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My feedback the Devs will never see

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My feedback the Devs will never see

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12.14.2011 , 02:37 PM | #1
Because this forum moves so fast and threads get buried, plus there is no "Feedback" or "Suggestion" forums, most likely the Devs will never see this, but at least I can know that I tried.

First and foremost:

Last night was the first time I ever played SWTOR. I got 3 beta invites, never used a one of them. So this was ALL NEW for me.

I loved it.

I absolutely frickin loved it!

The story was great, the cut scenes were great, the motions and animations were great. I was really enjoying myself!

I want to say, good job!

I liked the style of the graphics. I liked the environments. I liked just about everything about it!

I did have some longful wishing for a better character creator. That was a bit of a disappointment, but you have to understand I just came over from Champions Online, which has by far the best character creator in the MMO industry right now. I'm spoiled by it. But, I will make do, because for that one little disappointment, the rest of what I saw last night more than made up for it.

Now, I do have 2 suggestions, which I had REALLY hoped the Devs would see, and lacking a better place to put these suggestions, I'll try putting them here, and hope for the best.

1. Walk speed - I tend to be more RP minded when I play games. I don't like "running" everywhere I go. I prefer to use Walk when I can. I tried using walk last night, and immediately I deduced that if I were to use Walk like I normally do, I wouldn't get off Tython till February or March. It's just that slow. We're talking molasses in December kind of slow. We're talking watch paint dry slow.

TL;DR - Can you guys speed up the walk a little bit? Make it a bit more of a brisk walk than the utterly casual stroll it is now?

2. Mission Objectives - This one was a tad bit annoying. I was on a mission for the Twi'leks and had to destroy some potion vats or something. I was unfortunate in this mission because someone came through right before me, and took them out. It took FOREVER for them to respawn. Now, to be fair, a further (much further) hike up the hill, I found a cave full of them and got it done. But still, it shouldn't take so long for something to respawn, ESPECIALLY in a starter area that in a few days, will be jam packed full of people.

TL;DR - Can we please speed up the respawn rate on destroyable mission objectives in open starter areas?

Thanks go to Bioware for a fun, entertaining and most enjoyable game! Hope you see my feedback!

Oh, and don't bother trolling or flaming if you don't agree with my post. I simply won't respond.
Look, we got four or five of the main characters on this ship. I think we're gonna be okay.