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(L,F&E #16) Family Questions

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01.21.2012 , 04:39 AM | #1
<12 hours after the conclusion of the Battle of Kuat>

Nia sat. She was thinking. She didn’t like what she was thinking.

A Republic code, designating this girl, this… It could be a coincidence. I have seen other women who looked like me. Black hair and green eyes are not that uncommon… but… Her force sense is… familiar. But I know I have never met her. I don’t like the smell of this. I wish Dad were here. He would know what to do. He said -and Republic records confirm- that all his family is dead. So what the farkle is going on?

She sighed and tenderly brushed a lock of the slumbering girl’s hair out of her face. The blaster wound had been serious, but, not fatal. She smiled. It might have been different if the Stormhawk team’s medic hadn’t been prepared for almost anything. Even now she wondered how the medics could move under all their gear. But they had gotten her to L’trask alive and… Her musing broke off as the doctor came into the room. He glared at her.

“You are supposed to be sleeping.” She winced. His tone was quiet so as not to wake the girl, not that the waif probably could with all the painkillers in her system, but… The Trandoshan shook his scaly snout and took Nia by the arm. She didn’t resist as he pulled her to her feet and led her from the recovery room. Then he led her to the hatch leading from medical. Then he shoved her towards it. “Go.” When she didn’t move he put his claws on his hips in a remarkably human gesture and snarled at her.

“Get out of my medical bay. Go rest. If you refuse to sleep, that’s your business, but you are barred from this compartment for the next eight hours. She won’t wake up before that.” He finished in a kinder tone. Nia looked at the doctor and sighed. Then, she moved to leave. L’trask walked with her to the door. She stopped at the threshold and turned to him. He put a gentle claw on her shoulder.

“If anything happens at all, I will let you know. And Olana will be here in few minutes.” She nodded at his kind words and walked out of the bay, her head hung low.

When Nia got to her quarters, Dia was waiting with a tray of food and a steaming cup. Nia shook her head and Dia glared at her. Nia shuddered, this Twilek could glare.

“You are going to eat, you are going to drink, and then you are going to sleep. If I have to stand over you with an ignited lightsaber, I will.” Nia looked at the woman, technically her apprentice, but mainly her friend. Then she sighed. She sat at the small table and started eating. In a surprisingly short time, the food was gone. She drank the bitter tasting brew that Dia had concocted. She knew it contained a sedative of some kind. Then she staggered to the bed. Waves of lassitude pulled at her and she could barely pull the cover up. She felt Dia take her boots off, and then she was asleep.

Dia looked at the sleeping form of her friend, her Master. She shook her head.

Jedi She was still roiling with conflicting emotion at the Jedi Starlace’s actions on planet. Yes, the Jedi’s actions had resulted in the little girl’s injury… But if she hadn’t acted… Nia would have. And the girl would have died. Nia hadn’t been thinking. They could have resolved the situation peacefully. But she couldn’t blame Nia either. To find a member of her own family stuck in captivity. She wondered briefly how she would have reacted, then shook her head. She wouldn’t have been nearly so restrained. She sat to meditate, but sighed as her comlink vibrated. She had set it to silent mode, to keep from disturbing Nia. She looked at the code and keyed in an acknowledgment. Then she left the quarters she shared with Nia and headed for the bridge.
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01.21.2012 , 04:44 AM | #2
<A few minutes later>

Boss looked up from his desk and waved Dia to a chair as she entered. Then he resumed his never ending battle with paperwork. Dia grinned sourly. She… She broke off as he looked at her.

“She asleep?” He asked and she nodded. “What set her off? I can see being emotional about children, I am myself, but…” He broke off as she grimaced. “If it’s something you can’t talk about…” She shook her head.

“It’s not that, and well, you have the right to know if anyone does.” Dia sat up straight and started talking. She was precise; she knew that she said was being recorded.

“When we took the computer center, Jedi Master Starlace…” Dia didn’t wince, but it was hard. “…joined us. Per our plan we deactivated their long range sensors, turned their automated weapons and droids against them and then we sliced into their other records. When we did, I discovered a file labeled Kalenath.” Boss sat up straight in his chair at that. Dia continued in the same precise voice. “On reading the code beside the file, Nia left us. The area was secure, and our teams had local control of the computers in their area, so I secured the console we had been using and… we followed Nia. We found Nia confronting what had to be the Sith commander of the base.” Boss nodded, it had been. Dia wasn't looking at him though. Her voice never wavered, but her gaze was far away.

