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(L,F&E #19) Consequences

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01.22.2012 , 03:51 AM | #1
<2 days after the end of Allegiances>

Nia sat at her terminal, trying to regain control. She was crying. She knew she had to be focused, she knew that without her focus she could hurt people, even without the Dark Side, finally her breathing slowed. She reached up and turned off her terminal. She bowed her head. She felt Trava come close. Without turning, she spoke.

“You oath is done, we have recovered my grandmother.” She barely recognized her own voice. She felt an armored hand rest gently on her shoulder.

“Our oath is fulfilled when we say it is. And it isn’t yet.” The Mandalorian's voice was cool and calm. Nia nodded, she knew better than to argue. Once Trava had her way set, nothing short of a supernova could move her from it, and the supernova had better watch out. “I know you are in pain, your ba’buir is hurt, don’t keep it in…”

“I can’t Trava. I can’t. If I let it loose…” Nia focused herself as she had been taught. She had to remain in control. Now both shoulders had hands on them and they squeezed, gently.

“I give you my word, you will harm no one.” She raised tear streaked eyes to the vision slit of Trava’s armor and nodded. Trava drew her to her feet and they left the room, heading towards the ship’s training ring.

When they got there, Nai was only somewhat surprised to see the other Mandos already there. A few of the Stormhawk crew, curious but very wary, looked on from the farthest from the ring they could get. Apparently the grapevine was very active. Nia took off her belt and left her lightsaber where it was. She looked at Trava who had removed her own harness. They nodded to each other and bowed. Then they began.

<Almost the same time, elsewhere>

Dia was lost in the force. It was timeless and glorious, but… She came back to herself with a snap. She looked at the sleeping face of Maria Kalenath. She slumped. A scaled hand took her elbow and she allowed herself to be guided out of the Intensive Care compartment. She moved carefully. She didn’t want to disturb the slumber of the patients. The hand guided her to a chair and then, pressed a steaming mug into hers. She nodded her thanks. She sipped it, the restorative drink was good. She looked up into L’trask’s eyes and sadly shook her head.

“I tried.” She said simply, and L’trask made a sound that for a Trandoshan was a sigh. He patted her on the arm.

“You did what you could, she rests, more comfortably. And the degradation is slowed, almost to what it would be in stasis.” She closed her eyes, trying to keep her emotions in check.

“But not stopped.” She heard a sad hiss of agreement.

“I thought, if the Jedi could do it so could I.” Her voice was very quiet. “I see now that was pride talking. I don’t have the knowledge. The information Nolikas sent was… incomplete.”

“We are on our way to Tython.” She shook here head.

“She won’t last that long.” She knew that L’trask nodded, even without seeing him. “If only Nia could… The healing trance still doesn't work for her. I don’t understand…”

‘We know Nia has the same ability her father has, maybe it…” He broke off as Dia jerked upright. Only quick action on her part kept her from spilling her drink. She looked at him and for the first time in two days a smile came over her face. He stared at her as she spun to the terminal that she knew was behind her, and keyed in a search. In moments she had found what she needed. Her face lit up and she smiled widely.

“I know how to help Maria.” L’trask stared at her, something in her posture worried him.
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01.22.2012 , 03:55 AM | #2
<An hour later>

Nia grimaced and then nodded. Ehn made a quick motion and she bit back a scream as the bones in her other shoulder realigned. Trava hadn’t been kidding. She was a master of unarmed combat, even Olana, who had watched some of this, had been impressed. The match, well, match wasn’t really the right word… It was a fight to the death minus the death. He had been less impressed when Trava had managed to dislocated both of Nia’s shoulders at once. But Nia had shaken her head and nodded to Ehn. As promised, his handling was a bit rough, but also very competent. He had put her shoulders back in and she slumped in relief as the pain receded. Trava stood, a statue almost. But Nia could read the woman’s tension. It eased as Nia spoke.

“My fault.” She said hoarsely. “I shouldn’t have tried to break that hold…. What did you call it?”

