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Was Cancelled, Now Gonna Re-Sub


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01.19.2012 , 05:08 PM | #1
FPS is a major issue in this game for a lot of players. That being said I was one of them, and I didn't like the way Bioware had addressed it with their 5% statement. I believe Ohlen was misleading in his statement and did so to help sell more games. But hey it's a business, and they do have over 100mil out there to recover. So I am willing to forgive and forget so long as my fps holds strong consistently. I am posting this so that others with fps problems my be able to find something in here that helps them to continue to play because the game has great potential. I was a WoW subscriber from vanilla til 5 mos ago. Played EQ as my first MMO, Asheron's Call, DaoC, and the ever crappy Shadowbane. Which btw had a great concept just horrid fps continually, so that was the shortest of my mmo experiences until now. I thought this was going to be the same as shadowbane due to horrid fps issues. I realize in a lot of cases it is our systems that aren't working with the game, but also Bioware kind of avoided the topic. Here is what I found out since my first post regarding fps and here are my specs.
has helped the most noticeably, although I am not sure if it wasn't an accumulation of all the things I did.

I followed Renegadeimp's guide on background windows applications hogging resources.

I made sure I found the latest drivers for my GPU primarily.. hp motherboards hard to do btw. But you should try for gpu/sound/chipset drivers

And lastly I read this article

which when you consider the above link makes total sense regarding the game engine swtor was built. Understanding sometimes helps in solving the issues. There are many tech savvy people on these forums, I have had help from a few different sources. I hope this does some good.

Here is my system so you can compare
AMD Quad core 2.8
Radeon 6700
8g ram
1tb Hardrive 5400 rpm (slow loader) next upgrade
600w power supply (dont forget this piece new GPU's need it)

Good luck guys you won't see me on these boards much anymore so long as my fps is up I will be playing the game.