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Best And Worst Class Story?

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Best And Worst Class Story?

ErisktheRed's Avatar

06.23.2012 , 11:47 AM | #231
One thing, morality DOES play a huge part in enjoyment of story and I think some stories work better depending.

For me, and I haven't completed all

IA, JK, BH, Trooper those finished or very close to.

I think IA is just so complex with heavy twists/turns and the nature of stories being a spy just sets up for great stuff and morality feels like it matters. Companions too, and VO is great. Kailyo someone said reminded them of Jack from ME2 minus the angst and anger.

JK I played pretty gray, and made it fun. It has my favorite romance as male with Kira, idk there's many great romance arcs in classes but this had me. The story picks up when u hit Tatooine, and speeds off and Act 3 feels the most epic and the last story mission well... felt a bit like ME2 as well but was awesome. Really felt the KOTOR 3 story, as it ties back to I and II.

BH - Yeah

Trooper - Well... after Act 2I it just gets a little weaker idk. Jorgan actually is oen of my favorite companions of all. Trooper has prob the most sadistic DS just because ur Rep and soldier and idk its expected from a Sith but feels really wrong as Trooper But the end just was disappointing. Imo...

The rest I've not played fully.

JC - starter world was most boring but it got good imo after, definitely cerebral and slow, VO as male could not get into, female a lot better.

SW - Honestly I think this is one where your morality is the biggest difference like IA. LS plays tons different than DS, and you sway companion alignment. Not full LS at all, I kinda have a more... bushido code or klingon sense. I think DS tho fun wouldn't be as complex as LS seems to make it so far.

Smuggler - funniest dialogue for sure, many responses had me literally laughing out loud, playing a swinger cocky callous hot shot smuggler out for money and action and kinda forced to become more and find some heart is how I played it so far and very fun. I havent gotten passed Act I yet but this could be close to top for me.
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Anti_Bodies's Avatar

06.25.2012 , 06:20 PM | #232
Ive found the trooper quite boring. The dialogue responses often have a very soldier esque "Yes sir" "Right away sir" bore to them compared to the other classes. I would rather a more Republic Commando approach rather then professional approach.

shininku's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 02:59 PM | #233
I liked Sith Inquisitor's story until Chapter 2 started. Then it went downhill from there (IMO anyway)
My reasoning it went downhill:

I can't speak for the best because I haven't completed the other storylines. I can only offer my thoughts on what I've experienced so far:
Jedi Consular's Chapter 1 is pretty dull.
Jedi Knight's is good so far.
Smuggler's is probably the most entertaining just because they made them so amusing.
Trooper's Prologue starts off pretty intense. (And it's pretty amusing that you can backtalk every CO you get for no repurcussion)

Sith Warrior's has been interesting also, but I think it's mostly because I'm more interested into what odd comment Vette will make next. Prologue and Chapter 1 feel kinda meh otherwise, Chapter two is bit more rising in anticipation though, if I didn't get those mixed up, which I might have.
Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent has been really interesting so far, yet I've only gotten into Chapter 1.

nogoodtom's Avatar

06.26.2012 , 10:06 PM | #234
Best Class Story:
1.) Sith Warrior: Plays radically differently depending on your DS/LS choices and makes you feel like a total boss after Chapter 1 and during the Final Batte (Won't spoil it for anybody who hasn't finished the SW story).

2.) Bounty Hunter: You really feel as if you aren't a member of the Sith Empire and that you are indeed an independent agent in the Galaxy. You can decide to better the Empire or the Republic (indirectly of course).

Worst Class Story:
1.) Jedi Consular: Boring, doesn't reward Light Side choices as much as it seems to praise Dark Side choices. You don't feel like an important individual like you do in Jedi Knight or Sith Inquisitor. You feel like a tool rather than a wise and powerful Jedi Master.

2.) Trooper: "Yes Sir", "Right away Sir", "I fight for the Republic" anybody else tired of all this?? You're another dumb yes-man army grunt. You don't feel like a commando. I would greatly prefer the Republic Commando style dialogue; informal, makes you feel like a total boss. When I play trooper I feel like punching my character through my computer because he feels like such a tool.
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Paragons's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 02:11 AM | #235
My Gf wanted to play Imps which was a tad ruff for me. (rep fan). So I started as neutral as possible.

-BH (Lvl 50)
(played to 50) Enjoyable Story (Lets you bend the rules a lil and in a way indirectly support the Rep if u want to.)
Wanted to try something different. I agree hands down great story from start to finish. Luv the ship!
(My Fav class in ToR) as far as whole package.
Got a little curios for the sith. I must say you can actually play a good sith lol...And with the factions in the story makes even more room. And I like the interactions doing such can bring out with companions. (Had no idea there were even jedi-esc sith.) In a way supplements Jedi lore by playing through this storyline.

