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Is has potential, but too many features are missing

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Is has potential, but too many features are missing

Lord_Ravenhurst's Avatar

04.04.2012 , 05:16 PM | #541
Nice and structured, many ideas are around for quite some time - devs should take this as a to do list.

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04.04.2012 , 05:29 PM | #542
This should be renamed to 'I miss SWG QQ'

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04.04.2012 , 06:03 PM | #543
I agree with a lot of these points. And I agree that this should be made into a to do list for the devs, however...there are still too many problems with the core game that need to be addressed first.

Appolyonhex's Avatar

04.04.2012 , 06:42 PM | #544
GReat ideas some of these are, I will comment in much detail soon enough

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04.04.2012 , 08:18 PM | #545
these are all things which should get into the game within this year

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04.04.2012 , 09:07 PM | #546
Is this not Star Wars? For some reason this is the only MEDIA that does not include HUGE battles involving star wars that the players/readers/watchers can not immerse yourself in. Movies, games, comics, even in this game it talks about huge battles. Where are they? Where is the open world pvp?

Ok so some do not want open world pvp, so roll on PVE servers. Ok you want to roll on a pvp server, but only want to do WZ's... that is your problem because WZ's are completely there just like in PVP servers. So I suggest the following to GREATLY expand this game INTO what is a great part of SW lore and of course SWTOR lore, because SWTOR is during a big war. All comments, unless other wise explained, is about pvp servers. Remember this thread is about pvp.

1. Lets have SW like battles in open world trying to gain control of cities, space hubs, and what not. During the time line of this game Sith and Republic are fighting a big war, where are the PVP battles? Only on WZ's?

A. Gain control of cities and gain credits, buffs, resources that are ONLY available on those planets, just what ever.

B. To help out with the population differences, why not give the side that has less on that server a buff to help balance the playing field. Maybe a sort of "rally" that last like 30 mins in an effort to take a city from the other side that greatly outnumbers you. And the more they outnumber you on that server, the greater the buffs.

2. Where are the space battles in pvp. So this game has pvp ONLY on WZ's? Not star wars. No way anyone can say this is a good idea to have pvp in only WZ's. Read the comments about 1.2, they are going to concentrate on WZ's. This is REALLY BAD. Nothing for pvp servers?

A. Ship to ship battles, boarding ships and attacking via pvp in an attempt to "collect that ship to use it for you side" or just blow it up and only salvage small amounts of resources for it.

B. Lets have space stations battles. Space stations could be in place to stop trade and travel in and out of those planets. So in order to launch an assault on the planets surface, you gotta destroy the space station (similar to the Death Star). Or maybe destroy or capture (capturing gives your side more resources or the option to use that ship against the enemy via NPC's controlling it and going after the enemy).

3. I mentioned blocking trade, yes lets have trade. The more planets and or moons or what ever your side controls, the more trade they can have and the more money one would get with questing or doing WZ's because the more your side would be able to pay you.

A. Capturing a planet and keeping it should require that side to kill officer NPC's, maybe take over a "throne room like in naboo during SW EP 1", and there fore the winning side that is capturing the planet would place there presences via NPC's there, and maybe "install" a new governor. And to completely block trade, there fore decreasing the money supply or npc supply of the enemy, the side now defending would need to place captial ships and cruisers or maybe a space station created by the very ships you captured or from the resources you salvaged when you destroyed a ship. Buffs should be placed on the nps and ships as well for the "Under dog" of that server to balance the playing field. If no cruisers or space stations are placed, a complete block on trade can not happen. Travel to the planet would continue for both sides, but once the defending side places a capital ship and or space station, travel and trade would both be stopped for the "attacking side".

4. Calls to actions should be annoced via chat or other, perhaps using the holoconfrence that you can using in group, or what ever. This should be automatic. In other words

A. When a defending sides city is under attack, a call to action would automaticly happen, unless turned off by the player. If that player would choose to act and help defend that planet, then they should have the option or going to there ship automaticly or planet automaticly like the PVP WZ's. Maybe a gathering point to gather pvp quests like "Kill x numbers of enemy PLAYERS".

