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01.21.2012 , 01:30 AM | #1
First off, i think the OST that came with my C.E. of the game has some pretty funky names. like Star Wars Qui Gon's Noble End, Queen amidala & The Naboo Palace, etc. And well the SW:TOR songs are there but names are a bit funky. I don't really care, just saying. I love you guys.

anyway been pretty tired lately, but I swear I heard a new song today during Kaon Under Siege, Not entirely sure but if someone could help me find out I'd greatly appreciate it. Stupid optional boss was ruining my night.

Shouts outs to Bioware's composers! you guys are godlike

Jesse Harlin, Wilbert Roget II, Lennie Moore, Gordy Haab, Mark Griskey, Steve Kirk(), Peter McConnell(), I apology for not mentioning everyone in the team or all individual composers.