets get to work.”

Stopping they dismounted and snuck their way up to the small encampment. It looked like there was a few igloo looking buildings attached to a central heater. They had to find the communication tent and plant some bugs. However, there was no way through without a fight.

“All right, three Talz on look out. Take the left, I’ll take the right and we both take the middle. Lets try and do this without incident.”

Creeping forward he motioned for Ashara to do the same. Luckily one of them walked off as if he was called away. Nearing his target Rez turned on his light saber. The Talz heard him. Quickly Rez cut the throat of one while Ashara took hers out by stabbing right through the heart. Then he heard the third one sounding a alarm.

“And… I fail, bad.”

Focusing Rez called down a hail of force lighting. Ashara, dodging and weaving, forced leapt right into a group of them. Two of them were knocked down while one was stunned. As the Talz neared Rez let the rising adrenaline take him over.

“No sacrifice! No victory!”

Increasing his focus he called down even more lighting. He watched them and Ashara as she cut through her opponents. She was one of the best he’d seen with a saber in some time. Hell, she’d take Rez easily in light saber combat. Pain ran down his arm as a blaster round hit his right shoulder.

Fighting the pain he raised his light saber to block the incoming blaster fire. Shielding himself in a kinetic barrier he charged forward. Stopping he let loose a quick burst of force lighting nailing a Talz trying to get behind cover. Pain ran down his left leg as a stray blaster round hit his leg. Falling to a knee he wanted to use another kinetic barrier but his clothing was still ionized from the other one. Ashara saw this as she finished off her opponents.


Rushing to his aid Ashara cut down the last Talz as it took aim. Looking off into the distance Rez saw the other encampments showed no signs of alarm. Finally, a good sign for once. Ashara tried to help him up.

“Just plant devices and let me sit down. I’ll try my best to heal myself.”

As Ashara did what she was told Rez began to use the force to heal his wounds knowing all to well it would be temporary. He’d eventually need a medic. About 20 minutes later they were back at the forward base. As he gingerly dismounted Rez, with the aid of Ashara, was taken to a medical droid. As the droid went to work Rez began to wonder.

Was there really a dark and light side to the force? Maybe, like the hologram on Dromund Kass said so long ago, there was just the Force. Then he wondered about the nightmares. Was his subconcious afraid to lose the powers the dark side gave him or was he?

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01.27.2012 , 04:25 PM | #7
((Heres part 4. Will only be part of it since I have work in 20 minutes. Anyways, enjoy!))

Standing he looked out into the cold wasteland of Hoth. The coldness reminded him of the Sith Academy on Korriban. There it was survival of the fittest. You either killed and survied or you died a failure. The Sith were like that in general.

He knew, without a doubt, that the Sith wouldn't survive like this. Sooner or later the betrayals and war mongering would cost them dearly. Ashara found him in the courtyard by the entrance to Dorn base.

"Master, you called?"

Rez nodded as he turned to face her. His injured leg was still a bit stiff but in a day or two he'd be back in action.

"Time to continue your training. Your gifted with a light saber but I'd like to train you to face a Sith. This Pirate were dealing with uses them. One may try to kill me as well to take what I have."

Ashara still couldn't understand the way the Sith worked. She thought it was selfish the way the Sith killed each other.

"I still think its selfish."

Rez nodded in agreement.

"It is but I do what I must to survive. I must survive in order to affect change so I must accept the Sith way. Even if that way makes me kill my brethren to take what they have."

"Even if it's just a title?"

"Even if it's just a title."

Rez lifted a crate nearby with the force.

"Now, the Jedi have taught you to use the force to lift rocks and stop or redirect something thrown at you."

Rez dropped the crate.

"How about force lighting? My assumption is no. The Jedi most likely didn't keep a Sith you could pratice with. So, one way to stop it is using the blade of your light saber. However, your most likely to use both hands on the grip just to keep hold of your saber. You can also use a force tenique to block the lighting with the force. I thinkt his would be most effective as your other hand would be free thus you could counter the attack."

Rez began to cast force lighting from his left hand. He made sure it was weak as he didn't want to kill Ashara. She blocked it with her light saber blade. Shaking his head he increased the power forcing her to grip the hilt with both hands.

"Ashara, where is my other hand?"

She watched him lift a crate with the force and toss it. The crate passed in front of the lightning stopping it in the process. As she prepared to cut through the crate she watched it fall. Lighting prepared to hit her in full force. Closing her eyes she expected pain but opened them to see the lighning hit some kind of barrier.