B. A call the attack should also happen similarl like this, if a group of players (lets say 8 or more) decide to attack they can launch a call for help to take the city. At that time, the announcement should happen to everyone on that server for that side, if they have that option turned on.

5. Defending cities. We should be able to....

A. Build turrets with the resorces we have collected for our side. Turret costs should be placed on a sliding scale... for example the more republic on that server should make turrets cost more. The less should make turrets cost less therefore balancing game play for the under dogs of that server.

B. NPC's should be able to be placed by using money, therefore if you block trade you also slow down the number of npc's that can be purchased.

Copied and pasted from a previous post I creadted.....

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04.04.2012 , 09:11 PM | #547
Quote: Originally Posted by grezgorz View Post
This should be renamed to 'I miss SWG QQ'
^^ agreed.

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04.04.2012 , 09:15 PM | #548
Now for Game world things... and yes I agree with OP....

NPC's should be heard talking... most of them are just place holders BAD IDEA imo. More world items would be nice additions. perhaps some of these ideas...

1. Create MUCH MUCH MORE NPC's. Have all of them interact with your pressence. Lets see people moving around, going in and out of cities and buildings. More droids perhaps some doing different tasks. As a matter of fact, the only NPC's I have seen that move are the ones that can be attacked. WHY NOT ALL OF THEM?

2. WINDOWS are great, and yes I agree the planets are not the awsome planets we have learned to know. Many many poeple have stated great ideas for planets. A tat sandstorm. How about a hoth blizzard that if you stay out too long you would start to loose health, and staying out even more makes it much more rapid. Allowing one time to get out of the blizzard.

3. Why the walls I agree, why can't we just have open planets and be able to explore them.

4. More back ground noices, more music, how about a band that plays music in Cateenas.

5. Why can't we just take off on a transport and explore Coruscant like in GTA. I am sure it would not be hard to do.

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04.04.2012 , 09:20 PM | #549
Quote: Originally Posted by livnthedream View Post
^^ agreed.
To be quite honest, I am tierd of people saying things like this. SWG had MANY great ideas, for example to open explorable worlds. The open space combat. The crafting WAS EPIC, not only did it have materials, but the materials had stats, the equipment had stats, so actually it was much much better then the one in SWTOR. Everything had an affect on your item. think of it like chinees things being sold as cheap knockoffs of good USA products. All items depend on the material your gather, and not all gold, silver, rubber, and even plastics are exelents quality. I do suggest taking some good things out of other games to make a great one. WHY DO WE HAVE WZ's like WOW? Can we say "Sounds like the devs play and want another wow?"

This mmo is like many before it, and taking good ideas from other Games is not QQing.

QQing would be you sir about people having good ideas and you are just sad that you might not be able to come up with them.

Appolyonhex's Avatar

04.04.2012 , 09:29 PM | #550
Now for more interaction with the world.

1. Why not have bounty hunters be able to fly up to the top of a building. Of course flying around all the time would not be good, so make it VERY limited.

2. How about jedi being able to jump up to uper levels. Is that not a CORE part of almost every jedi.

3. Where is the gambeling? That would be awsome. HAve some kind of card game, making bets. Pod racing anyone? That would be awsome.

4. Why not have a system of underground trading, and smugeling. YEAH, smuggelers would love that. This is a RPG. Where is the RP?????

5. Include a system of loans from the huts. You barrow a little bit of money so that you might have some, and give us the option of paying it back. Yeah, if you do not pay, then the hutts will place a bounty on your head.

6. BH's need PLAYER BOUNTIES. If player a has been killed by player b, then player a should be able to place a bounty on him by going to a terminal, place x number of credits in that terminal for bounties, and the winner of the bounty could collect x. Allow bounty hunters to have devices that would help them find out where this player is at. Maybe be able to place "Spies" on different planets and if that player gets near one of the "Spies" a message would be sent to the bounty hunter letting him know player b is at x planet.

Much more interaction with the world in MO is greatly needed.