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Is has potential, but too many features are missing

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Is has potential, but too many features are missing

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02.14.2012 , 09:13 AM | #421
Quote: Originally Posted by DannyInternets View Post
That's the meanest thing anyone has said about this game yet.
I just realized - your avatar pic looks like a mechanized, outer space Boomkin

I love Boomkins...
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02.14.2012 , 09:15 AM | #422
Quote: Originally Posted by AkulaX View Post
6- I should be able to ride sharks with lazer beans strapped to their heads.

Oh wait were you being serious?
Hell yeah - I'd love to do that if they introduced Manaan in a future expansion - those giant firaxa's with lazer's mounted on their heads - what an epic idea
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02.14.2012 , 09:15 AM | #423
Companions could sit behind the player on the speeder when travelling instead of disappearing to oblivion.
I haven't finished reading the post - I will in a moment, but this line stood out to me. It would make a huge difference in how immersed in the world I'd feel if we could have this. Either ride on my speeder behind me, or allow companions to have their own speeders. It could simply mirror whatever speeder I'm riding or go as far as allowing us to equip our companions with their own. It's a credit sink I'd happily buy into.

I got as far as characters all being very human-like, and I admit that I play a twi'lek whenever I'm given the option to, because I think they are the most alien looking option we have. I'm looking forward to legacy, and hoping it allows for more twi'leks (and other species, whatev) as more classes; I've put off rolling certain classes and alts because I'm tired of making the same human over and over again.
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02.14.2012 , 09:20 AM | #424
I was just looking to create a post on this topic but I think you have covered it completely. I have really really really tried to love this game, but now that I have been L50 for a month or so I have noticed the game limitations more and more (and thats not going into the numerous bugs which I can live with for the most).

Star Wars movies have so much life in every corner of the screen and this has not translated to the game at all. Every character has personality but not in this game.

I want to see random things happen, not to hear my companion or any other NPC simply spout the same line over and over again. Don't get me started on C2-N2!

The natural enviroments look great in my opinion but they are static. I know everytime I go to Ilum or any planet the mobs will be just where they were last time, no surprises or variety. Nothing to make me say ... oh thats new ... lets go investigate/explore that!

Mobs are always identical, never move (why are they even there ... I ask myself other than to cover those who MUST grind mob after mob). Where is the adventure after the story finishes? Where is the exploration, the excitement?

Random events are non-existent, interesting side-line stories are non-existent, openness and exploring are not there and we are controlled into locked enviroments that become redundant once you have finished your quest lines. Many of the maps I simply feel like a rat in a maze, with a set formula used on every planet. I would argue there is probabily exactly the same number of quests, speeder points, space between NPC bases, farming nodes etc etc ..

Although there was some occasional whitty dialogue in the class story it became predictable once I realised my decisions have little to no bearing on the progress. There is a great system but the story and game content was designed around it rather than the other way around. I started a second character but I am struggling to get into it knowing what I know of the game now. Even your own character responses are the same over and over and the motives of the NPCs asking for help is always the same (psst here Jedi I cant move a few hundred meters to kill a few mobs down the way or collect xx items because I am stuck here and cannot move, you are the only one that can help ... umm really??).

I can understand what we are asking for must be super difficult to implement and have in the game and to offer so much variety that it consistently seems fresh, but seems that no attempt was made at all. Even some of the suggestions here would go a long way.

Where is the community events that a society lives through? As a Jedi I am meant to be seeking peace, enlightenment but seems the only thing I can do is kill things (this is why I chose dark side options to atleast justify the game play).

Where can I hang out and bum around with friends ... oh I guess thats next to the mailbox and cargo hold on Republic Fleet?

Another thing is the lack of design in stations, caves and other structures. Just about every station is the same, and once you know where it is in one place it is almost guaranteed its the same elsewhere. Sorry this is boring, I expected a grand design, not the same model with different textures.

I keep thinking of the amount of time of 3+ years and excessive amounts of money that has been put into this game and then ask myself ... really is that it?

I feel like I am paying to be an ongoing beta tester - the game was clearly rushed for what I can see is short term profits as many players I speak to feel the same and cannot see themselves staying much longer. This could have been epic .. a game to last a decade .. a generation!!!

