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Origin Preorder Cancel: Lost Early Game Access!

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Origin Preorder Cancel: Lost Early Game Access!

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12.14.2011 , 05:30 PM | #1
So, this ordeal happened on December 7th ... I contact Origin to update my CC info because my bank replaced their Visa with Mastercard so my preorder billing info was no longer valid. In the process of doing this, my Code Redemption History on was wiped out.

I preordered and registered my original preorder code on 7/21 and this fact was indeed reflected in my Code Redemption History up until the moment my preorder was cancelled and reordered with Origin on December 7th.

I contact Bioware Customer Support about the issue and they "fixed my Code Redemption History", but both of the dates were reset to 12/9. I was concerned that this would affect my place in the Early Game Access line so I contact Customer Support and received the following response:

Greetings Caelib, I am Protocol Droid A8-l8, and I have received your transmission. After investigating this issue we can confirm that this issue should not effect your place in the early access queue. Since the problem that you were having has been resolved, I?m closing your ticket. Thank you for your interest in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and if there?s anything further we can help you with please don?t hesitate to let us know. Galactic Support is our specialty... Sincerely, Protocol Droid A8-l8 (aka Anthony), Star Wars: The Old Republic Customer Service.
There are multiple failures on the part of both Bioware and EA in delivering a satisfactory customer experience:

1) Failure to provide customers an adequate way to change their billing info on a preorder. Forcing customers to cancel and reorder is not a professional solution to the problem.

2) Failure to inform customers (and employees) of the ramifications of cancelling their preorder on Origin (wiping out/nullifying their preorder on

3) Failure of Customer Service staff to understand the problem or the internal mechanics of the integration between Origin and In addition to the response I received from my support ticket, there were multiple conflicting statements from CS on the official forums regarding this problem.

I have been a dedicated fan of this game since the day it was announced and all of the information I provided during the support process was adequate to resolve the issue but it wasn't.

The latest support ticket on this issue is 777044.