“The Sith commander had a hostage, a little girl about twelve standard years old. Olanagychew and I were blocked from assisting Nia by a crowd of civilians. Master Starlace saved the girl, using a force power I have never seen before. From what I remember, the girl was moved away from the Sith, but when Master Starlace cut the man’s wrist off, the blaster fell to the floor and discharged. The girl was in the path of the shot. Master Starlace blamed herself. I don’t think I will ever understand Jedi.” Dia said ruefully. “If she hadn’t acted, the girl would have died. Nia was so focused on the Sith, I doubt she even heard him say the girl was wired with explosives.”

“So you say Master Starlace disarmed a trap while at the same time literally disarming this man?” Boss asked incredulous.

“I don’t know what she did. One minute she was beside me, and we were watching Nia get ready to move, and then next the guy was on the floor clutching his severed wrist and the girls jacket was in three pieces, the large piece with the bomb sailing away from everyone. It went off a moment or two later but was a focused detonation. It would have killed the girl but the Sith standing next to her wouldn’t have been hurt at all. The blaster must have gone off at the same moment, I didn’t hear two reports. Then Master Starlace was back at my side. I have never seen anything like it.” She took a deep breath.

“What happened next?” Boss asked, all professional.

“Nia screamed for a medic and the closest team responded. They were moving to secure the area anyway. I did not see the blaster go off; I was looking at Nia, to tell the truth. But from where the blaster was lying, still clenched in the man’s severed hand, it looked like an accidental discharge. I don’t see how he could have fired the weapon. If it was a hair trigger and, knowing the Sith it probably was, any jolt could have set it off. But from how he had been standing, there was no way Master Starlace could have reached his gun arm from my side. Knowing Jedi, she cut in a way that would have moved the blaster away from the girl, just to prevent this kind of thing. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that the blaster went off when it, and the hand, struck the floor. The girl was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It could have just as easily missed her entirely or hit her in the head.” Dia winced; it had been a close thing. Boss nodded. "Nia believes the girl to be a relative, her aunt." Boss' facial expressions could not be seen, but it was obvious he was shocked. He let out a long breath, and then he nodded.

“I’ve seen scans of the scene. From what I can tell, your opinion is correct. I’ll put it down to accidental discharge.” She looked at his quizzical. “The provisional government is building a case against the Sith who were captured. They have…er… asked us to stick around for a while.” Dia looked at him, her eyes wide. When she spoke it was quiet.

“Do we want to be involved in this?” She could not keep a hint of terpidation from her vocei despite her best efforts. She could think of all kinds of places she would rather be. He snorted then spoke just as quietly.

“No. But we are involved. We can’t just… leave… We owe them that much at least.” Boss replied with feeling and Dia nodded dubiously. “Go back to your quarters and get some rest. I get the feeling this is going to be worse than fighting the Sith was.” She nodded and left Boss’ tiny office in silence. He blew out a breath.

You don’t need to the Force to know that… Just when you think life is getting straightforward... her aunt... 12 years old... He winced again, then resumed his perusal of his pile of paperwork.
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01.21.2012 , 04:48 AM | #3
<9 hours later>

Nia woke. She was lying on her bunk with a light cover over her and her boots off. She remembered. She looked around. Dia was asleep in the other bunk. She smiled. Dia was such a worry wart, but sometimes… sometimes Nia really did need someone to take care of her. She winced as she recalled what had happened. She stared at the ceiling for a moment then got up quietly. She used the refresher, cleaning herself quickly, and then pulled on a clean set of robes. She looked at them, they were clean. She thought all of hers had been...

Oh, Dia must have run them through the laundry.

She thought she had been quiet, but when she stepped out of the refresher compartment, Dia was sitting at the table with a light breakfast waiting for her. Dia looked her in the eyes.

“You are not leaving without eating something. Then I will go with you.” Nia looked at the door, it was code locked. She arced an eyebrow. Dia grinned. “Yeah, you could cut the door open, and then you can explain to Boss why you cut holes in his ship. Again.”

Nia winced. Boss’ reaction to the last...incident...had been impressive to say the least. She had modified her lightsaber and had wanted to try it out. She had thought she was being careful… at least until the repair team had shown up. She had managed somehow to cut a major sensor control line. Boss had been much less than enthused. She sat and reluctantly reached for her utensils. Her stomach growled and she grinned weakly. Dia grinned with her.

“Part of you at least has sense. Eat.” Dia put words to action, eating her own, but kept a watchful eye on Nia. Nia finished hers first then sat back replete as Dia finished hers. “Better?” Dia asked after she had swallowed the last of her juice. She winced. The fresh stores were running low. Nia nodded.

“Now don’t go all silent, stoic Jedi on me. Please. Talk to me, Mistress… please?” Nai looked up at the hurt in her apprentice’s words.