“We call it ‘Shoulder Breaker’, for good reason. You are a di’kut, girl. If I hadn’t let up, I would have broken both of your arms. Don’t ever do that again.” Nia nodded at Trava's scathing comment. She deserved that, it had been a stupid move on her part. She shrugged and her entire upper body hurt. Very little on her body didn’t hurt, but it felt good. “Well, how do you feel now?” Nia grinned. Trava had been asking her that, every time they took a break. She was sure the woman wasn’t even winded.

“Sore, very sore, but good. Thank you.” Trava extended a hand and Nia gratefully took it. Trava drew Nia to her feet easily. “How are you?” Nia had managed to connect a few times, a very few times.

“I’ll live. Let’s get you to medical, get the trandoshan to…” Trava broke off as Nia’s comlink chirped. Nia reached fro it, grimacing slightly as her arm muscled protested. She keyed it on.

“Nia Korr here.”

“Nia, we need you in Medical, now.” Boss’ voice was tense and Nia looked at Trava. They both took off at a run.

<a few minutes later>

Nia stood, staring in shock. Dia was lying beside Mari’s bed and…

“What… the…” only the presence of children and sleeping patients kept Nia from screaming her question aloud. She hadn’t known what to expect, she had feared the worst, but to find Dia slumped over her grandmother and both of them looking like they were on their last legs… Her knees buckled. Armored arms caught her. They set her in a chair and Nia spoke quietly, disbelieving.

“What happened?” L’trask spoke, just as quietly.

“We found, in the Jedi records, what happened to your father. The degradation is identical.” Nia stared at him, and then nodded.

“They managed to duplicate what my father can do… That was stated in the information that Sharlina gave us. They did it to her; that was also stated. Why would Dia…”

“The information Nolikas sent, showed how your dad did what he did, chemically and neurologically. She said it was possible to duplicate it, but very dangerous. After what happened to him, I agreed.” The Trandoshan's emotions were tightly controlled. He loved Will, admired him and more. If anything happened to Will...

“I know, you told me, and Dia agreed with you. Why would she…”

“She felt she could use a Jedi healing trance to buffer Maria, take some of the damage on herself.” Nia froze in shock. “I… I argued with her, said it was impossible, she…she seemed to agree, but then…” He slumped, his brow ridges drooping.

“You found her like this.” L’trask nodded. Nia slumped. “Did it work? And if it doesn’t can we break it?”

“I don’t know. The readings make no sense. They are both very, very weak. And if we do try and break it… Will spoke once of another who could do what he did. She merged to her ship for a long time and when she was forcibly removed…” Nia nodded. He had told her the story too.

“She died.”
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01.22.2012 , 04:00 AM | #3
Dia floated. This was… not what she had expected. She had used the drugs that Nolikas had said would replicate the effects of Will’s ability, she had entered the Force trance and then… She had been here, wherever here was… She stretched out with her senses. But nothing… wait… She blinked, she wasn’t alone.

“Hello, Oreana, or should I call you Dia now?” She froze. It was silly to be feeling that, she had no body to freeze, but that was the feeling. Of all the things she had expected, seeing the spirit of a dead padawan was not on the list. Ulaha was tapping her spectral foot in exasperation. “What do you think you are doing?”

“I… I’m trying to help Maria Kalenath.” Dia managed to sputter out and Ulaha nodded, as if this wasn’t news to her.

“That’s not what I meant. You are helping her, but what you are also doing is destroying yourself.” Ulaha's face was sad as she looked DIa over. Dia stared at the Twilek who had been the closest thing to a friend she had possessed. Who had died for her and given her this body.

“I…” She broke off, but then Ulaha smiled, sadly.

“How many times do I have to tell you? It wasn’t your fault. It was my choice. And I made it.” Dia shook her head again and now Ulaha snarled, but there no anger in it. “Dia, the choices we make define us. You of all people understand that. You didn’t have to take my name.”

“Yes I did.” Dia replied quietly. Ulaha sighed, and then she grinned.

“All right, be that way.” Dia grinned back at the Jedi’s tart tone. Then Ulaha sobered. “I can help you with this, but then, you will have to make a choice.”

