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Best And Worst Class Story?

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Best And Worst Class Story?

Targarion's Avatar

06.19.2012 , 03:07 PM | #221
Quote: Originally Posted by CapitaFK View Post
Best: Smuggler for me so far. I'll be playing IA for its story soon though. But I'm really attached to Mako on my BH. <3

Worst: Jedi Consular. Really boring story from beginning to the end of Act I. Didn't bother doing anything past that.
If you didn't bother to actually run through the ENTIRE story you can't say with any certainty that it was the worsed. It starts off slow but it picks up towards the end of act 2, and the ending is epic.

IMO the worst is the Trooper story line. There is absolutely no story, and I hated Garza what an annoying Beep.

But Dorne's story is what kept me going lol.

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06.20.2012 , 05:26 AM | #222
I'm really enjoying my BH, im on chapter 3, almost done. I Love my IA, the story has been really interesting so far, i like my SW, but it's pretty much straightforward there is no real twists or exciting moments.
I'm also working on a smuggler and trooper, I tried to make a consular but the story was so god awful the first chapter i never finished it.

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06.20.2012 , 08:16 PM | #223
Only played Republic so far but
Best: Knight, Smuggler (Knight for epicness and Smuggler for the laughs in the story and your available convo choices)

Worst: So far Consular........I have finished Chapter 1 and I actually want to get my Sage to 50 but the story is so God awe full I want to self harm every time I do a class quest. In fact I am surprised there are any Consulars running around most days.

My son is playing through as a Sorc and says he is enjoying the story.

Next up for me will be a Imp Agent or a BH, not sure but both of the class stories looked to have promise.
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06.20.2012 , 09:19 PM | #224
I've posted before with my opinions on the Consular story, but now that I'm about midway through Chapter 2, I can say that Chapter 2, has picked up quite a bit and is not nearly as boring as Chapter 1 is. Also, by that time, whether you are a Shadow or Sage, you have most of your abilities from any of the trees, which makes the play style that much more fun. The story isn't as exciting as some of the stories are, nor not nearly as epic, at least so far, but I am determined to finish it all the way through.

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06.21.2012 , 03:46 AM | #225
Need to finish the Smuggler and Trooper.
Heres my rankings with reasons, 1 being best, 8 being worst.

1. SW, why? highest rewarding storyline.
2. Agent, why? illuminati
3. JK, why? ties in with the SW, rewards not so great.
4. BH, why? you're the best there is.
5. SI, why? weak in comparison to SW
6. Smugger, why? apparently its connected with SW in a small way.
7. Trooper, why? unknown.
8. JC, why? dry, the path i took i got shafted on rewards.

chuixupu's Avatar

06.21.2012 , 04:39 PM | #226
I've leveled Imperial Agent, Bounty Hunter, and Consular to 50, and Smuggler to level 31 so far.

My favorite is definitely Imperial Agent. I really feel like there's more twists and turns and different paths you can take on it....I've actually got both an Operative and Sniper at 50, it was just as fun the second time, lol.

I'd say the others are fine....I think it's unfair to judge a story if you haven't gotten past chapter 1, so I won't comment on Smuggler yet (chapter 1 has been pretty boring so far). And for all those who are complaining about the Consular story, yes it does get better after chapter 1. Chapter 3 was definitely the best part.
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06.22.2012 , 02:58 AM | #227
I personally found both the inquisitor and IA stories to be the best that I have played. Whilst the IA had so many wonderful elements to the story (like the twists etc) and definitely had decisions which have by far the biggest impact on your characters story. On the other hand the inquisitor had the build yourself up from the bottom and really made me feel like I was fighting the whole galaxy to get there which I enjoyed along with the fact you could go in so many directions with personal development.

Lakhesis's Avatar

06.22.2012 , 10:29 AM | #228
Played Inquisitor, Consular & Bounty Hunter to 50. Trooper through Act 1. Playing a Sith Warrior + IA now (recently got ships on both).