“What happened, Dia? Why did Master Starlace leave?” Nia asked as Dia looked away.

“I don’t know, she blamed herself. She was going to…” Dia broke off then continued. “She was very disturbed by what had happened. She felt her actions were responsible for the girl’s injury. I understand that. I blame myself for it as well. Her response to it, though… I don’t think I will ever understand Jedi.” Nia smiled slightly at that. Dia had a very different view of the universe.

“Technically, she was responsible, Dia.” Nia shook her head as Dia stared at her. “No, I don’t blame her. If anything I blame myself. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I should have talked instead I escalated the situation. If she hadn’t done what she did, I would have struck at the man.”

“Did you know the girl was wired with explosives?” Dia's vocie was soft but firm and Nia’s eyes widened. “You didn’t hear what he said, did you? Mistress, you can’t focus so tightly in situations like that. You will miss things.” Dia spoke from long, long experience in situations just as tense. Nia went pale.

“She was… Oh no…” Nia slumped back in her chair and Dia stepped out of hers. She came around the table and took her master’s shoulders in a tight embrace.

“She’s alive. Focus on that. And learn from this. I just wish Master Starlace would have listened when I told her the same thing.”

“So she left because the girl was hurt?” Dia nodded to Nia's soft question.

“I think so. She blamed herself. For a moment, I thought she was going to kill herself.” Dia's voice was noncommittal and Nia looked over her shoulder at her apprentice. Then she shook her head, baffled.

“”Even a Jedi shouldn’t have felt that strongly.” Dia gave her shoulders another squeeze then moved away to use the refresher herself.

“When younglings are involved Mistress, all logic flies out the airlock.” Nia nodded. Then she sat back to think while Dia cleaned herself.
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01.21.2012 , 04:50 AM | #4
<A little later>

She woke. She didn’t remember falling asleep. The bad man had been there. She shuddered and winced as her stomach hurt. It felt, odd somehow… as if it really wasn’t there. She opened her eyes and looked around. She didn’t know where she was. She was lying on a bed. She was clean. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been clean. She didn’t recognize the room she was in. It was all whites and greys, nothing like the rooms and cells she had been in. More like her first memories, but...not. She shuddered in memory. A door she hadn’t seen hissed open and she froze. But instead of any of the bad men and women… her eyes widened. The woman with the silver sword stood there. She had been grabbed by the head bad man and dragged out of her cell, and then he had frozen, confronted by... her. The woman smiled and she smiled back, hesitant.

“May I come in?” The woman asked, in a strange tone. She wasn’t sure what the proper response might be. No one had ever asked her before. She licked her lips, conscious of how dry they were.

“Ah… who are you?” She asked, her tone scared. The woman didn’t move, and then slowly held out empty hands.

“My name is Nia. What’s yours?” She looked at the woman puzzled. Surely she knew…

“8410-12” The woman flinched back and she froze, wondering what she had done wrong. The woman chuckled softly and she relaxed, just a bit.

“No honey, not your designation, your name. You have a name, don’t you?” Her eyes filled with tears, no one called her ‘Honey’, no one since… She flinched back. The woman was beside the bed, holding something out to her. A cloth, no… it was paper, but thin… she looked at it. Then at the woman, who spoke quietly.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. It’s a tissue, to wipe your eyes with. So you don’t make a mess all over yourself.” The voice held humor, and against her will, she smiled as she looked up into the woman’s face. Then she froze. The woman looked like…

“Do I know you?” She asked as she wiped her eyes as directed.

“I don’t think we have ever met. Why?” The woman Nia asked, still quiet and careful.

“You look like my momma.” She tried to hold back the tears, but they wouldn’t... she couldn’t…. She shook her head savagely, barely noticing when the woman laid a gentle hand on her cheek.

“You don’t remember your name. Do you remember your Momma’s?” The woman’s voice was still kind and soft, but… it held something else now. When she looked up she saw the woman’s eyes glistening with unshed tears.

“It’s Maria, why?”

“I think your mother is my father’s mother as well.” She looked at Nia, uncomprehending. “That makes you my aunt, in case you didn’t know.”

“We…” Nia hugged her carefully.

“I think we are family.” She broke down and cried, and Nia’s tears mixed with hers. After a few minutes she sniffled and wiped her nose with the tissue. She yawned. Nai looked at her.

“Are you sleepy?” She nodded. “Okay, I can’t call you 8410-12. Do you remember what your momma called you?” She thought hard, sifting through memories, many of which made her wince. Nia never left her side though, and she felt the woman’s warm embrace.