“Anything.” Ulaha shook her head.

“You don’t even know what your choices are. You don’t understand your path. But you will. I promise you that.” Dai looked at the transparent from of her friend and then with a start looked at her own body… It was also transparent blue.

“Am I dead?” She asked quietly.

“Very close, but not yet. Come sister.” Ulaha extended a hand and after a moment’s hesitation, Dia took it and…

They were elsewhere. Dia flinched, all around was white. And lying on a table restrained, and crying was…

“Maria…” She breathed.

“Help her, Dia. And help yourself.” Dai looked but Ulaha was gone. She looked deep into herself and smiled grimly. Then she moved to the table. She laid solid looking hands on teh woman's arm and spoke.

"Maria?" The woman flinched back from her.

“No more, please no more…” The old woman begged and Dia’s heart went out to her.

“I’m not going to hurt you Maria.” The woman started crying.

“You always say that…and you do it anyway…” She froze as Dia’s lightsaber appeared in her hand and the twilek moved to cut the woman's bonds.. “You… you’re one of them!” Dia flinched back at the venom in the woman’s voice. “I won’t let you hurt her.” Dia’s eyes widened as… the room became dark… She looked around. The…walls were gone, now a darkness roiled around the edges of the area where her ligthsaber glowed. It was coming from Maria! And it was hungry…

“Maria. Stop you will kill us both!” But the woman, if she heard at all, didn’t respond. “Sara’s alive, we rescued her, stop please!” But the darkness came closer.

“I won’t let you hurt her again…” Maria’s voice was faint. Dia looked at her, then at the darkness.

“I won’t let you die. I don’t know who did this to you, or why, but I can’t let you die. Even if me costs me my life.” She dropped her lightsaber and it deactivated. The darkness closed in. For a moment, it felt… almost welcoming, then it hurt. She screamed. “Maria!” Then she knew no more.
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01.22.2012 , 04:04 AM | #4
<An indeterminate time later>

Dia woke, coughing. Her lungs hurt, her whole body hurt. She heard medical gear around her and felt, things on her and in her. And then she heard a voice. One she recognized. Her eyes shot open.

“Good morning Dia.” She stared into Maria’s eyes. The woman was sitting by her bed and smiling. Dia started crying and she couldn’t stop. The old woman reached over and took the Twileks limp hand in her own. Dia couldn't feel it, but ignored the strange feeling in the rush of seeing Maria alive. “I’m sorry.”

“I thought you died… I… I tried…” Maria smiled again, this time sadly.

“I did. You brought me back.” Dia stared at her. “I… I hurt you; I don’t know what I did or how I did it. I’m sorry. I didn’t know…”

“I made my choice, I… I made my choice, Maria.” Maria nodded slightly.

“You saved me. I was gone, and you brought me back. And now I find my daughter and my granddaughter both live. You have redeemed your Order in my eyes.” Dia’s eyes narrowed.

“What did the Jedi do to you?” She asked quietly. “You thought I was one of them, that’s why…” She broke off, remembering. She saw the same haunted look she was feeling echoed on Maria’s face.

“A man who wore brown robes and carried a lightsaber was head of the research division. His 'friends' who wore similar robes took my husband away and killed him with their insane 'tests'. He took my daughter from me, held me down with the Force while he took her away from experiments.” Dia’s eyes went wider, and then she snarled.

“Did you ever hear his name?” Maria shook her head.

“Not even in passing. I would know him if I saw him again.” Dia nodded, still angry, but she controlled herself.

“If you do see him point him out to me.” Her light tone fooled neither of them. Maria nodded. Another voice came.

“Not if I get to him first.” Nia stood in the hatchway and Dia smiled and raised a hand to her friend. Er, she tried to raise a hand. It didn’t move. She stared at it. She tried again, it was there, she could feel it, but it wouldn’t move. She tried her other hand… it was a lump of flesh, non responsive. She looked up and Maria was crying as she took Dia's unresponsive hand in her own again, but Dia felt nothing.

