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01.19.2012 , 05:03 PM | #1
I wish to deeply apply my concerns for this game. Especially the downloading aspect of the game. There is no reason why so many people are having this trouble and instead of trying to accommodate to the people who have successfully downloaded/installed the game, BioWare, I suggest you turn to the primary concern of the ISSUES of the downloads for the people who have not gotten to enjoy the game at all. Yes, we are happy that the game is finally out and that you have even had the time to execute a major patch, but if so many people are having the same problem, I think you should atleast directly address it instead of having it as a side concern. I, for one, haven't even been able to enjoy the game once. I have downloaded the installer on my 1 TB memory, 4000mb RAM windows 7 (64-bit) desktop computer, but it won't download main assets 1. My laptop, on the other hand, 250gb memory, 2000mb RAM windows VISTA (32-bit) and it did infact install, but the graphics card wasn't good enough on my laptop to be able to play it without massive grey lines streaking across the screen. Nothing that I have done in your trouble-shooting guide has worked at all for my desktop. I have been researching the problem over and over, I contacted customer support and sent an e-mail ticket, but they expected me to wait literally 11 days for a response. I sent it on 1/04/12 and received a message with some simple response:

From the launcher logs we can see you have a corrupt file.
Please go to the following location:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\BioWare\Star Wars - The Old Republic\Assets/swtor_main_bnk_streamed_b_1.tor

you will see a file here (File info: size=0, created=1/4/2012 23:32:28, accessed=1/4/2012 23:32:28, written=1/4/2012 23:32:28)
Notice the creation date and the size wich states 0.
Please delete this file.
This should resolve your issue.

You are telling me I waited 11 days for that? Chances are that it wouldn't even have worked. There have been multiple issues with Main Assets 1,6,7,17,19,21, and 22. That is what I have seen from blogs and threads on customer support.

BioWare, I think I speak for all of the people who haven't been able to play the game in saying that we would deeply appreciate it if you could take a primary concern to the downloading issues and stop giving sideline suggestions. The main concern should be the customers and the customers are trying to tell you; either you have no global fix, or you aren't even trying to get one.