“She called me ‘Honey’, usually. But once… she called me Sara.” She drifted on the edge of sleep.

“I’ll call you Sara then. Sleep, Sara. No harm will come to you here.” She felt sleep claim her and she felt a kiss on her forehead. Then she knew no more.

Nai waited until she was certain that the girl, Sara, wouldn’t wake again. Then she walked back out of the room and gently shut the door. She walked to where L’trask and Dia were sitting. They had been watching. Dia’s eyes shown with unshed tears. And the doctor, well, Trandoshans didn’t weep as humans and many other races did. But his agitation was easy to sense.

“Sara. I will note the name in my records.” Nia nodded at his words. Family meant a great deal to Trandoshan.

“Make it Sara Kalenath. We will protect her, and well, whoever did this…” She looked at the file Nolikas had sent. “…already knows who she is. And the Sith, well....”

“They did.” Dia replied, she had been slicing the captured computer files. Looking for information on Sara, and her mother. “But they don’t seem to have reported it any higher than planet level. If they had…” Nia nodded. Will would have found out and all hell would have broken loose.

“Doctor, prognosis?” L’trask stood up and walked to his wall screen. A few commands later the girls chart appeared on the screen. He looked at it for a moment, and then nodded.

“She is out of danger. Two days in the bed, and then a week or so of physical therapy. She will be fine. But…” Dia and Nia shared a glance, then Nia spoke.

“I know doctor. A warship is no place for a child.” He nodded at her somber tone. He looked at her.

“I might know a solution for that.” He grinned sourly at her expression. He could just hear Olanagychew’s reaction. "Somewhere very safe."
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01.21.2012 , 04:53 AM | #5
<You want me to do what?>

Nia and Dia both clamped their hands over ears and L’trask’s earflaps close as well as Olanagychew’s roar cut through the room. Dia winced, she understood a lot more shirwook now, but… ouch… Luckily L’trask had activated the auditory dampeners for the office, or the Wookiee’s enraged roar would have woken every patient in the medical bay. Olanagychew shook his shaggy head. Then he continued in a less ear assaulting voice. <You do not know what you ask.> Nia looked at L’trask worried and the doctor spoke.

“We are not asking you to tell anyone where they are. We are asking you to take her there.” The doc shrugged. The wookiee shook his grey furred head again. "Why is that a problem?"

<That is not the problem…> He broke off <You are all beings I trust, now.> They nodded. The trust of a Wookiee was no small thing. And the trust of this Wookiee who had been a slave for more than hundred standard years… <For his sister... You are sure she is his sister?> The last was directed at the doctor.

“Genetic scan 99.95% She’s related, close.” Olanagychew cocked his head and the doctor smiled thinly. “She’s his sister, no doubt and I am pretty sure his father sired her.” The wookiee sighed.

<For his sister, my people would move entire trees.> For a Wookiee that was like saying they would pick up a city and move it on their backs. He stood, lost in thought for a moment, then nodded. <I will need to… consult. It not just my decision> All three nodded to him. <Any word on the mother?> L’trask looked at Nia and Dia and they both shook their heads sadly. Olanagychew nodded. <When you find her, we will go get her.> The Wookiee’s iron words left no doubt what would happen to anything that got in their way. He left the medical bay without a further word.

Olanagychew walked into Boss’ office. Boss looked up and nodded. Nia had comlinked him.

“Go. You are cleared from duty and…your punishment will wait until you return.” Olanagychew nodded, then stepped out of the office and headed for the hangar bay. Behind him, Boss clenched a fist and said something softly under his breath. Then he went back to his work.
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01.21.2012 , 04:56 AM | #6
<Thirty minutes later>

Olanagychew’s transport left the hangar bay. He keyed in the hyperspace coordinates by memory. They never were written down. As he jumped to hyperspace he thought he saw other ships arriving, but put it out of his mind. That wasn’t his problem. His problems lay ahead of him.

Boss stood in his customary position on the bridge of the Stormhawk and winced slightly. He had hoped the Republic military forces would arrive first. Instead… He watched as a small fleet of ships moved into the system, the largest of them maybe half of the Stormhawk’s size. The com officer waved to him and he sighed and took the call. He crossed his arms and hoped it his situation would turn out well.

The corpulent face of a Kuati noble appeared on the holo screen. He looked, surprised to see Boss. If so he recovered quickly.

“Ah commander, good to see you. You may leave now; we will take it from here.” Boss didn’t move. He saw the ships of the Kuati fleet moving towards the planet and held back a wince.

“I can’t do that.” The Kuati noble’s face flushed for a moment then he spoke again.