I think that what's a good story depends on how you try to play your character. Most of the storylines expect you to be fairly cliche light-or-dark with no third path, and from the comments some others have made & from thinking about "how things could have been" I strongly suspect some stories don't even have that much variability. The different character plotlines absolutely make the game vastly more nuanced than other MMOs, but I frequently find the plotlines themselves stray into being one-dimensional (if that makes sense). Which doesn't make them un-fun (normally), but limits genuinely personalised storytelling & is frustrating if your character concept strays outside the design's boundaries.

I immensely enjoyed Sith Inquisitor as Dark. With Khem Val as my straight guy, I played the sarcastic sadist to the hilt and it was perfect. I don't think it'd work well as anything other than viciously Dark. But playing a character whose favourite activities include feeding force users to my Dashade, pillaging forbidden tombs for unstable ancient powers & making sarcastic quips while I crush the dreams of innocents (and everyone else), it's been my favourite storyline so far. Dark Indiana Jones ftw.

I enjoyed Jedi Consular as Light. It was all very zen hero unites the disparate in togetherness to spread hope to the galaxy. I could see a very-slightly-dark (end justifies means) consular working, but really it's designed for pure light. I found it enjoyable, compelling & satisfying, but not thrilling (if that makes any sense).

I found Bounty Hunter extremely frustrating as a (grey) warrior-code professional. The Gault storyline was like a force fed tickbox list of "things my character would never do". I felt like I was constantly shoved towards cliche cutout light-or-dark rather than the professional "the Contract is my bond, but I am an honourable samurai" style I was going for. I think it could have been a fun space opera romp but the moment I aimed for a more nuanced character it fell on its face hard... the Mandalorians made me hopeful, but they kept devolving to cliche mercenaries who mouthed off about warrior codes and never followed through.

I've enjoyed the Trooper but it's on hold until my american friend can xfer their smuggler to AU/NZ servers. I think my BH concept actually would work brilliantly on the trooper. So far the trooper feels the most grey of the lot - "hi, i bomb the bad guys & accidentally kill civilians/friendlies too, but you gotta break eggs to make an omelette right?". The entire trooper plotline makes me think of an examination of morality-in-war and the nuremberg defense so far

Sith Warrior is early days but fun. It seems to naturally flow towards Dark & I'm playing it as emotionless loyalist Imperial. Quinn could well end up being my perfect soul mate & Vette will get out of that collar when her corpse turns to dust. I'm still very much at the being an efficient lackey stages, so we'll see.

I've heard wonderful things about the IA. So far it's interesting but too early to tell... I'm trying to play it wisecracking while making people think I'm loyal+obedient underneath it all while secretly being a closet anarchist who wants to bring down the empire when it gets down to it (light-ish but I also get on with Kal). So I'm curious to see just how much nuance that plotline ends up allowing (so far it is working).
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06.22.2012 , 11:19 AM | #229
Awesome post Lakhesis! Very informative.
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06.23.2012 , 09:33 AM | #230
Some of the stories are really only rewarding if you play a certain alignment though, which is why I categorize them as worse than others.

Inquisitor story is really kind of bland and the ending isn't all that great if you play a pure Light Side. There is no difference in the endings whether you are Light or Dark. You start humble you end... not so humble.

By the same judgment, Consular story is also very bland, having no real difference in ending whether Light or Dark, but it seems very much so that the story in general was written with a Light Side playthrough intended. It's a diplomatic story, and if you choose to play as Dark, your diplomatic answer to everything is violence.

This is what makes stories like the Agent and Warrior so much better. You can actually sense a difference in the Light and Dark playthroughs, both actually having impact on the story all together, right from the get go, like Warriors secretly saving their old Masters and doing everything they can to protect people instead of viciously murder them, and even having an impact on what alignment one of their companions. Agents take it a step further by branching storyline with multiple endings based on alignment choices.