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(L,F&E #15 The Battle of Kuat)

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01.20.2012 , 04:43 AM | #11
"Well mostly. The defenses are down and..." Nia broke off as Dia cursed softly. She looked at the twilek. "What?"

"I don't know what this is.. but... you better see this..." Nia came over to the console and looked at what Dia had found. She froze, stunned. Dia looked at her, her sense in the Force... Dia recoiled as Nia's force sense went, for lack of a better word... berserk. Nia moved so fast that both of her friends were staring at the place she HAD been. Olana took off after her. Dia looked back at the screen. A list of prisoners in the base. One name stood out. Kalenath. She looked. Dia looked helplessly at Kirin.

"He's not here... is he?"

Kirin also looked over at the screen. She wasn't sure what exactly was supposed to be standing out for her, but she figured whoever it was was important to Nia. She turned toward where Nia ran off, taking a few steps, then gesturing over her shoulder with her left hand.

"Only one way to find out. But you better explain to me who 'he' is. I've got no idea who this person is, so you'll have to fill me in."

"Kalenath. Her dad, he's the only one I know of who has that name... believe me I've looked. His kin are all dead, except Nia that is. I'm Dia by the way. I don't think we have met." She dashed off following the sounds of fighting and roars of the Wookiee. She tried to recognize the codes that had been beside the name, but they meant nothing to her. As she ran, she asked Kirin something.

"What does the designation A-8k12 mean? It was beside the name. It isn't a Sith code. I thinks its a Republic military code. It seems like one anyway."

"What was that code? A-8k12...?" As her and Dia continued to chase after Nia and Olana she tried to figure out what the code meant. She was pretty familiar with Republic military code, so she knew what this was somehow. She just couldn't remember it.

Finally, after some deliberation, she raised her head up, reaching into her robes and pulling out her lightsaber.

"That's not good. There's a child down there."

"A child?" Dia froze as she saw Olanagychew ahead, He was not firing. As she closed in behind him she could see why. A wall of civilians stood between him and... Dia's heart froze. Nia stood behind teh wall of civilians, lghtsaber ignited, facing a Sith soldier. His insignia proclaimed him to be a high level commander, but teh lack of a lightsaber said he was a normal soldier. Probably the commander of the base she mused, but her musing was cut off as he turned and she saw the little black haired girl he held by the arm. And the blaster he held to her head. She snarled. Olana looked at her, helplessly. His blaster was useless. If her fired, he could clear the corridor, yes, but he would kill everything. She motioned him to watch their back and he did. The little girl seemed to be entranced by Nia's lightsaber. The Sith was talking.

"...leaving now. You will not stop us Jedi. If my blaster jumps out of my hand, the bomb on this young ones jacket will go off." Nia could have been made of stone for all the emotion she showed.

"Mistake one, I'm not a Jedi. Mistake two, your not leaving here with her." Nia moved a step and the little girl whimpered a bit as the Sith's blaster dug into the side of her head. Dia looked at Kirin helplessly. She whispered.

"Can you do anything? I... Nothing I know would help. He's probably resistant to mind tricks..."

Kirin wasn't even there anymore while Dia was talking.

As a Jedi Master, Kirin was required to have some sort of specialty or quirk that separated her from the other Jedi. Something that other Jedi would look up to and would strive to attain in their studies in the Force. Some Jedi Masters were extremely skillful in the manipulation of raw Force energy, using it to unleash awesome waves of attacks at the enemy without even lifting the lightsaber. Others were specialized in the way of the lightsaber, able to master one, two, three or even all forms of lightsaber combat. And there were yet others who were masters of the unusual- those who mastered one particular aspect of the applied Force unto themselves, making them a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Kirin was one such master of the unusual; she was a master of Force Speed, able to apply it to the point that she could move in a blur.

Utilizing this skill, she rushed with unnatural speed, her lightsaber disengaged to hide the blue from streaking with her movements. As the man talked, she began to surgically remove the jacket from the young girl's hand, grab the girl, then withdraw her lightsaber and slice the man's hand off.

She would return, beside Dia, and all of this would happen in a matter of seconds. Everyone in the room, even the little girl, would not notice what happened until the last second.

All Dia saw was a blur. One moment, Kirin was standing beside her, the next the Sith was lying on the ground clutching his severed wrist and Kirin was back beside her. The girl's jacket was flying down the corridor and then went poof with teh blast of a small explosive charge.
Dia looked at the Jedi mater with awe in her eyes.