Did George Lucas really sign off on this game, considering how picky he was with the movies and other Star Wars projects .. I look at the exceptional and creative work coming out of the Clone Wars series and then look at this game and want to cry

I am really sorry to come across negative as there are good points in the game, to this point, not many games keep my interest for the 100s of hours I have already put in to SWTOR, but as a MMO and one of the most popular alternate realities (in Star Wars) I and many many others expected so much more .. so I say again .. really is that it?
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02.14.2012 , 09:31 AM | #425
BW *need* to spend some serious cash and hire on a dev team in addition to what they have now to quickly turn this title around or it won't last.

Here is the issue though guys. Modern MMO's like this don't need or want to stay open long. They make all of their bank from the sales which happen in the first quarter. They don't care if in a year this game is dead. They already cashed in. Check out the other MMO's of the last couple of years. It is the business model they use these days. They build a cheap cookie cutter MMO which draws in the fans then ditch it. EA is famous for it, why would BW suddenly do something different too?

I'm a huge fan and I hoped for something different I really did. The days of MMO's trying to maintain themselves is over however. Play until your bored then move on.

I HOPE I'm wrong. Time will tell. If BW don't start bringing out the content they won't have a game in 3-6 months. I bet you though half the swtor team is already working on the next MMO which will last just as long. They will use the same engine, the same crappy graphics and the same weak system. We are in a global recession. This is how business works now. Cheapest possible input for maximum profit.

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02.14.2012 , 09:36 AM | #426
Quote: Originally Posted by siza View Post
Please BIOWARE read this thread and change the game.
You said that you would have heard all the requests of the player and tried to meet them.
Please consider them as a top priority. The first month will be all play, but I do not want this project falls.

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02.14.2012 , 11:59 AM | #427
I always wonder if the people who create these games actually play MMOS.

This game is so archaic... all the things listed in this post should have been implemented!

Instead, we get a very static world with nothing new or unique.

I want this to succeed, please add these suggestions, as many as feasible!

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02.14.2012 , 01:21 PM | #428
Let me start by saying I have only been playing for about a week and running missions to lvl up and all that is pretty easy. I like the game, but I can see how I will unsub once I hit 50 and get bored of PvP and Raiding. I like pvp and raiding is essential, but it is only a part of mmoRPG games.

I was really intrigued by this post, because I am a old swg (the game) fan. All the things that are listed in this post are a lot, not all, but a lot of the things that make a mmoRPG.

In a mmoRPG, I fully expect to log in and immerse myself in a different world. This means to live in a world with other people and do worldly things. These worldly things all revolve around, in this case Star Wars lore.

The OP went on to list a lot things that made SWG a worldly place. I agree that if you are just looking to raid and be "Sheep Herded" into pvp battles, than a mmoRPG "Emphasis on the RPG" probably isn't the Genre for you. I think you are looking for a mmoG. You want to take the RP out of the name and Game. you can have RP and PvP in the same game.

The Star Wars mmoRPG has ALWAYS been about socializing and being in "THE WORLD" with open pvp and a lot of free roaming exercises.

Some of the things that made being in "The World" time consuming for me between pvp, talking to friends and crafting were:

- Actually finding good resources and planting objects to pull those resources out of the ground. This would make money for me or make good crafted items for me and others. Man this could take some time between survey and paying rents.

- open PVP!! Flag myself and be a criminal to others on the other team ANYWHERE I WENT!!! There was no sheep herding into battle grounds. You want to crontrol a City, grab some friends and head to the nearest opposition's town or player owned town. Although, having a pvp battle Ground and Queues are a good augmentation.

- a Bounty system on Real in-game people. (I'm not sure if this is in TOR). Become a Criminal and have money on your head and enjoy more pvp. Of course this would mean that you would actually have to fight without your friends help like in BG's.

- Just being able to go wherever you wanted is big for me. running into invisible walls is a bummer when out in the open world.

I will close this wall'o'text by saying:
- I am really missing a lot of the things that I thought were going to be in this game.
- I do like the quest system, because I hate reading all the words and hearing the quest is nice.
- All in all, for a mmoRPG, so far, this game falls very short for me.
- I think a lot of people just want to take the RPG out of the mmorpg title.

SWG was the only game that provided a "Real World Feel" for me, and sadly, TOR does not. I hope it will someday. I really do.