“I beg your pardon? Did you say you can’t do that?” The noble smiled and Boss longed to order the ship’s guns to remove this… pestilence from the sky. “Go on, get out of here, your work is done soldier, we will take it from here.”

“I don’t think so.” Boss nodded to his acting XO and the battle station alert sounded.

“You don’t seem to understand commander, whoever you are. This is our planet, we will take it from here.” Boss grinned mirthlessly as he saw the Kuati ships move into another formation, a defensive one. “We will remove the Sith from our world now that you have dealt with their ships.” Boss laughed, it was not happy sound.

“The only Sith left on the planet are four hundred and seven prisoners in the hands of the provisional government.” At those words the Kuati noble’s face flushed scarlet. But Boss wasn’t done. “And, the provisional government has asked our help to keep you, revered Bakuni, and you slaver friends from returning.” The Kuati noble’s face went slack, and then he laughed.

“I am sure we can come to an accommodation, Commander…” He broke off realizing Boss had never introduced himself. “I didn’t get your name.”

“My name is Stormhawk Boss.” At that name, the Kuati froze. The Stormhawk was well known as an anti-slavery force in the edged of the Republic.

“Very well, leave Stormhawk Boss. This is OUR system.” Boss didn’t move, when he spoke it was as cold as space itself.

“Was.” Elder Bakuni looked confused. “You gave up all rights to this system, and its people when you left them to the Sith to save your own skins.” The elders face flashed a dangerous color. Boss watched as the kuati fleet reorganized, now in an attack formation.

“This is your last chance, leave Kuat.” Boss’ temporary XO nodded, they were ready.

“This is your last chance. Run back to your holes, there is nothing but death for you in this system.” The kuati laughed.

“I have thirty capital ships, you have one.” At that, the entire bridge crew of the Stormhawk burst out laughing. Boss waved for them to be quiet and the mirth died.

“True. You have thirty ships, the newest of which is seven years old." Boss' voice mimicked the sands of Tatooine now. "The largest of which is a half the size of this ship and maybe a tenth of her firepower. If you think you can beat us though, you are sadly mistaken.”

Boss nodded to his XO and the woman hit a switch. The Kuati noble’s face went pale in the holo as Sith weapons platforms cycled up all over the system. Minefields and gun platforms were now visible on every screen, all targeted on the Kuati exiles' ships. Hundreds of them. Boss’ voice could have frozen a star. “I do believe I have you covered.”

The holo flickered out and he watched, grinning behind his helmet as the Kuati fleet turned and fled. Then he sighed.

“Keep the platforms up until they jump. Then cycle them down. The Republic will be coming soon and I hope…” He broke off and nodded to his XO.

“Yes sir.” She acknowledged and he went back to his office. He needed a drink to wash the foul taste from his mouth.
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01.21.2012 , 04:57 AM | #7
<A day later, an undisclosed location>

Olanagychew exited hyperspace and turned his ship towards the planet that appeared dead ahead. Almost instantly he was challenged. Shadowy forms paced his ship.

“Identify.” The word in basic came cold and hard. A female voice.

<Olanagychew Son of Warbacca and Gimmiroo> He also keyed in a code sequence. He knew that is his voice print didn’t match or the code was off even one digit, he wouldn’t survive to reach the planet. When the voice came back it was warmer.

“We didn’t expect you, is there a problem?”

<Yes. I must speak to the Elders>

“Roger that, Basilisk Five will escort you to the closest pad.”

<Thank you, sister.>

“Anytime, ner vod.” One of the forms came closer; the others vanished back into the depths of space. He nodded as he assumed formation with the fighter. He just hoped the Elders would hear him. He followed the instructions he was given and tried not to worry.

Olanagychew landed his transport where indicated and was not surprised to see the fighter land nearby. He was surprised to see a Wookiee descend from the cockpit. And not just ANY Wookiee...

< Jemmino? Since when so they let you fly?> Her eyes glinted dangerously.

<Would you care to rephrase that, while you have your health?> Then she was enfolding him in her arms. He returned her hug tightly. It had been years since he had seen his sister last. Her recovery from her ordeals when she was a slave had taken a long time. When she lifted him fro his feet he let her. <Ooof, you have put on weight brother> He mock snarled at her.

<I have not, its muscle.>

<Sure> She grinned and he did as well, pleased to see her able to. When they had parted last, she had been somber, dark even. Now however… He looked at her closely. She flushed under his regard.

<How are you?> he asked finally. She smiled, as only a Wookiee could.

<Better. But you said your message was urgent.> He sobered and straightened.

<Yes. I need to speak with the Elders as soon as possible.> She nodded to him and led him from the landing pad.

