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Sniper PvP Guide (Lethality Spec)

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Sniper PvP Guide (Lethality Spec)

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01.21.2012 , 06:56 PM | #1
Alright, so there's been a bit of controversy on the viability of the 3 different specs for Sniper in PvP. I'll be focusing on Lethality, simply because of it's balance between mobility, damage, and control.

We'll start with the Skill Tree first.

Skill Tree

Lethality = 3 Points ---

Deadly Directive = 2 points ---

Slip Away = 2 Points ---

Corrosive Microbes = 2 Points ---

Lethal Injectors = 1 Point ---

Cut Down = 2 Points ---

Corrosive Grenade = 1 Points ---

Targeted Demolition = 2 Points ---

Lethal Dose = 3 Points ---

Vanish = 2 Points ---

Adhesive Corrosives = 2 Points ---

Lethal Purpose = 2 Points ---

Cull = 1 Point ---

Razor Rounds = 2 points ---

Devouring Microbes = 3 Points ---

Hold Your Ground = 2 Points ---

Weakening Blast = 1 Point ---

8 Remaining Skill Points: These are customizable for your preferences, I personally chose to up my Endurance, Cunning, and Energy by partially speccing into the other 2 trees.

Here is the skill tree I am using:



I am personally a little more tactical and it's all about response time for me when it comes to PvP.

Here is how I bind my skills:

Corrosive Dart = Q
Corrosive Grenade = E
Weakening Blast = S
Cull = R
Overload Shot = X
Takedown = F

It takes a little practice this way, and it involves more tab targeting and the use of your mouse. You cannot be a keyboard turner and use this setup.


Rotation, Priority, and Quickslots.

I'll start off with the Rotation and the reasons why you will use this.




This is the rotation for starting a fresh fight.

Corrosive Dart > Corrosive Grenade > Weakening Blast > Cull > Rifle Shot (if above 30%) > Takedown + Overload Shot (if target is below 30%)

You will reapply CD and CG when they fall off, as reapplying before they do will cause the time that it takes between ticks to virtually stack, therefore losing damage output.

Cull will be used as soon as it's off cooldown, but it would be a waste if you used it without at least one DoT applied to the target. CG should stay up long enough for 2 uses of Cull.

Weakening Blast will strengthen CD and CG for 10 ticks, and do a decent amount of damage on it's own. Use this after every application of your DoTs.

We're going to pretend Rifle Shot is another DoT that falls when the targets health reaches ~30%. It does about the same amount of damage as one of your DoTs if not more, and it costs 0 energy to use.

When the target reaches 30%, you need to spam Overload Shot until around 15%, when you can use Takedown to overwhelm them with burst damage.

Shield Probe should be used when in combat/whenever it's off of cooldown. If neither of the conditions are met, you either shouldn't or can't use it.

Adrenaline Probe Should be used if the fight is longer than you expected. Lethality is VERY energy intensive, so if heals are involved on the latter end, you will probably need to use this.

Debilitate should be used if your HP is evenly matched somewhere around the middle of the fight and you need a quick edge. When you use this, you should immediately apply heavy burst considering damage dealt will not interrupt this stun. If you are attacked by an enemy first it would also be wise to use this, as it would turn the tables giving you a small advantage.

Escape should be used if you're in a fight and are stunned (not rooted). Use it wisely, as the cooldown is long and if you are getting attacked by multiple enemies and you use it, the other person will more than likely have another CC which would make your use of Escape a waste.

Evasion should be used if you are on the losing end of the fight. This and Shield Probe together render you nigh invincible for a short period of time.

Flash Bang would be used if a cooldown is close to finishing (such as Cull) and you are on the losing end of a fight, it can be used as a means of escape although not very effective, or when there are a group of enemies attacking or capturing an objective.

Diversion can be used against any skill that has an induction time, it stops them from doing damage or healing themselves and it can be demoralizing to the target.

