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Colorado Check-In

AyleenaDee's Avatar

04.05.2012 , 05:56 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by strangelovebomb View Post
Denver Here - started on Elysium where I have a 50, but recently re-rolled on Canderous Ordo because of population.

Sounds like we have enough Denver peeps for a bar night..........we should all hit 1UP sometime
Oooh 1Up. I had my bachelor party there. They had a big vat of neon green stuff with ghostbusters on it. 4 of those later and I don't remember much.

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04.06.2012 , 10:45 AM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by Skoobie View Post
Steamboat still here.
Add a second for Steamboat to the list!
Dusk Ascension/Dawn Ascension
Begeran Colony - The Sierval Legacy
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Darkojin - Sovaust - Ekoci - Akuto - Xen'ris - Drakat - Ar'senic

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04.06.2012 , 03:39 PM | #53
Another from Colorado Springs here, I am on Darth Xedrex and Sith Wyrm.

Also did anyone get a guild going for Colorado people?

Tobee's Avatar

04.13.2012 , 02:07 PM | #54
What up all?? Westminster here.

Felli's Avatar

04.14.2012 , 02:01 PM | #55
Aurora! Almos Parker really.

Tymesink's Avatar

04.17.2012 , 01:21 PM | #56
So all these peeps looking for a local guild.. any success? I'm looking for a guild as well.

NickM's Avatar

04.20.2012 , 12:00 PM | #57
Westminster here.

I've got a Colorado-centric guild on Daragon Trail called "The Rule of Two"

Sorak's Avatar

04.24.2012 , 05:08 PM | #58
Hello all,

Colorado Springs here on the Shien server in the Guild 'The Silent Council'

WebKnome's Avatar

06.05.2012 , 09:44 PM | #59
Longmont Area checking in! Whom has started a Color-guild or who wants too? I'd help when i can, working in Estes Park with a laptop that cant support the game (IT department shaves corners on the budget pretty thick..) so im on in the evenings when i can..

I'd love to get some local fun-good-times-type-guildy-things going! whos with me? anyone with GM leadership experience? message me maybe and i can try and help out getting something started? ya? whos down?

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06.05.2012 , 09:49 PM | #60
Quote: Originally Posted by NickM View Post
Westminster here.

I've got a Colorado-centric guild on Daragon Trail called "The Rule of Two"
or maybe we should all populate to this ? thoughts people?