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Stuck on Hoth/ connection

Sabirwolf's Avatar

01.22.2012 , 03:29 AM | #1
For some reason I am unable to log in to my 39 sentinel on Hoth. Whenever I log him in, I get punted back to the character selection screen. One time I did manage to get in, but it said no players were in the zone, I couldn't move, and the little connection bars at the bottom left was a red X and said "server lag" when I moused over it.
My alts on the Fleet and Coruscant are able to log in smoothly with no troubles whatsoever, and no apparent lag.

EDIT: Hoth appears to be back up now. Seems to have been down for at least an hour, and was confirmed as such by others. Dunno what happened or why Hoth was the (presumably) only planet affected.