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What is considered 'geared' for hard modes?

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01.20.2012 , 02:10 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by Osmaht View Post
Many people consider wiping in hard mode fps to be completely unnacceptable and will thus refuse to run with anyone not in full epic equipment or who hasn't run the instance before.

Seriously I had a guy respond to my LFG message for KUS with "only if u have run it before" on the day of its release.
Yah, it's fairly ridiculous.

I did False Emp last night with a group where I was the only person who had done it before on normal *or* hard. We wiped a few times on HK-47, but other than that it was cake. One of the dps initially didn't want to come because he "only had 2 purples and didn't want to hold us back".

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01.20.2012 , 02:31 PM | #32
Full epics from the ilum/belsavis dailies is considered geared. it takes 2 days of dailies to get a full set of levle 50 epic mods. dont bother showing up for hardmodes without putting in that effort.
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01.20.2012 , 02:35 PM | #33
Rank 126 gear for HM FPs (which you can get in your orange from mods). HP is not (especially for a tank) the right stat to judge by since mitigation >>>>> HP

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01.20.2012 , 03:57 PM | #34
I was able to start tanking fine with a mix of corellia commendation blue and ilum/belsavis purple mods in my gear on the first day I hit 50. Healer was geared in Columni/Champion though... Had about 16.5k hp at that time, now close to 20k, with 28% defense, 54% shield and 34% absorb...

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01.25.2012 , 01:01 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by Jalthi View Post
Exaggeration? Do all the normal dailies - 25 commendations - plus the bonus/story missions that you can do once the first time that still give daily commendations, and voila - 4-5 armorings easy. Maybe you have to come back and get one more the next day.

If you'll note what I said, I specifically said armoring/hilt/barrel. I did not say a full set of all mods/enhancements as well. It's not really that hard though, buy those on the AH, or just do the 3 heroic dailies that give out actual purple mods/enhancements.

Bottom line is that within a few days of hitting 50, there's no reason to be undergeared if you're looking to move onto harder content. BW has made is exceedingly easy to gear up.
Your bottom line part I agree with. Getting all of the "armor/weapons" within one day was an exaggeration. I'm not saying it's not easy, but it isn't a one-day thing. I completely agree that you can get it all done over the course of two or three days, but you can't get all of the upgrades in one day.
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01.25.2012 , 01:06 PM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by jd-inflames View Post
The other day I tried to run HM Black Talon, and before we got started the healer of my group (I was tanking) said that my gear was nowhere near good enough (I was rocking my 47-50 oranges, all fitted with 48-50+ mods) and he probably couldn't keep me up.

We wipe twice on the first boss (wasn't really my fault, the DPS wasn't kiting the droids and kept blowing the healer up), and the healer says one more time and he's gone because he didn't want to get saved to a group that wouldn't finish. I didn't have an issue with that, really, because I could tell that we weren't going to have an easy time because we were all learning the fights. Next run we down the boss (in which I didn't think it was too bad that time).

My question is this. My health didn't really spike too badly at all (of course the healer was reasonably geared). Over the past few days I've been grinding heroics and PvP and have gotten a crafted lvl49 epic earpiece, a few 51+ epic mods and a 51+ epic hilt (from dailies). I know people love gear grinding as much as I do, but when can I start doing the real end game content? I'm bored stiff here! I'm currently sitting at around 13.5k health unbuffed, with 25% defense chance and 22+% absorb and shield. What more do I need to gear up for...gearing up?
Ideally to have all your armoring mods rated at 126, which means doing dailies until you get all of your orange gear filled.

Adding the Mods is more difficult, because on the republic side at least, there is only 1 2 man heroic that gives these as a reward. So it can take quite a bit of time to fill them.

Then there are the cubes, implants, earpieces, etc.

Dailies are about all you can do to prep, that and spending some cash on the GTN. Hard Modes are part of the progression to Ops, IMO. So Dailies > Hard Modes > Ops. for PVE gear progression.

I think the guy just wasn't good at his class. Most complaints like these usually come down to someone under-performing.

Your health is extremely low though. When I finished my CLASS story, I had 13.5k HP. After doing Dailies for a while (and I still have some Mods to get) I'm at 16,570 HP. No PVP gear or anything else.

My guess is that you should take a break and spend some time getting all your str/end datacrons, making money, and shopping/crafting for the best enhancements/Mods/etc. Also look for items that have augment slots (like shield generators) on the GTN, or make them yourself if you have artifice.

You should be hovering at around 16k HP just from doing dailies and a bit of shopping on the GTN.

Also, I don't think it is as easy anymore to rack up PVP gear as people in this thread are posting.
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01.25.2012 , 01:56 PM | #37
Just get as much pvp gear as possible and tank in that till you get better drops from the hm instances. Also buy items of the GTN that are huge upgrades when you want to start tanking HM.
Start with Bt and move up.

Thats how i did it and almost full columni gear now.
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01.25.2012 , 02:38 PM | #38
i tank bt hm with just my dps orange set with blue lvl 50 mods I am not sure why everyone is having an issue

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01.25.2012 , 02:57 PM | #39
Quote: Originally Posted by CriticalMasses View Post
Your health is extremely low though. When I finished my CLASS story, I had 13.5k HP. After doing Dailies for a while (and I still have some Mods to get) I'm at 16,570 HP. No PVP gear or anything else.
I had low health with assasin also, but I wasn't tank geared/specced. But if you are picking resolve armoring your health will definitely be lower. I still have under 15k HP with epic everything and augmented earpiece/implants and 2-3 columni pieces.

As for progression, Dailies > Norm Ops >= HM >= HM Ops.

The loot reward from Operations vs. HM is completely out of wack. You can do EV in a little over an hour and you'll get ~10 columni pieces or you can spend an hour+ doing HM and get one columni piece. I guess since EV is on a week timer is the justification but still seems little strange.