"Wow..." Was all she got out before Nia's cry silenced them.

"MEDIC!" She screamed. She kicked the moaning Sith out of the way and knelt down beside the still body of the girl. It looked as if, when the Sith's wrist had hit the floor, his blaster had discharged. The small form was curled up on thr floor and Nia was kneeling beside her, crying.

" no... please.. no.." She carefully moved the girl and then breathed a little easier as the waif moaned. One of the commando teams moved up and started securing the area. The team medic bent over the girl. He looked at Nia.

"Ma'am, I need space." His voice was quiet, and Dia wasn't sure Nia understood. She was crying hard now. Dia walked to her, took her arm and gently led her away. The medic bent down and went to work.

Dia looked at Kirin who looked stricken.

"It's not your fault."
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01.20.2012 , 04:45 AM | #12
Kirin stood there, watching as Nia cried over the girl. She didn't know what to do. She was sure she did everything right- remove the jacket, grab the girl, cut off the hand, run back to Dia wit the girl. How...? How could she mess up somehow? How could the blaster have gone off before she took the girl? It was impossible... impossible in her view.

She had never caused a death with her skills, not a youngling's death. She gazed over at Dia, pulled out her lightsaber and ignited it, raising it up above her head. She twirled it, pointing the blade inward and prepared to eliminate herself, a look of shock on her face.

"NO!" Dia's voice cut through everything. And her blue lightsaber intercepted Kirin's. "She's alive Jedi! It's not your fault!" Dia looked Kirin straight in the eye.

"I don't know what happened, and it doesn't matter." Her voice rang with command, and every eye, except the medic's she noted with satisfaction was on her now. "You saved her. You didn't kill her. So put it AWAY!" Her voice was cold and unemotional now. All of the Stormhawk troops stared at her and she snarled. They all found things to do.

"She got hurt... while I was trying to save her. I failed. I don't deserve the title of Master."

She lowered her lightsaber, disengaging it. She looked down to the floor for many long moments as T7 nudged at her leg gently, making a few solemn sounding beeps. She looked down at T7, then back up, turning and walking back through the outpost.

"I have to go into Exile- I've failed as a Jedi," she said. T7 followed behind her soundlessly.

Dia follows her. "Don't be stupid, Jedi." The scorn in Dia's voice could have cut durasteel. "I could not have done what you did. I am skilled, but..." She shook her head, still in awe. "I couldn't have done that. If I had tried,..." She broke off, then spoke again. "The girl would be dead. If I had tried, that, whatever it was you did. Look at her. She's alive!"

She stared at Kirin.

"Do Jedi never make mistakes? And is the Force totally infallible for Jedi?" She waited for a response. "It isn't for me..." She finishes quietly.

Kirin stopped.

She turned, looking at Dia, grasping her lightsaber tight in her hand. She was crying.

"You don't understand what it's like as a Jedi Master. We're supposed to be shining examples of sentient beings throughout the Galaxy! And look what I did! That girl almost got killed by my carelessness! If I had just talked instead of acting without thinking, she might not have gotten hurt like that! I'm a failure. Even if I did everything I could to prevent that with my Light Speed technique, this still wouldn't have happened!"

She raised her left hand up, looking down at it. Tears dropped down into the palm of her hand.

"I created this technique so that other people wouldn't have to feel the same pain I had to go through. My Master died because I wasn't able to separate myself fast enough to aid him in battle! If only I had the ability to be in two places at once, I thought... if only I had the ability to fight Marik Fatir off before he killed my Master, he'd still be here right now!"

Kirin's jaw dropped as she realized the words she was saying. Pain, regret, suffering... all signs of the Dark Side. Was she falling...? No. She had to keep that from happening. She had to leave this place.

"I... I have to go! I can't be here, the more I stay here, the more pain I feel! I don't want to fall!"

Dia looked at her. Then she nodded.

"Then don't. There is no emotion..." She spoke the words that once had been totally anathema to her, but now, now they brought her peace. And maybe they would do the same for this strange Jedi. She was stunned out of her mind when Kirin turned on her heel and stalked away.

What the...?

Kirin made her way to her ship finally, as T7 entered the astromech dock. She jumped in quickly, then lifted off, blasting it off quickly from the planet's airspace. Finally, as she escaped the debris floating lifelessly above the planet's atmosphere, she engaged her ship's hyperdrive, entering lightspeed.

