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Im going to be last on prerelease

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Im going to be last on prerelease

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12.16.2011 , 10:10 AM | #11
I personally shelled out for the delux edition the day it released but didn't put my code in until a few days ago, Like dec 11th. and I'm still waiting to play. I didn't realise that when I was going to get into the servers directly corelated to when I put my code in. I just figured $180.00 did the trick and that was that. How silly of me.

So, for the extra cash I honestly don't feel a great deal of worth for the special edition. It's 4 days 'til public launche and I have to work 3 of those 4 nights so, woop-a-dee-doo. I get to changer lightsaber colors...(I'm planning on going agent first toon). At this point I'll be really, really lucky to get any pre-launch play time at all.

Will I enjoy the game when I do get to play? I'm sure I will.
Do I regret shelling out the extra cash for simply the hope of getting something it turns out I won't even get to have? Yes, I do.
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