Jemmino led Olangychew through a forest glade. Only a very close examination might reveal well camouflaged doors leading underground here and there. And no amount of observation would see all of the weapon slits that dotted the area. Finally they came to a door that wasn’t camouflaged. It didn’t need to be. It was the hatch of a starship and very little in the way of personal portable firepower would even dent it. The guards on either side, fully armored even here and now. Their weapons were not ceremonial. They stood at attention as Olanagychew approached. Jemmino nodded to her brother and stepped away. On reaching the guards, Olanagychew stopped. He handed one of the guards a large coin shaped object and the guard nodded.

“You are welcome in the hall of the Elders, Olanagychew.” The guard put the object in a slot on the door and the door opened. Olanagychew nodded to the guards, to his sister and then entered.
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01.21.2012 , 05:00 AM | #8
Olanagychew walked along the darkened hall. It had been many years since he had last been here, but it hadn’t changed. The place seemed timeless. The same shadowed alcoves, the same battered armor of figures from the past. He walked into a circular room and, per tradition stood in the center. Noise came from all around him but he did not look. He knew his place, and this wasn’t it. He was a supplicant here. He clasped his hands and waited. Finally a voice spoke.

“It s good when a brother returns to us. Well met, ner vod.” He nodded to the speaker, shadowed but the blue armor glinted in the half light. Another voice spoke, this one female.

“You were not expected to return for another six months. Why have you returned early Olanagychew? Does the Galaar still fly free? Speak.”

<The Stormhawk flies free, Elders. But I bring many pieces of troubling news> When he was finished, the female voice spoke again.

“Sit, ner vod, and speak what you will.” Olanagychew sat, taking a lotus position on the floor, he heard the other sitting as well.

<We attacked the Sith held Kuat system two days ago. We utilized stealth to make our approach and struck a killing blow before the enemy realized we were there...>

<1 hour later>

<...we took her to the ship, our healer is most skilled. She is healing well. But…> he broke off as the first voice spoke again.

“That warship is not a place for a small child.” Olana nodded, silent. The female voice spoke.

“You say it is certain that she is his kin?” The Wookiee nodded again. “Then our path is clear. What say you all?” Clangs of armored forearms on armored forearms sounded all around Olanagychew and he relaxed as the traditional method of showing agreement was heard from all around. It sounded unanimous.

“Bring her here, we will guard her. And… Bring his daughter as well. I for one would meet her.” Olana nodded again and then waited as noise came from around him. He waited until the noise was done, then stood and turned to make his way out. To his astonishment he wasn’t alone. The woman in armor smiled at his expression as she took off her archaic looking helmet. Her hair was gray and her face was wrinkled, but her eyes were lively.

“You believe his mother lives?” Olana nodded and she snarled. “Talk, I don’t hold with keeping my brothers silent, you know this.”

<Yes, I believe it.>

“When you find her, call.” His eyes widened. “If she lives after all this time, we owe her. Just as we owe him.” He smiled, this time feral and she echoed it. She spoke again, this time not in Basic. “Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur!” He snarled in agreement. It really was a good day for someone else to die.

<Indeed> Then he left the hall
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01.21.2012 , 05:05 AM | #9
<A day later>

Nia stood on the bridge of the Stormhawk with Boss. They watched as ships arrived from hyperspace. Republic ships. Their stealth hid them from easy detection and their position behind an asteroid guaranteed that only the most vigilant sensor tech would have any idea that anything was there. Then Nia froze. Boss looked at her. She closed her eyes and concentrated. Then she snarled. Boss looked at her.

“Sigmundson is here, on the Republic flagship.” His face got cold. She sighed. “He can’t do anything.”

“Maybe not, but that scum… I wouldn’t put it past him to be working with those slavers.” Nia froze again as something impinged on her senses. Something she recognized as a Force probe. She had learned a lot while recovering on Tython. Boss looked at her.

“He knows I am here.” He snarled and turned to bark orders.

<Aboard the Republic ship Jindarth>

An argument raged in the close confines of the Republic battleship’s bridge. A man wearing Jedi robes argued with a man wearing the uniform of a Republic admiral. Neither hid their dislike for the other. The bridge crew focused on their duties, but their distain for the man wearing Jedi robes was also pronounced.

“Admiral you do not seem to understand, that girl, as you put it, is very important. If she is her, the Stormhawk is here.”

“We only have your word, that she is here at all.” The admiral made it clear what he valued the Jedi’s word at. “If the Stormhawk is still here, Jedi Markus Sigmundson, we would be stupid to engage her. I might lose half my fleet if I were lucky, look what they did here. Seven Sith battleships destroyed. We have three. And my orders state clearly that we are not to engage that ship unless fired on first.” The Jedi smiled slyly.