“I didn’t know. I didn’t know!” Dia stared at her then at Nia. When she spoke, her voice was quiet.

“How bad…” Dia asked disbelieving.

“You took it all, and it overwhelmed the healing. The damage… is extreme. Dia…” Dia shook her head. Her voice was a whisper.

“She said, there would be a path, that there were always choices…” She felt something change. She was sliding. “I wish…I knew…what…she meant...”

Nia hugged her grandmother as Dia lost consciousness. The medical systems of the Intensive Care ward were set to keep her from further injury. So they had sedated her when her emotional levels passed a certain point. Maria cried, and Nia cried with her. L’trask came in and with Nia’s help assisted Maria out of her chair. They helped her into a hover chair and she nodded to them as she regained her composure.

“I owe that child.” Maria said quietly.

“She disagrees, ba’buir.” Maria snorted.

“Of all the people your dad had to fall in with, why did it have to be Mandalorians?” But there was a teasing aspect to her tone. Trava stood just outside, her helmet off. She smiled at Maria’s words.

“Because he has more sense than any of us.” They all snorted at that.

“I swear that boy never had the sense of a starstruck nerf.” They all laughed at Maria’s tone. They followed her back to her room and then Nai and L’trask assisted her into her bed. She still wasn’t recovered and she might never recover fully. But she was alive. She waited patiently while L’trask finished connecting her to the bed and then she spoke.

“I owe that girl. And I will pay my debt.” All three of them nodded at her iron words. She lay back and was quickly asleep, worn out.

Nia, L’trask and Trava came back into the main medical bay to find Boss waiting for them. They all walked into L’trask’s office. Boss spoke.

“Any luck finding that Jedi from the records Sharlina gave us?” Nia shook her head.
“The Agamarian phrase ‘needle in a haystack’ comes to mind.“ Boss nodded.

“We will find him, and them, and when we do…” Trava spat and L’trask growled. Nia just nodded. The Stormhawk was, after all, a hunter and a killer.
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01.22.2012 , 04:06 AM | #5
<Two days later>

Dia sat back exhausted and dismayed. She had found that with fine tuned control of the Force, she could make her body do certain things. But when she tried to do more than move an arm and grasp something with a hand, the effort depleted her reserves quickly. L’trask had her working on a course of therapy that he said had a high rate of success and she gratefully embraced it, but… She wasn’t paralyzed, not fully and in the usual sense. She had feeling in all of her extremities. She just couldn’t use them. L’trasks explanation went right over her head; and Crota… She wasn’t sure what to make of the Mon Calamari Doctor, but L’trask seemed to trust her. She hoped the kindly trandoshan, (and wasn’t that a contradiction in terms?) wasn’t making a mistake. Her thoughts broke off as Crota entered the room.

“How are you today, Mis Dia?” The Mon Calamari was always polite, almost too much so sometimes. Dia had given up trying to get the doctor to change however. Dia sighed.

“No change. I can do this…” She moved her arm with the Force and grasped a cup, but when she tried to move it to her lips it fell out of her hand to the floor. Crota tsked as only a Mon Calamari could and picked it up. It was capped, so it didn’t spill but Dia’s face reddened. To be weak… Crota stared at her and smiled. It looked, odd on a Mon Calamari, but it was recognizable.

“You must float before you can swim, Miss Dia.” Dia bowed her head in agreement. “I know you do not trust me, and I understand.” Dia looked at her. “I served Mistress Sharlina, she hired me, she could have taken me, but she hired me and paid me, well, to do what she needed me to do. To aid the people she rescued.” Dia nodded.

“I still find it hard to believe that A Sith, Bladeborn no less, would be kind…” Crots sniffed.

“She wasn’t. And when she became angry, none were safe. But she knew it, and controlled it.” Dia nodded. “Now, are you ready to begin your therapy again?” Dia nodded, wincing a little. Crota smiled again. “The pain is a good thing, it tells you the nerves are working.” Dia smiled and lay back as Crota manipulated the equipment over her.

