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D7 boss "interrogator" still bugged

DucatiRider's Avatar

01.20.2012 , 03:40 AM | #1
Several patches, and interrogator is still bugged

During the encounter, he should analyze your party and "clone" one of your members, spawning an elite add.

The issue is whenever he scans a mercenary, he stats spawning several elite adds (up to *6*), expecially if it's a mercenary.

Go figure, 6 elite mercenaries that pull you and starts a nasty cone of fire on you...

A very very strong party can overcome this problem, but an average lvl 47-49 party with basic equipment will find this encounter simply impossible. Even the last boss is a joke compared to this one!

Now, boss can be skipped with some "cloaky" measures, still if you die on any of the next bosses, you will respawn behind Interrogator.

In-game support is, as always, completely absent, "live help" tab is a joke.

EDIT : I didn't notice this thread that refers to the bug in "hard mode"

Bug happens in NORMAL mode aswell!