“Consider your orders amended.” The admiral looked at him and even with all of the vaunted Jedi discipline, Sigmundon flinched back.

“Get off my bridge and preferably off my ship.” Sigmundson shook his head.

“You will regret this, admiral.” The admiral scoffed.

“Go ahead, try and have me relieved as you did Gorna.” Sigmundson’s eyes widened. “Please. Just because she refused to support you in the Senate for hunting one ship that didn’t cover your cowardly choobies while you ran away.” At the coarse spacer insult, the Jedi moved a hand towards his lightsaber. He reconsidered as blasters cycled up all around the bridge. “Get. Off. My. Ship.” The admiral never raised his voice, but the Jedi moved anyway. Signundson turned at the bridge door and repeated himself.

“You will regret this admiral.” The admiral ignored the man and turned to his flag captain.

“Captain, if that shutta of a Jedi is not off my ship within the next ten minutes order the marines to shoot on sight.” The Captain relayed the order and Sigmundson stalked off.

“Admiral Darkstar, he is dangerous.” The admiral looked at his captain and scowled. Then he nodded.

“You are right, for so many reasons. Com, put me through to the Stormhawk.” No one looked surprised. A holo formed in front of the admiral and the flag captain. “Stormhawk Boss.” The admiral smiled.

“Mark Darkstar? They made you an admiral?” The humor was evident even through the helmet. “And CAPTAIN Makarian? Geez, what is the Republic getting to these days?” Both of them grinned.

“Stormhawk Boss. Be aware we have a Jedi aboard who will probably try and track you when you leave.” Boss nodded. “You knew didn’t you?” Boss sighed.

“Suspected. He always turns up when there is nastiness around.” Both of the men in Republic uniform nodded. “Be advised there is a group of Kuati ships in the area. Nobles who ran when the system was taken. They are probably waiting for me to leave.” Admiral Darkstar snickered nastily.

“Scared ‘em, did you?” Boss nodded. “Good for you, if it’s the group I think you mean. Bakuni’s bunch?” Boss nodded again. Captain Makarian looked at Boss oddly.

“You scared off thirty ships?” Boss laughed.

“I had help. Oh, by the way, the locals control the orbital defense net, so, be polite.” The two officers looked at the sensor plot noting exactly how many weapons platforms surrounded them and nodded. The admiral spoke again.

“Thanks for the head’s up. And for what its worth, good job, and I hope to see you again, on the right side.” Boss shook his head.

“I’m on the right side admiral. Stormhawk clear.” The holo vanished. The two officers looked at each other and the admiral sighed.

“Sometimes I wonder if he isn’t right.” The captain nodded. Then they both settled down to do their duty.

<Three and a half minutes later>

A small starfighter leapt from the hanger of the Jindarth, behind its controls sat an irate Jedi.
“Snub me will he, that… mymidion. I’ll show him…” The fighter swooped into the area he had picked up the force impression from and he saw… nothing.

“They are here. I know they are here… where… AH HA!” He shouted in triumph as he saw the Stormhawk at a range of thirty kilometers in front of him, but it dwindled instantly as it jumped to lightspeed. He keyed in a hyperspace trace.

“I have you now.” Then his computer beeped and he stiffened. The hyper trace led into a supernova… They had faked him somehow! His screams of outrage lasted a long time.

<Stormhawk, in hyperspace>

“I didn’t know you could do that.” Nia said to Boss as she scrutinized the hyperspace track. It seemed to pass right through a plotted supernova. Then she looked closer. At a particular angle, the course took them around the nova, barely. They had squeezed the safety margins till they squealed. She grinned at Boss. “You think he will try it anyway?”

“No, he hasn’t got the guts. Two days to Kashykk, where we meet Olana.”

“We will be ready.” Olana had signaled that he would take Nia and Sara. Dia had protested, but Olana had been adamant. No one else could come. Boss grinned at her, he knew what awaited her, but wouldn’t say any more than that she would like it there. Boss shook his head.

“Would you mind if I…er… borrowed Dia for while? I need an XO.” Nia looked at him. “She can do the job. And it will keep her busy while you are gone.” Nia grinned. She couldn’t wait to tell her apprentice she had been promoted.
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<Midday mealtime, the next day>

Sara sat, she was tired. She had spent all day doing sit ups. She had learned how to do them early on, she wasn’t sure exactly when. And that, while they made her hurt sometimes, they helped a lot with things like breathing deeply and they made her thin. Which helped with sneaking into small spaces, places where the bad men couldn’t reach. But now the scaly face doctor, who she liked -he was funny- had her doing them to make her stomach strong again. She looked again at the patch of flesh that was different colored from the rest of her skin. She poked it, it didn’t hurt now. She still couldn’t eat much, and what she could was that nasty paste stuff. It didn’t taste bad; it just looked like it should. The woman who looked like her momma, Nia, came in with more of it and Sara grimaced. Nia grinned.

