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Idea's on future construction

Dancelies's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 05:08 PM | #1
Anyone else getting bored of the standard grind with mmo's, it does get boring after awhile; sure the companion thing is great but there's not enough there. Maybe instead of just being able to quest from 1-50 and just being able to either max 1-2 companions affection; instead have a continual side quest with the companions that you can do. Gifts are fine and all but you don't win a person over with just gifts I'm sorry. Maybe also include like a level creator like whats been done in infamous 2 or LBP and LBP2 ya know nothing that would impact the main story but something to do and a way to earn creds.

What also a lot of my friends would like is a character creator more expansive something like what the City heroes theme has where there's literary thousands of different combinations, and maybe let the players choose how the gear they pick up looks, but keep the stats, but maybe there could be like an ing-ame vendor that lets you customize the looks.

In my opinion though the biggest concerns to me are the ship. The ship you cant customize there's no vendor in it and there's no mailbox, and to top it off you not resting while in your own ship;the ship is useless you cant even fly around the galaxy without restriction you need a map.

I'm happy with the game overall for it being so new, but I just hope this game doesn't stick the standard mmo theme where the only thing to do is raid and grind for rep and gear. Wow revolutionized mmo's and set the standard, but that's because they did something that wasn't there before; I'm hoping that swtor stands the test of time cause i enjoy it, but to keep people hooked you need something that hasn't been done a thousand times before in mmo's Giving The Players options so it can feel more like an a role-playing game instead of a linear game.