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Best And Worst Class Story?

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Best And Worst Class Story?

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06.13.2012 , 07:56 PM | #211
50 agent,47sorc,50warrior and 37 bh, so far the best story go to agent , whatever faction you choose , you must roll an agent at least one. it even make me browse or youtubing to know what gonna happen if i choose to do A or B , something that i dont feel in other 3 toon that i level with

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06.16.2012 , 05:03 AM | #212
I think I would rank the stories I've done to completion like so:

1) Imperial Agent
2) Inquisitor
3) Smuggler
4) Jedi Knight
5) Consular
6) Trooper

I go back and forth on the Trooper/Consular thing, though. Strictly speaking story-wise, I felt the trooper one was the most predictable, with virtually no swerves to wake you up a little. It's not that it didn't fit, it just got incredibly dull after a while. BUT. The voice acting and dialogues are generally more interesting than the consular's. The consulars are terminally zen. It fits. It makes sense. But it puts me to sleep. The male consular (imo) is a bit more interesting, in that he sounds like he might've felt a few emotions in his wild, misspent youth and found he didn't much care for it, while the lady one just sounds like a robot. The two troopers actually sound like. You know. People.

Jedi Knight and Smuggler are both the most HELL YES STAR WARS in my mind, from wildly different angles. I ranked the smuggler higher because a) I liked the smaller focus of what I was doing, as it felt more personal and b) they had a lot of really, really, really funny lines. And who doesn't love inappropriately flirting with lots of people?

I like the Sith Inquisitor a lot because again, there are so many amusing lines and because playing a (mostly) light side inquisitor actually made some shred of sense (dark side also makes sense, obviously). I liked the much more personal story of the inquisitor, and I like force wankery stories fine. That it basically barely acknowledges the whole "we don't really like the Republic much" thing doesn't bother me a bit.

The Imperial Agent is the most consistently good. Most of the other storylines I can point to a place in the story where I feel it drags or bogs down or meanders or feels like pointless filler, but I can't really do that with the IA.

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06.17.2012 , 09:59 AM | #213
My first finished storyline was the Sith Warrior, which I enjoyed immensely, but that might have been influenced a bit by the fact that I am a sucker for anything that wields a red lighsaber and does awesome acrobatics, and also by the fact that it was 2-3 weeks after release, and everything about the game was fresh and cool.

My second finished story was the Imperial Agent, which I also liked a lot, mainly because the plot was engaging, well writte, had interesting characters, and because it showed an aspect of the Star Wars universe that is not very prominent in the films and books.

Currently, I am playing Bounty Hunter and Trooper and feel more or less the same about both of them - the personal 1st acts were pretty great, but in the 2nd ones things get a bit too blatantly "epic" at the expense of actual narrative power and (especially in the case of the trroper) character interaction, and the 3rd ones are looking to be mor or less the same. I'm definitely curious about the way they are going to wrap up though...

So on the scale of 1-10, SW would be 9, IA 9, BH 7, Trooper 6

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06.17.2012 , 11:21 AM | #214
The Consular isn't great. Chapter 1 you are essentially doing the same thing for 5 planets, though I guess most of the stories have that common theme, and you needed an excuse to go to the 5 planets. Chapter 2 has started to pick up some, but still kind of dull. I still find myself skipping a lot of the dialogue/cutscenes.

Perhaps the only reason I am still playing my Sage is that I really like the play style, healing can be a ton of fun, if you're in a group who knows what they are doing and don't aggro more mobs that necessary, and don't like to break CC (especially when doing heroics)

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06.17.2012 , 03:11 PM | #215
I've only played SI and IA all the way through, but IA is amazing, nearly good enough for a standalone game by itself. All the different touches that change depending on what choices you made earlier blew my mind. I can honestly say that I was not expecting that out of this MMO.

SI is okay. I liked the political intrigue among the sith, and all the backstabbing and shady alliances to get ahead. Zash is rad. Telling Khem Val to eat people is hilarious, and in character. Talos is like a nerdy Indiana Jones. I absolutely adore the SI companions (except for Ashara). Unfortunately, much of the good is overshadowed by the fact that most of it turns out to be a fetch quest. Get this artifact for this guy. Get another artifact for another guy. Oh thank goodness I'm on my own OH WAIT NOW I HAVE TO GET THIS OTHER ARTIFACT TO PROGRESS THE STORY BECAUSE WHY NOT. I never felt the sense of urgency like I did on my IA. It was like

Also, Ashara's sidestory is seriously disappointing.

I heard the JK story was really bad, and from what I've read I'm inclined to agree.
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06.17.2012 , 06:25 PM | #216
Honestly i've only done my inquisitor all the way through, but it was still pretty amazing, alot because the inquisitor kinda fits my irl personality and you can still be the good guy while still being epicly awesome. Merciful to allies and understanding, ruthless to those who deserve it. Alas i am only lvl 12 on my IA, but from what I read on this thread ima have to work more on it Trooper, Act 1 was good, but now it's kinda meh. Knight I'm just at the end of act 1, and i've enjoyed the story so far. Sith Warrior is average, (I don't like Baras very much.) and I always feel compelled to choose the evil things alot because of the personality and voice over given to the character.

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06.18.2012 , 06:08 AM | #217
I've completed the IA, BH, JK, and JC stories and made significant progress in The rest except for the sith warrior. Ive come to the conclusion that the stories in this game are all mediocre. People seem to be blowing the agent story way out of proportion. It is entirely predictable and linear, though it was more enjoyable than my consular's. BH was repetitive it benefited from interesting companion characters (Mako and Blizz namely). JK is fun if you like carrying around a crystal morality shield that would make Mary Sue proud. Bottom line: pick a class based on its mechanics and role. I dps with my sentinel, tank with my Powertech, and heal with my sage for level 50 content. I love it. The stories in this game are so weak they are more of an afterthought than anything else.

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06.18.2012 , 01:35 PM | #218
Of the classes I've played to completion, I would rank them like this:
1. Agent, by a landslide...the story was so good on my Sniper that I'm doing it again as an Operative.
2. Sith Warrior, extremely gratifying payoffs in this story, especially at the end of Act 1 when you claim your prized apprentice, and at the end of it all when the entire Dark Council recognizes your station after completing the rise to power and what it means to be a Sith.

3. Inquisitor, if only for the endgame and for Xalek...that and Khem eating people.
4. Bounty Hunter, if it wasn't for Blizz this story would have been complete fail.

I've also got a Trooper in act 2, and a Jedi Knight in act 1, but I am going to avoid the Consular like the plague.
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06.18.2012 , 06:14 PM | #219
Quote: Originally Posted by FerrusPA View Post
Dark Side Sith Warrior is usually pretty typical with some forays into Chaotic Stupid. Turning Jaesa to the Dark Side however is probably the most amazing thing in the game.
I saw someone refer to DS Jaesa as "Psycho Hose Beast". This made me laugh.
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06.19.2012 , 10:29 AM | #220
IA story hands down is the best. I'm having a difficult time playing other characters because the IA story was so well written. No twists with either the jedi knight, inquisitor or smuggler, they're fun but don't have the serious feel of the IA story. The IA story kept me up late at night like a good book does, but then, my favorite novels are spy novels.

Things happen in the IA story that completely take you by surprise. I mean really

Every other story, after the IA, pales in comparison. I have my fingers crossed that Bioware will make an SIS agent in the future. Ever since I finished my IA story I feel sorta... lost. None of the other stories are catching my imagination and interest.
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