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Datacrons in bad locations

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01.22.2012 , 06:49 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Phyreblade View Post
Oh, is that the +10 stat datacron? I want so bad to nab it. But so many of my friends feel like the OP and don't want to bother after the things. I'm trying so hard to find 3 other people to do it with me.
No the +10 is on the fleets. I'm waiting for some guild members tog et up in level before I try for it. Hopefully they will fix the MGSS issues by then.

The Corellia one is for a green matrix shard.

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01.23.2012 , 07:12 AM | #12
I agree they need to make the balloon move faster. I didn't even bother doing it. The stat was not for my class and it was probably 30 min our for me to get on it. I would like to read the lore in my codax.. but I wont waste 30 min of my life waiting for some dumb ballon.. ill google it!

Quote: Originally Posted by Freekedoutfish View Post
Before I start... I have no issue with the Datacron hunting, or jumping accross roof tops, or cliff faces trying to reach Datacrons. I love that style of gameplay.

My issue is with those Datacrons which are in absolutely, non-challenge related - but frustrating - locations, or those which ask you to endure stupid time consuming aspects.

Two examples on Tatooine...

The Datacron located on the other side of an Imperial camp, which means the Republic have no choice but to move through the camp to get it. A camp filled with lvl50 npcs who will kill you on sight... and you can't stealth through.

There is no challenge involved because the only option a republic player has is to de-robe, get naked and charge in accepting death.

Die, wait a few seconds, respawn, die again, wait about a minute, respawn, wait about 5 minutes, die again and then wait about 10 minutes and finally respawn on the other side.

The entire process is tedious and can take a LONG time to just move 10 feet. There is no challenge at all. Perhaps at level 50 (as im currently lvl 30) I could fight my way through. But Datacrons are designed (I believe) to be discovered as you level up, not as end game content. Allowing you to gain the experience of finding them.

The second example is the wonderful balloon...

....*bangs head off desk*

The balloon is easy enough to get into, and its easy enough to reach the destination and the two datacrons in princple. But thats assuming you don't miss jump and miss the top of the object which its on... and thats pretty easy to do.

I wouldn't mind that so much, if it didn't mean having to ride back accross a large amount of desert, wait another 30 - 40 minutes for the balloon to come around again, and another 30 minutes for it to reach the destination.

Again there is no challenge to it and you are wasting a MASSIVE chunk of time doing that non-challenging, yet very easy to mess-up activity.

Like I say... I love the Datacron system... but if this is an example of what to expect on future worlds... its making me re-think whether they are worth finding.

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06.07.2012 , 07:50 PM | #13
The Red Data cron is on Ord Mantel, You head to manatte point then before you go onto island go left around a ways not far. Its guarded by a 1k npc which is easy to deal with. Its the red chard so go for it