A smile crossed Rez's face.

"Not bad, but it was done subconciously. I need you to do it without that. Again."

Rez let the force lighting cast from his right. Again it was blocked by the light saber.

"Use the force and not the saber. Through you the will of the force is made manifest. It gives us the power but we must decide how to use it."

Ashara fell to a knee as Rez increased the power of the lightning.

"Master, i'll never understand this! I'm not Sith!"

Rez raised his other hand.

"Sith, Jedi; they are ideals! There are simply codes of life. Ashara, my anger, my hate; it may fuel the lightning but it is still the force! Now stop me!"

Rez unleashed force lighting from the other hand. Ashara jumped back as she lowered her guard. With a smile of satisfaction he watched her use the force to block the lighting. However, her focus wasn't enough as the lightning began to over power the barrier.

Rez stopped the lightning as a exhausted Ashara fell to her knees. Walking over to her he smiled.

"Not bad, but you'll need to work on your focus. Do not think of force lighting as being a power only the Sith use. Think of it as only a manifestation of the force."

Ashara looked up at him not understanding. All of her life she was taught that there was the Light & Dark side of the force.

"Master, but the Jedi-"

Rez gave her a sharp stare.

"Ashara, I'm not telling you to stop being a Jedi. I'm saying that choice is what makes us a follower of the Light or the Dark. I choose to use the force in anger and hatred thus it manifests itself in the form of lightning. Say I choose to use it to protect those around me thus it manifests itself in the form of a kinetic barrier. There is only the force, Ashara. Only through choice do we follow the path of light or darkness."

Rez left here to ponder his words. For now he needed to return to the ship and rest. Battle would await him in the morning.

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01.30.2012 , 05:46 AM | #8
((Part 5, will be short when it first go's up. Getting late and my eyes are starting to fall asleep.))

Rez sat in his quarters on his ship. A crate sat on the floor in front of him Using the force he slowly took the crate apart piece by piece. Slowly he used the force to put it back together. It failed as the crate was crushed.

"Anger, hate; it fuels my powers."

Closing his eyes he took a deep breath. Crossing his legs he used the force to lift him off the ground. A dark aura began to surround him but it started to change. A sense of peace started to show but it was very faint. It seemed he had more training ahead of him if he wished to become a user of simply the force.

Images ran through his head. His subconcious was enticing him with his past conquests. Not even his waking moments were free of the Dark side anymore. Thats when the flash of a Republic General flashed before his eyes. It was on Balmorra. Rez didn't show the man mercy.

It was then that he sensed the blood lust. Inside he said no more but he didn't listen. Killing was all he was good at. No, he wasn't a killer! He wasn't a butcher! What was he thinking? He was a soldier doing his job on Balmorra and nothing more!

Battle playing out Rez watched the Dashade cut down a Jedi Padawan with ease. Oragne eyes watched with satisfaction as the Master writhed in agony. The Republic General didn't fare much better as his blaster fire couldn't penetrate the kenetic barrier surrounding Rez.

A viscous backhand sent the General to the ground. With anticipation the Dashade approached. The General's eyes watched the head of the Jedi Master roll past him. Pain and agony was the last expression on the Jedi Masters face. Rez didn't even accept the Generals surrender.

Rez just cut him down. There should've been a prisoner but there wasn't. Whats more it was as easy as breathing. Had the Dark side made him into such a monster? It wasn't suprising Ashara had second thoughts after he manipulated her.

His mind raced foward to when he manipulated her. She wanted knowledge and he used it. All it took was a datacron to bend her to his will. However, he didn't have her completely. When he went to that Jedi occupied structure he didn't hesistate to cut them down.

One by one they fell to his power. Khem, his Dashade, relished the combat. Even Rez gave into the bloodlust. When he found Ashara she was with two Jedi. They were her Masters but he didn't care.

In front of her he killed them both. It was then, when he looked into her eyes, he saw the monster he was becoming. His lust for power had nearly killed him a few times. Then there was that one Imperial who sought to kill him. What was he to the Empire?

Was he just some kind of cannon fodder? Was he meant to be used then replaced by a Sith more powerfull? Why did he follow this endless cycle of klling? It was then, when he bound the ghost, that the Dark side didn't rule him. A promise was made to release the ghost when he killed one more Sith.