“Don’t tell me you don’t like it. You eat enough of it.” Sara smiled at her tone then sat back in the bed.

“Are you going to be my momma now?” She asked with a serious expression on her face. Nia froze, and then she set the tray down where Sara could reach it and sat on the edge of the bed.

“No. We will find your mother.” Sara stared at her, hope warring with disbelief. Nia folded the girl in a hug. “I’m your niece, not your mother. But I can stand in for her, can’t I?” She asked Sara, serious. Sara nodded, just as serious. Sara started on her meal and Nia examined the healing wound. It was healing very well, a testament to L’trask’s skills. Once Sara had finished her meal, it didn’t take long; Nia moved the tray out of the way and look at Sara.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something, Sara. I… well… I wonder what you remember of when you got hurt.” Sara looked at her and nodded.

“I got shot.” Sara said evenly. And Nia nodded. “You were there; you stopped him from taking me.”

“I was distracted. I wanted to know what happened to you. A friend of mine blames herself for you getting hurt. She’s well, she’s taking it badly.” Sara looked at her baffled.

“Not Dia…” Sara had met Dia and the two liked each other.

“No my other friend’s name is Kirin. She…well… What do you remember?” Sara looked at her and shuddered. Nia held her close and Sara put her head on Nia’s shoulder.

“He… he grabbed me. He was bad.” Nia nodded. “He put something cold in my jacket. He told me not to run or he’d kill me.” She breathed deeply for a moment, then she smiled. “Then you were there. He saw you and went in his pants. I heard him.” Sara’s grin was infectious, and Nia snorted choking back a laugh. “He said he was leaving and taking me, you said he wasn’t” Sara grinned again but then her expression turned fearful.

"Something grabbed me I pushed away from it, I thought it was him. I couldn't fight him, not and not get blown up. I was fuzzy too." Nia nodded, but remained silent. The docs had found all kinds of drugs in Sara's system. " felt my jacket tear, and then it hurt…” She broke off remembering. Nia hugged her again. “And then I woke up here.” Nia nodded. “Is that… is that what you wanted to know? Your friend did that?”

“Yeah Sara. That’s what I needed to know. And yes, Kirin did that.”

“She tried to move me and I fought back… then…” Nia took Sara's face in her gentle hands as Sara crumpled.

“What happened is no ones fault, it was an accident.” Sara looked at her unconvinced. Nia sighed and hugged the girl tight.

“When you see her again, tell her thank you from me. I’d like to meet her.” Sara said with feeling. Nia smiled gently and then cocked her head as Sara winced a bit. Sara sighed, she was still sore.

“I think she would like to meet you too. OK. Nap time.” Sara nodded and lay back in her bed. The sedative drip increased its flow automatically. She was quickly asleep. Nia tenderly pushed a lock of hair out of the sleeping girl’s face and then stood up and left the room. She nodded to the doctor, then went to her quarters. She sat at her terminal and started writing a letter.

Jedi Master Jina Darkstorm,
It is my duty to inform you of this. To explain the actions of one of the Jedi of the Enclave. During our attack on the Sith held planet of Kuat, Jedi Master Kirin Starlace assisted the forces of the Stormhawk. She fought brilliantly in space and then joined our ground forces. When the Sith realized they were overmatched, they began to retreat, taking hostages. I intercepted a Sith with a hostage, a twelve year old human girl. The Sith threatened her life and I did not react as I should have. I barred his way. Master Starlace, utilizing a Force power unknown to me, removed the blaster the Sith was holding on the girl as well as a demolition charge that had been attached to her clothing, she apparently also attempted to move the child out of harm’s way. The child, according to her own testimony, believing that the Sith was grabbing her, fought back and was not moved out of the area of danger The Sith’s weapon discharged on contact with the ground injuring the girl. Master Starlace blamed herself and left. We have not heard from her since and are worried. It was not her fault. If anyone is to blame, I am. If you see Master Starlace, please tell her the girl is fine. And would like to thank her.

Signed this date,
Nia Korr

Nia was crying as she sent the letter to the Stormhawk’s com center to be burst transmitted with all of their mail when they left hyperspace. They had contacts now that would allow for such things. It would take longer than normal mail, but they could do it. If only all of their problems could be solved so easily.
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