Leg Shot should be used if an enemy tries to escape, or if you are trying to surprise a target. It can be demoralizing to get rooted when there are no obvious signs of an attacker around you. It can also be used to trap an enemy in an environmental trap, like the burners or acid pools in Huttball.



Template for Quickslot Buttons

[Number or letter.Skill Abbreviation]

(Brackets represent the outline of the quickslot button)

Offensive Abilities [Top Quickslot]
[1.RS] [q.CD] [e.CG] [s.WB] [r.Cull] [x.OS] [f.TD]

Utility [Bottom Quickslot] Control [Bottom Quickslot]
[AP] [SP] [CP] [EVA] [ESC] [DIV] ----------[DEB] [FB] LS]

I'll add tactics and more when I have time, I hope you enjoyed it.

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01.22.2012 , 08:05 AM | #2
nice guide, might want to put in a section for stats too.

100% accuracy, 40%+ crit. then power -> surge for example.

Also a Build surrounding cull, explosive probe and interrogation probe 2/16/23 does more damage than a full lethality spec. But needs high crit for energy regen + more accuracy to make up for the loss of the accuracy talent.

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01.22.2012 , 01:03 PM | #3
Step 2: Hope the other team doesn't have someone that can dispel or you're screwed.

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01.27.2012 , 05:32 AM | #4
Quote: Originally Posted by Aryndelin View Post
Also a Build surrounding cull, explosive probe and interrogation probe 2/16/23 does more damage than a full lethality spec. But needs high crit for energy regen + more accuracy to make up for the loss of the accuracy talent.
I'd be interested in seeing you post that torhead link to that 2/16/23 build, its around the way i want to go for a PVP build.

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03.20.2012 , 07:28 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by durvas View Post
Step 2: Hope the other team doesn't have someone that can dispel or you're screwed.
If they are busy dispelling they aren't using big heals, just hots. This puts you at an advantage if you change your playstyle up a little bit. put up a probe and series of shots > pop your snipe cool down and crit them. At this point they need to use big heals, and you can redot>stun>cull

scatter shot is also very important to use if you are getting the jump on someone or your in for a long fight.
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03.20.2012 , 08:06 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by numoneniceguy View Post
If they are busy dispelling they aren't using big heals, just hots.
This is true. Making them waste their dispel means that they're going to need a big heal to follow-up. Use that opportunity to interrupt their cast to make their big heal unusable for a short time.

I switched to the build in my sig, and had a hard time putting down trash without AoEing all the mobs in the area. I read above to use Overload Shot, but that's worse than Snipe in terms of DPE and DPS. Instead, I'd recommend SS -> SoS -> Ambush (with EP) -> TD. If there's another low mob that needs to go down right after, I'd SS -> Laze Target Snipe (with EP if you didn't use it before) -> SoS -> Ambush (if you need to) -> TD.

Any better way without wasting Cull on only 1 DoT applied?
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03.20.2012 , 01:55 PM | #7
heres the 2/16/23 build

points are interchangeable depending on what you feel you need for your playstyle etc.
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03.24.2012 , 03:59 PM | #8
Very nice and easy guide for a very, very good specc, nicely done, sir

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03.26.2012 , 05:22 PM | #9
Why did you have to make this? Now all the snipers are going to be good rather than a select few!
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03.26.2012 , 07:12 PM | #10
This should definitely be added to the links in the sticky if it hasn't already.

Good guide but I am not sure I would ever recommend anyone *spamming* overload shot. It quickly will bottom out your energy. The 1.2 version of calculated pursuit from the engineering tree will make Leth/Eng builds very interesting indeed.

Stroke of Genius = Calculated pursuit 1.2(as the two talents switch places).
Razor Rounds + lethality = 11% crit on your cull and SoS(as it will add 4% per point in 1.2) which probably will make up for the loss of steady shots in the MM tree.

Just thought this would worth mentioning as it, more or less, follows the same rationale as a pure lethality build but rather than weakening blast an explosive/interrogation probe and a 6 sec free overload shot. So you would apply dots as normal, just after cull, go into cover and probe and leave to spam overload shot then takedown/cull again.
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