As she sat in her ship, T7 continued to beep solemnly. She gazed down, pulling out a small picture of herself and Janelle.

"I really wish you were here, Jan," She spoke softly, tears dropping down to the frame of the picture. "I could use your support right now... I'll wait for you at the place..."

Dia watched as the Jedi took off. She hadn't replied to Dia at all. Dia slumped.

Stupid, arrogant, feebleminded, ignorant, hidebound JEDI! She snarled to herself. I did what I could, now... I just hope she doesn't do anything ELSE dumb...

Dia walked back into the Sith complex. Scattered blaster fire sounded in the distance. She found the commando team preparing to move out. The team leader moved to her and reported.

"All objectives secured Ma'am. Sith forces are withdrawing. They seem to be making for a starport..." The team leader broke off as Dia looked at him.

"Why are you reporting to me? I'm not in charge. Olana is..." The team lead smiled thinly.

"Olanagychew is still under arrest. He can't order us. Nia, well..." they both looked to where Nia was sitting, trying to to get in the way of the medic who was preparing the girl for transport to the ship for more medical treatment. She didn't seem to see anything beyond the girl. Dia nodded, then fell back into her role of commander, she hadn't done it in a while, but it was like riding a swoop.

"Understood. Casualties?" The team lead nodded to her, glad to be back on ground he understood.

"Two dead, one badly wounded, two with minor wounds and the girl."

"Evac the wounded first..." She broke off as the team lead raised a hand. He spoke into his mike.

"What? when? Ok, roger that, contact the ship tell them." he looked back at Dia, who looked a question at him. he nodded. "The Sith are evacuating. Which is dumb of them. The ship can potshot them." Dia froze. Then she shook her head. "Ma'am?"

"Let them go." He stared at her, disbeleif written all over his features. "Commander they have hostages." He froze and then quickly keyed in a command. Her comlink chirped. boss' voice came through.

"What going on down there?" His voice was unemotional and she was glad, too much input already. She replied in the same tone.

"The Sith are evacuating. They took hostages here, I am willing to be they have hostages on the ships too." A sigh came over the comlink.


"Let them leave." Silence came from the comlink and after a moment she started to worry, but then it chirped again.

"Roger that, we are standing down." Dia nodded. The team leader looked at her and she shook her head.

"Not all Sith are evil. And right now they are probably scared out of their minds. Scared people do dumb things." The team leader winced and nodded. "So we let them go. It may not be the best choice, but I think it is the right one."

"For what it's worth Ma'am, I agree with you." The team leader nodded. "We are ready to go."

The freed civilian stared at her as the team started to move out, slowed by two AG gurneys. One of them came up to Dia. She spoke in a quavering voice.

"You aren't staying?" Dia smiled at the older woman.

"We can't. We are not Republic forces. But the Republic military should be here shortly. We will stay until they do." The woman looked at her and shook her head.

"Who are you then?" She asked, bewilderment in her tone. Dia smiled.

"We are with the Stormhawk, Ma'am." The woman shook her head again, the name meant nothing to her. "We are what stands between the light and the dark. We are grey. With that Dia turned and followed the team out to the waiting shuttle.
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01.20.2012 , 04:48 AM | #13
Dia watched, worried as Nia sat and watched Doctor L'trask work on the girl. They had been in time. She would live. Of that Dia was sure. What she wasn't sure of was why Nia was acting so odd. She hadn't spoken at all, not since the girl had been hurt. And her sense in the force, it felt raw, bleeding almost... Dia shook herself and walked to where Nia sat. She laid a gentle hand on Nia's shoudler and gave a soft squeeze.

"She will live." Nia nodded, still silent. "Do you know her?" Nia shook her head. Dia cocked her head and looked at her Master. Nia looked, not at the girl but into emptiness. "Who is she?" She finally asked. Nia replied tonelessly.

"Code A-8k12 Kalenath. Its a republic military prisoner designation. Means she's a dependent of the matriarch of the Kalenath line. I think she's the daughter of my fathers mother. That makes her my aunt." Dia froze, shocked to her core, then she stared at the operating theater, then back at Nia.


((This was a good run, and a good RP. We will do this again I think. but for now, um... hmmm... things just got VERY complicated... Comments and or suggestions always appreciated.))

((This was a collaborative RP between Zelkin, Notion, Swani and myself. It was posted in December 2008 so some of it is out of date. But it was fun.))
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