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Darth Eldritch : Life Compendium

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Darth Eldritch : Life Compendium

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01.19.2012 , 02:15 PM | #1

Behind the veil every being has an origin story. A tumultuous reckoning that wrought them into the mind they inhabit today. Many years prior on the planet Rattatak when war with the Republic was still a fledgling star not yet eclipsed by a supernova, a child was born and given the name Vittoric. His parents were relatively docile within a society known to be wracked by warfare and bloodshed, which isn't to say they were removed from such things. The boys father was an armorsmith and was known to spend hours at the foundry constructing the implements and tools of battle. His Mother conversely was an alchemist by trade, using the native flora to create healing salves and herbal medications. They were kind, gentle and doting upon their firstborn. While the youths father would spend his time crafting new and insteresting means of fashioning armor, the child would sit to the side, ghostly eyes directed at the red hot alloys as they were fashioned and bent to shape. One day, it was to be his trade, and he would follow in the footsteps of his father - such things never came to pass.

Rattatak had garnered a reputation amidst the galaxy for its gladiatorial combat, and Sith were known to travel to the remote planet simply to spectate. It was a reputation built as a precursor of what would come. On one fated day a ship bearing the crimson sigil of the Empire screamed from the skies carrying with it a burden of Sith, subserviant to a cruel and calculating Lord. It was deemed they would be the ones to make slaves of the Rattataki people. Eventually, when the planet had been returned to the fold, they would be brought to Korriban. Forced to labor under the humid desert sun constructing bases and shrines to the Empire and ever securing their hold over the planet. It was a simple choice when selecting the planet, for Rattatak had been known for its harsh almost inhabitable climate. The Rattatak people would have little trouble adjusting to their chains on Korriban. In the meantime they would be brought to Dromund Kaas where their wills would be broken under the whips of overseers in the harsh mines and gulleys of the planet, where resources were plentiful.

When the ship touched down a collective awe spread through the village. It was only the foresight of young Vittoric's father that the people took up arms, ready to defend their lives from whatever strange demonic forces descended from the stars. Needless to say, they were ill-equipped to handle the Sith.

The streets were stacked with bodies when The Sith had met their fill of carnage and in the shadows a young boy stood watching quietly, as they placed his fathers limp and lifeless corpse atop the pile.

"You are an eldritch creature if ever there was one..."

And so it was, the boy would be led to the ship in chains with his village and the last gaze over his shoulder at his home was that of ash and flames.

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