An hour later, Crota finished her ministrations. Dia slumped back into the bed, utterly spent. It hadn’t hurt, per say, but the energies that had been sent through her nerves were… uncomfortable. But not painful, anything but. She had been hurt many times in her life; she had never experienced anything like this. She shook her head.

“I… This isn’t working.” Crota looked at her. “It feels good, too good…I…” Crota nodded.

“You fear that you will come to crave this.” Dia nodded. Crota sighed. “That is a possibility, but… if we can get your nerves to accept this, then maybe…” Dia shook her head. Crota gathered up her equipment in silence and left. Dai sat for a moment, then relaxed herself and began a meditation. Without warning…

<Somewhere out of time and space>

She stood on a field of battle. She saw, things moving the distance. It wasn’t until she focused on them that she realized they were war droids, massive ones, the things she had initially taken for ants beside them were red armored figures marching beside them. An explosion went off close beside her and she ducked into cover in a trench, then she recoiled. The trench was filled with bodies. Bodies she recognized. Olangychew, Will, Trava, the other Mandos, and… Dia cried and went to her knees beside Nia. Her friend, her master was… Nia’s eyes opened.

“Dia get out of here.” Dia shook her head. “Someone has to survive… tell Sara… tell…” She convulsed and Dia held her as she shuddered once and then lay still. Dia closed her master’s eyes, gently. She heard sounds, familiar sounds. But… She looked up in time to see a squadron of Sith fighters sweep over the battlefield. They... she froze as fire came from the distant droids and swept them all from the sky in a matter of seconds. And then, she was amazed to see Republic Aureks swoop in and her eyes widened as the fire from the droids killed them too. She felt a warning from the Force and she spun, her lightsaber in hand. A red armored from stood before her. A droid? It raised a blaster rifle and she deflected the… She fell as the fire from the droid’s second weapon hit her. It felt as if very nerve in her body was short circuiting. Metal hands grabbed her, disarmed her and bound her hands and feet. Something else covered her face and she screamed as something invaded her mind. It felt, familiar. She screamed again…

Dia came back to herself screaming. She barely noticed the warm arms that held her and the soft words that were whispered in her ear. She never felt the hiss of a hypo against her neck, she was too busy sobbing. She barely noticed as she lost consciousness.

Nia looked up from where she was sitting, still holding her apprentice. She looked at Maria, who was sitting in her chair, wide eyed in shock.

“What happened?” Nia had been in L’trask’s office, working on treatment plans when she had heard Dia’s screams.

“I don’t know. I was sitting here, waiting for her to come out of her meditation, and then she stiffened and screamed. Then she screamed again.”

“Did she say anything?” Maria thought back, but nothing came to mind and she shook her head. Nia sighed, then shifted Dia so she would lie comfortably and moved to leave, but she froze as Dia spoke. She turned to her apprentice, startled. The sedative should have lasted a lot longer. Her voice was hoarse.

“I…I neutralized the sedative. I know what they want to do, what they are going to do…”
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01.22.2012 , 04:10 AM | #6
Dia sat in her bed and tried not to stew. The team was debating her story. And, well, she didn’t blame them for doubting her. She had difficulty believing it herself, but Nia… she turned her head and saw Nia looking at her. She smiled and Nia smiled back. The image of Nia, blasted almost beyond recognition and dying in the trench came back to her and Dia flinched. She shook her head, trying to dispel the image and Nia took her hand in one of hers. Nia spoke quietly.

“Force visions are strange things.” Dia nodded. “And we will work to keep yours from becoming a reality.” Dia nodded again. Nia snorted. “Talk to me Dia.”

“I don’t know what to say. I…” Dia broke off, and then she looked up as Trava came close. Trava asked a quiet question.

“How big were the large droids you saw in your vision?” Dia thought for a moment, remembering.

“If the red armored ones were the same size as the one I fought, then they would have been about fifty meters long and fifteen meters high.” All conversation in the room stopped at that. “I don’t know if they were droids or vehicles of some kid, but they were heavily armed. They killed two squadrons of starfighters faster than you can strike twice Trava.” Trava raised an eyebrow at that, and then nodded. “It felt so familiar, I know I have felt that feeling before, I think…” Nia looked at her and the others did too.