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02.14.2012 , 03:40 PM | #429
OP Quote inside SPOILER tag:

Quote: Originally Posted by Dreossk View Post

First off, thank you for the time and effort you have put into your post. It should go without saying that obviously, you are very passionate about this game, and want it to succeed.

I have to say I agree with you on most of your points, and disagree with you on a few others. The lack of a day/night cycle, lack of flavor NPCs on city worlds, weather, and the Space Combat are let downs, and I think the worst of that is the Space Combat in particular.

Honestly, I just don't think the Space Combat fits the profile for an MMO. Now, I don't think it's terrible, but it just doesn't fit into the game, imho. It really doesn't capture any real social aspect of the game, and there isn't anything "massively" or "multiplayer" about it. It would be cool as a one off game on a casual gaming site, but it does feel really tacked on.

As far as the other points I agree with you, OP, I do hope BW does implement some upgrades and changes to the social aspect of the game, and add things like chairs, chat bubbles (how did they miss that one ), and a few, but not too many, flavor NPCs.

But respectfully OP, I think your dead wrong about housing. As a long time player of SWG and other MMOs, honestly, I think it would not work in this game. In fact, I do not think it would work with ANY theme park or generation 2 MMORPG, excluding EQ2. The reason is, because the current run of MMORPGs just are not built for it. To make any form of player housing work, you need space. And ironically, as expansive as games like WoW, SWTOR, and other games in the current gen are, they have absolutely no room to place a sandbox type area required for all of the players on a server to build a house or town. Now, the usual rebuttal is "just instance it". Well, generally speaking, I like the idea, but there is a problem: If you instance or phase something, you separate it from the game world. And if you have a separate instance for content, players who want to access this area will not be in the the actual game world, leading to the perception that the actual game world is dead.

There are also other problems with player housing that people do not really mention when bringing up the idea. As I mentioned, I played SWG. And I played it through both "combat upgrades." One thing that player housing showed, if there isn't any form of maintenance or upkeek, you get sprawling abandoned cities, or in the case of my old home SWG server of Wanderhome, the Corellian ghost circle.

Don't get me wrong, it's a feature I would love to have, but I just don't think there is a developer that can do it successfully right now. And I really feel it's something that really shouldn't even be touched until a developer comes around committed to combining the sandbox element of MMOs with the the other three pillars of MMOs, whom is also committed to player housing from Day 1. But I digress.....

As for your idea about introducing FPS/TPS elements to the IA/Smuggler classes, I also think this is a terrible idea. The NGE of Galaxies was the first taste of what FPS elements in MMORPGs could be like. And it was absolutely, the worst idea in the history of MMOs. I can not begin to describe how terrible it was. No exaggerations, it was that bad. There is also the problem that the core game is just not built for it. Adding shooter elements would require a complete rewrite of SWTOR's DNA. And as SWG proved, a complete DNA rewrite doesn't earn you perfection, it earns you a Frankenstein. Twice.

Flying is also a problem. Much like Vanilla WoW, I don't think Launch SWTOR is designed for flight. The zones are big enough, but lack the vertical design for it. Adding flight in a SWTOR expansion would be cool, but then much like WoW, you probably would need a Cataclysm style galaxy revamp to make flight work in the base game.

But other then those three points, I think you've got a great thread going OP.

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02.14.2012 , 05:11 PM | #430
44 pages and I havent read them all so I apologize if I rehash someones comment.

This is not so much a knock on the game as it is on the Star Wars lore:

The game is what, 3000 yrs before the movies?

The technology is stagnant. The ships, weapons, people, armour, everything is the same as it will be 3k years in the future. I would have liked to see cruder stuff, different designs. Something. Its all the same. Vaders great idea of freezing someone in carbonite from Empire? Done. 3k years earlier. Guess people forgot about that.

I wish we could have STARTED some of the Star Wars lore with our quests.

Hoth? A thriving, lush world. Some catastrophe during the questline, ala Wrath of Kahn, moves its orbit. uh oh.

Alderann? How about a different name, and we help House Alderann gain control during the civil war. Organa? please.

Coruscant. Its barely been flushed out. They could have kept it a smaller, neutral community that would grow into the metropolis over millennia.

Biowares hands were probably tied by history and lucasarts, but I think a great opportunity to involve the characters in the Star Wars universe was missed.