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Taral V

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01.21.2012 , 04:14 PM | #1
If you want to do the bonus missions this flashpoint is entirely too long when you're level appropriate for it. I'm a firm believer that flashpoints should be no longer than an hour and raids can be up to 4 hours. It took us close to 2 hours to complete this one.

Other notes:

The bonus boss needs to give you an extra second to run out. I was able to avoid the damage the majority of the time, but this was harder than Sindrogosa in ICC. It's a mid-tier dungeon on normal mode. It should give at least 1 or 2 more seconds to get out of the way. The random lightning damage seems a bit high. It probably could be reduced by 10 to 20% and still be hard to heal for the majority of people, unless the goal was that a heal specced player was required to heal it.

The last boss does appear to have high damage with his auto cannon move. We finished it, but it seems unnecessarily difficult on the healer again. The move did not appear to be interrupt-able.

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01.21.2012 , 04:26 PM | #2
Pretty much, a full heal spec character is the design intent for flashpoints other than the introductory flashpoints at level 9.

On the final boss, Full Auto is, indeed, interruptable. He also has a tech based DOT that can be dispelled. We had a smuggler Scoundrel to dispell it but other classes can as well.

The bonus boss is tough, but doable if people are paying attention. Like many other encounters, it's a DPS check. You're probably not going to be able to heal through it all if your group is low DPS.
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Frozen In Carbonite

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01.21.2012 , 04:54 PM | #3
I kicked it quite a few times and it seemed as though the animation still kept going, but I suppose the damage could have stopped. Good to know about the DoT. The UI doesn't make it obvious what is dispellable.

We didn't have a DPS issue with the bonus boss. It's just the damage is high for the healer if people take multiple ticks. Which is the way it should be, but the timing is very tight and the average player is not that good to get out of the way in time.

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01.21.2012 , 05:05 PM | #4
The run is not too long, on-level. If it's taking you almost two hours, your tank is setting a very slow pace.

Do not CC. AOE everything. Move fast.

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01.21.2012 , 07:20 PM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by Mavery View Post
The run is not too long, on-level. If it's taking you almost two hours, your tank is setting a very slow pace.

Do not CC. AOE everything. Move fast.
The side quests cause you to pull a ton of extra trash. I know how to tank. I chained pulled and it still took a long time to find the 8 research stations and do the 10 data modules. There's a lot of trash in the instance.


Besides it's immaterial whether the super pro in the low 30s can do it faster or not. The average player is going to be slower and had it not been for me knowing the healer it would have took even longer to complete. How do you expect a PUG to finish the instance in any reasonable time frame?