“They weren’t droids were they?” Dia shook her head.

“No, I could feel… someone inside, screaming in pain and terror. And…I don’t know…” Dia slumped back, utterly worn out. Nia smiled at her again.

“You need to sleep; we will take this discussion elsewhere. Get better. We will need you.” Dia nodded and lay back. In a few moments she was asleep, with the help of a furtive force push on the sedative controls. Nai led the others slowly out of the room. A small boy, Mijel, was outside the room and Nia smiled, she liked him and he liked her.

“Is she going to be alright?” he asked and she sighed.

“I don’t know Mjiel. She helped Maria, and in doing so…” She broke off as he nodded.

“I know, I heard. Was it really a Jedi? The one who hurt us?” Mijel had been aboard since the others had come, but since he had nowhere to go home to... He had been snatched from an orphanage on Coruscant, and had no intention of goign back. The Stormhawk crew had been looking into possibilities. A warship was no place for a kid to grow up.

“None that I know, but from all accounts, yes.” Her voice was hard, but instead of scaring the boy, her words seemed to strengthen him. He looked at her and leaned close, he whispered into her ear.

“Don’t let him hurt me again, please.” Nia took the boy in her arms and hugged him tight. They had managed to heal his afflictions fairly easily. But he was still weak from his ordeals. Trava leaned down as well, looking the boy in the eye.

“We won’t adiik. We won’t.” He looked from Nia to Trava and then hugged Trava as well.

“I heard two of them talking once. They saw me, and hurt me…” Nia would have comforted him but he continued. “They called him Markus.” Her blood froze. She looked into Trava’s face and the Mando woman’s face was an emotionless mask, hiding what Nia darn well knew was a well of rage. But when Trava took the boy in her arms, none of it showed.

“They won’t hurt you again. How would you like to be a Mando?” He stared at her. “All my kids are grown, and truth be told, I get tired of living by myself.”

“I… I could be a Mandalorian?” he asked dazed. Nia smiled at him.

“I think you would make a good one.” She smiled again as Mijel hugged Trava tight. Trava grinned at her.

“What do I call you?” He asked Trava, and Trava grinned.

“My name is Trava Kalan, but you can call me Buir.”
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01.22.2012 , 04:14 AM | #7
Nia looked at the information they had as the others discussed what had to be done and in what order. It was marginal to say the least. She looked over records, from the Sith Sharlina, from Will, from Dia, from Boss, from… she froze… Something nagged her. She looked back over the records and her eyes widened. She cross checked the records and all of them had references to crystals. She clicked her tongue against her teeth then realized the others were looking at her. Boss spoke.

“You find something Nia?” The commander of the ship was tired, but little of it showed in his voice. She looked from the armored form back at the records.

“I’m not sure." Nia admitted. "The record from the Sith on Kuat says that they picked up Sara from Cerea. The records that Sharlina found there call that base A-4.” Trava nodded and spoke.

“They use code names to designate the bases instead of locations. That is smart of them.“ Trava's voice held no Trava of the rage that Nia could sense in her. Mandalorians knew that the universe was not fair, but... Mije;l had gone on, promising to learn well and both Trava and Nia had hugged him goodbye. Nia nodded, still puzzling over the record. Then she stiffened and highlighted an entry.

“Here we go... 'Nostros Pride to carry subject 8410-12 from A-4 to E 5'. E5... Where have I seen that before...?” They all nodded, that was what Sara had called herself, or what someone had called her enough that she thought of it as her name. “E 5, where did I see that?” She hunted through the record and the others also opened stations so they could all search the pertinent record.

“Nostros Pride is a mercenary transport based out of Alderaan.” Boss reported a few minutes later, having checked the ship database in CiC. A few minutes later, Trava raised a hand; they all crowded around her terminal.

“Another record. 'E 5 base started in prime location near spire 4, need crystal cutters'. Now what planet has crystal spires?” Nia shook her head.

“Lots, not just Alderaan… but…” Boss nodded.