As his mind setteled the crate he had crushed began to reform itself into what it was before. Rez stood his intentions now clearer then ever.

"I am no longer Sith. I am a Veil'Kesh and, from this point on, my path is my own."

With a smile he formed a orb made of the force and held it in a open hand. He would walk the path of the force. Wether it took him down a path of darkness or light was his choice alone. The next day would put this choice to the test.

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01.30.2012 , 03:31 PM | #9
I really love this story. I hope to read more. God bless!

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Rez cut down a Talz as he used the force to send one flying into a wall. Ashara cut down another as Rez cloaked her in a kenetic barrier. Today his mission was to disarm bombs that the Talz had planted inside a power generator. His eyes showed signs of respect.

He knew that this was a last stand for this group of Talz. At least they would die on their feet as warriors. Focus shifting to the bomb he began to disarm it. It would have to wait as blaster fire shot across the room. Ashara deflected the rounds with her saber as Rez stood and called down a storm of force lighting.

Even as the lighting ran through their bodies the Talz still fought on. As they fell Rez returned to disarming the bomb. He fought through more Talz to get to the rest of them. Finishing his disarming of the last bomb he heard something. Stepping down from the platform to the large space below he found a group of Talz.

One of them was the chief. Rez tryed to compromise but it seemed there would be none. To the Talz he was the invader. There was no blame for it on his part since he knew he was here to conquer a planet. Cloaking himself, and Ashara, in a kenetic barrier Rez used a burst of lighting to stun the chief. Kenetic barrier absorbing the blaster fire Ashara took care of the two guards.

Rez used the force to disarm the chief. Ashara, with disbelief, watched Rez toss his saber aside. Quickly Rez stunned the chief one more time.

"Ashara, do not interfere."

Ashara tryed to object to this. Was her Master crazy?!

"Master, are you crazy?!"

Rez removed his skeleton like mask and dropped it.

"No, I've cut down too many without mercy. I want this one to die fighting."

Ashara didn't like it but she nodded.

"As you wish, Master."

Rez watched the stun wear off on the Talz. It charged him and drew a make shift knife. Dodging and weaving Rez waited for a opening. He took it punching the Talz in the rib cage. Of course it had no immediate affect. Following up Rez punched the Talz twice, both to the ribs, followed by a viscous cross.

Didn't matter who it was they all spun that 180. As the Talz turned he caught a viscous kick right to the head. Hitting the ground hard the Talz saw its blood hit the snow. Clutching the make shift kinfe tighter, Rez was impressed he didn't drop it yet, it got up. Rez decided it was time to end it.

Using the force he brought his light saber back to his hand. Cutting the Talz down he turned to watch it fall. That was a mistake. He turned only to see a blade come down and cut him on the right shoulder. As he grabbed at his wound he saw the blade come down again.

Ashara was there within seconds to block the attack. She pushed the Talz off. This one was built more like a warrior then the others. So this was the champion the Chief mentioned. Stumbling back Rez fell to a knee.

"Ashara, buy me time to heal!"

Ashara nodded as she engaged the Talz. As their duel played out Rez began to use the force to heal his wound. He managed to only stop the bleeding as he saw Ashara receive a viscous back hand that sent her to the ground.

Raising its blade the Talz began to bring it down but it only hit a barrier of lightning.

"Over here!"

Rez cringed as he raised his saber.

"No sacrifice! No victory!"

He unleashed a storm of force lighting. With some luck, at least Rez considered it luck, the Talz managed to dodge the lightning. It began to near him but Rez grinned. Suddenly the Talz felt slowed. It clutched at its chest as a crushing darkness pressed in on him.

Still, the Talz kept pushing forward. Rez looked over to Ashara who still seemed to be knocked out cold. Using the force Rez first turned on her light saber then lifted it off the ground. He sent it flying towards the Talz.

It went straight through the back of the Talz. As the Talz fell to the ground Rez bowed his head.

"Rest in peace."

Checking on Ashara she began to open her eyes.

"What happened?"

Rez chuckled.

"Next time watch out for that backhand."

She chuckled as Rez helped her up. That night he stood in the hangar of the orbital station above Hoth. His shoulder still stiff from his injury he looked out into space. Another day of fighting was done and gone. Like every day after battle he closed his eyes.

"I am no longer Sith. I am a Veil'Kesh. I fight to bring peace so others may never know war."

He opened his eyes. Hmph, who thought a Sith would fight for peace.