-Jedi (AIII)
starts out horribly slow :/ Then works into typical Jedi Hero with Epic ending.
-Smuggler (AII)
Im trying hard; its very firefly? Or whatever that 90s actors name was...) Lotta personality possibilities.
Its just Ive been taken over by AI story and I prefer the rifle. (Current character)
-Trooper (AIII)
(If your the soldier ME style player it is like many say. (very similar). I live the mechanics and the Armour.
(Was my Fav before I got into BH).

Depending on how you play your character this can actually drastically change the feel of story for most classes.

EvasiveForce's Avatar

07.01.2012 , 06:34 PM | #236
I haven't played past 20 on any character, so my experience is limited, but from what I've seen:

Jedi Sage: Not for everyone, myself partially included. Everything that happens in this story seems emotionless, it fits well with the idea of the Jedi code, avoiding emotions or extremes, but it's fairly boring.

Smuggler: Loved the prologue story line (Keeping it spoiler free) it was exciting and personal, how the story ends up dragging the smuggler along the republic leveling planets afterwards, however feels kinda lazy.

Republic Trooper: I enjoyed the fact that it made being a solider difficult. It was the first story where I actually wanted to make dark side choices simply because of what was being thrown at me, it felt night and day different from a Jedi and I appreciated that.

MetallicaRulez's Avatar

07.03.2012 , 07:28 PM | #237
Best: Imp. Agent, Trooper, Jedi Knight, Smuggler

-Agent is very interesting, like a James Bond film almost. Lots of twists and intrigue.
-Trooper makes you feel like the head of an elite military squad. Dialogue is a little hit or miss, but overall pretty good.This is my personal favorite.
-Jedi Knight starts slowly, but ramps up into the typical "Jedi Superhero" story. Epic ending.
-Smuggler has by far the best dialogue, though the story was a little less awesome I think. Dialogue easily makes up for it.

Worst by a huge margin: Jedi Consular

Terrible. Boring, emotionless dialogue, boring plot, poor (Male) to mediocre (Female) voice acting. Just a boring and bland story throughout. I couldn't force myself to play past about level 28.

Have not yet played Sith Warrior or Bounty Hunter. I've heard good things about both of them though.

chimunga's Avatar

07.12.2012 , 08:36 AM | #238
My first character was the Jedi consular. Many think the story is boring because it has too much diplomacy and not enough action, but I think it's the opposite. The first chapter is great. It's all about seeking knowledge. After that it just goes downhill. I feel more like an errand girl than a diplomat. I have no choice in anything I do. It's just blah. And the ending was boring. Finished the final boss at 48, with myself and my companion undergeared.

I just finished Ch. 1 of the Imp Agent story, and I can already tell it's awesome. Intriguing, interesting, with HUGE difficult moral decisions. Love it.

I've also done the first ch. of the Inquisitors storyline. It's okay. It's kinda fun being pure evil, but other than that, it's kinda average.

I'm also in the first chapter of the BH storyline. The story itself isn't all that interesting or new, but it's the characters that make it good. Mako is a fabulous little spitfire, and I like Chysta.

Edit: I also had a JK that I got to chapter two. Ended up deleting her cause I was bored with it and wanted to start over. It's meh. Kira's the only interesting thing about it. It's exactly how you would expect a Knight's story to go.

FalcoLombardi's Avatar

07.12.2012 , 09:36 AM | #239
Best: Jedi Knight

Funniest: Smuggler

Second Best: Sith Warrior

Worst: I haven't played it yet but I probably won't enjoy Sith Inquisitor at all
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Lorica's Avatar

07.12.2012 , 11:06 AM | #240
I agree with other posters, it depends on your personality whether you will enjoy the Jedi Consular quest line or just hate it. Personally, I found it to be great through all acts. Really the most problems I had was learning how to control my companions especially their AOE attacks breaking CC and dishing out too much DPS which would steal aggro. Jedi Consulars do not handle powerful enemies in numbers very well without some CC in play. Now, I have no problems even when using Nadia Grell and can both heal (proven during the Black Hole “Shadows” group quest) and dish out DPS. In fact, I now use her most of the time since I followed the marriage route and Padawan path with her.

Now with the Bounty Hunter, up to level 28 anyway, has been a blast. Mako keeps my BH in line ... LOL The only fight I lost is because of either a bug or stupid game mechanic of only 1 healing mepac per fight. I lost a prolonged boss fight because I could not use another healing medpac and the cool down had already expired.

As for the Trooper, so far up to level 12, it is very military like and I have enjoyed it thus far. Once I am done, I will post my conclusions for both the BH and TR,