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Can't add my physical security key dongle!

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Can't add my physical security key dongle!

antitotalitarium's Avatar

12.14.2011 , 02:28 PM | #1

i'm just antsy about the release so i do everything i can do without access to the game

i picked my CE up yesterday (it's friggin weird to have a darth malgus staring at you without being able to play the game) and i can't add the security key... Maybe the databases with the serial numbers of the dongles aren't live yet, just wanted to let you know!

Don't know if the GameStop personnel is even allowed to give them out, but i don't care 8)

BTW, all the commotion about the early-access program is just doing one thing IMHO: making ppl like myself REALLY worried about the sort of community that is going to form on the live servers.

Keep it up BioWare - i think it's genius you included some major bugs so everyone forgets about the endless eons they had to wait to get into a game :P