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[Video] Karagga's HM 8m Video....

Fhatal's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 06:52 PM | #1
Sped the video up 3 times to fit it on youtube... (IDK why people have 10 hour videos but i cant have more than 15mins... lol beats me.)


We are EXTREMELY Melee heavy in this group which isn't fun at times.

We 1 shot the 1st three bosses 1st time going. the 4th boss we wiped once because we didn't realize they three spouts? did different things. Karagga was pretty easy surprisingly. We wiped 3 times. the 1st was because healers couldn't keep up (I was using force storm for mouse droids, Don't do that) the second was because the tank was still learning how to position. The third attempt was the kill. Over all the instance was pretty ACE....