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Possible world events?


01.22.2012 , 08:34 PM | #1
I don't mean holidays.

I was thinking more like the lines of the Corrupt Blood Plague Incident back in '05. But unlike that this would be intentional. The first possible one i see would involve a enemy we(well i hate them anyway) that we love to hate: the Rakghouls.

keep in mind this is a suggestion, there are plenty of other things that could be used in a more practical way.

so here we go:

Day 1: Quests to examine crashed ships appear on several worlds. Around these ships are dead Rakghouls. situation appears contained.

Day 3: Rakghouls appear around the ship. They start to affect the planets inhabited near the crash site.

Day 4: Rakghouls begin appearing outside the faction bases on the affected planets. Quests are given to try a thin them out.

Day 5: Rakghouls attack faction bases on affected planets. Quests to rescue survivors given from planets orbital space station.

Day 6: Rakghouls appear at faction fleets, anyone on the fleet stations is trapped there. If you land on the stations you will be unable to leave. can still do Flashpoints(Entry point area is a "Safe Zone"). VIP Room is also a "Safe Zone".

Day 7: Quest to clear fleets stations given from NPC's at "Safe Zones" or from an outside ship(If you didn't land). After this you will be given a quest to assist in pacification of the Rakghouls from a random planet. you can go to any planet to help after this one.


Origin worlds are unaffected.
Capitol worlds are unaffected.
This is for fun, does not need to be canon.
Rakghouls will be leveled based on the planet.
Fleet Rakghouls will be a low level, but have a buff so they hit like a truck.
Vendors/Trainers will be at "Safe Zones".
"Safe Zones" will randomly be attacked by Rakghouls, but will have guards.
Rewards will be Social Points and level Commendations, and maybe a special title.

Not sure how much of this is even possible, but it would be fun to see.

Any other suggestions are welcome here as well.
"Day" is a vestigial mode of time measurement based on solar cycles. It's not applicable.