“It’s worth checking out.” Nia nodded then looked at Trava. They shared a feral grin.

“This might be a trap.” Boss’ words were unemotional. Nia grinned.

“What is more dangerous that walking into a trap?” She could hear the feral grin when Boss spoke.

“When you set a trap for a Woort and find a Krayt Dragon in it.” They all grinned now. “We will be ready.” Trava and Nia got up to get their team ready. Boss sat for a moment then pulled up a planning worksheet to start making contingency plans.
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01.22.2012 , 04:16 AM | #8
<The Stormhawk, enroute to the Alderaan system>

Boss sat, enraged beyond measure. He knew his rage was a bad thing. He knew it clouded his judgment, but… his hatch chimed and he snarled.

“Enter.” Nia stood in the hatchway and he shook his head. “Sorry, I…”

“No need to apologize Boss. I know why.” He nodded. She did. “If it was Sigmundson…”

“Then he’s dead.” Boss’ flat tone didn’t surprise Nia.

“We don’t know if it was him.” Nia said noncommittally and Boss nodded.

“I am not going to go all Mando on this, yet anyway.” His tone was vicious and Nia grinned sourly. “And no, I wouldn’t go without you. We need more information.” Nia nodded. “Trava and her people know what they are doing, will you take the furball too?”

“Yeah, we plan to take Shuttle Four, it looks the most unmodified.” Boss nodded, and then called up Shuttle Four’s spec s on his screen. He scrutinized it.

“I could send some marines too; they are itching for a fight.” Nia shook her head and smiled.

“This is recon, not an all out battle, I hope anyway.” Boss nodded. She turned to go.

“Nia?” His voice was quiet. She turned back to him. “Be careful, if it is a trap, well, they probably expect you. Give the word and I’ll saturate them with marines and fire support.” Nia nodded and left.

Nia checked her armor and her weapons. She looked at the weapon that Trava had given her and shuddered. A disruptor carbine. Outlawed in most civilized systems, the mere possession of one was a major crime and punishable by executions in many places. An evil weapon, but a very effective one. She had argued that a lightsaber was a better all around weapon, but Trava hadn’t been moved. She had said, quietly, that ranged firepower would come in handy if they faced the kind of defenses that Sharlina had described. Finally Nia had given in. The Mando woman had the give of a rock. She didn’t like the weapon though. She resolved to keep it slung unless she absolutely needed it. For this mission, Trava had outfitted Nia’s armor with another skin. It looked, at on the outside, like Mandalorian beskar’gam. The idea was that, if it was a trap, the hostiles would be looking for Nia. And if she looked like the rest, well, that was an advantage. As slim one, but an advantage nonetheless. She had checked and the outer layer didn’t hinder her Force abilities any more than the rest had. Nia slung her carbine, checked her lightsaber, pistol and scanners, shrugged once to seat her armor a little better, and then made her way to the hangar bay.

As she entered the bay, she heard singing. She smiled, she didn’t know they words, but they called to her. The six Mandos stood in a circle, fully armed and armored. After listening to a run through of the song, she joined the tune. They made a space for her. Suddenly a drum joined in and Nia looked up to see Olana, wearing his armor, sitting nearby. His drum was small, but it rang out true. She was almost sorry when the music ended. Without a word, they all picked up their weapons and climbed into the shuttle. Olana moved to the cockpit and a few minutes later, the Stormhawk left hyperspace. They were far out. The plan was that the Stormhawk would leave, and then return to hide behind one of the moons of Alderaan. The shuttle would microjump, coming in from another direction to appear as if they were arriving from another of the Core Worlds. The shuttle took off, and a few minutes later the Stormhawk vanished. They were on their way.

<On Alderaan>

The brown robed man sat and smiled.

“Come, my dear. Come.”
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((well, hmmm. is it a trap? Or are the trappers going to get trapped? Who knows... Oh! THE SHADOW KNOWS!!! Comments or suggestions always appreciated. Flames might wind up cleaning bedpans.))
My stories in order:
Love, the Force, and Everything Discussion thread here