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(rant)The rise of darth malaficus:P

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(rant)The rise of darth malaficus:P

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01.19.2012 , 12:51 PM | #1
I have always bin a supporter of the jedi council in every star wars game i played.
Until star wars the old republic came out.
In all my years of gaming i have never seen a class so boring yet so interesting as the jedi consolar(my favorite class in kotor 1 and 2)

And for the first time in history i accauly like the sith over the jedi and the empire over the republic.

All i can say is well done you manage to make the republic seem to incomptetend mass murder seem a much beter sociaty:P

I wont ask for detials but am i the only one tired of republic incomptence time after time again?

As the saying goes:
The republic has to fix trouble the sith merely has to cause them.

As far i can tell the republic is ALWAYS on the defends they never outsmarts the sith and relies heavly on the jedi to save them time after time again,
Who in turn are always expected to be humble?

Where the empire goes like:
I want that base,
It will be done milord.

I mean how can you not love that mentality?
/end rant
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01.19.2012 , 02:03 PM | #2
^ this 100% agreed.

Look at the original trilogy, if it wasn't for the jedi the empire would have crushed the rebels no sweat. the hero factor won it for them.

If you take EU into account the republic goes into a forever cycle of doing okay, then being corrupt itself, then the sith 9or next empire) shows up kicks its *** and by a result the republic gets its act together the jedi come save them...the empire/sith are beaten back, then guess what..the republic slowly becomes incompetent again...and soon gets its *** handed again.

Honestly if the sith way didn't tend to lean them towards over the top acts they'd easily be considered one of the better choices to govern..but they tend to get a bit to dark..though sith teachings doesn't necessarily mean evil.

In my opinion the empire is more efficient than the republic. I've been pro-empire since OT.

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01.19.2012 , 03:44 PM | #3
Haha, whenever I play an Imp, I end up feeling like everything I do is only going to be undone by the Republic. As in: "I'm gonna pollute the water in this well and kill off all the Sand People around it...dangit...they purified the water after I left!"

Meaning, basically, you're not saying anything about the Republic that can't be said exactly the same about the Empire. There is ineffectuality on both sides, idiots running things on both sides, and complete incompetence on both sides. My one measly smuggler was able to break onto an Imperial ship and loot it for all its treasure, killing several lords in the process. The Imps couldn't protect even one ship with several vaults full of riches better than that?! And I'm supposed to think, what, that the Empire has some leg up on the Republic? Buahaha!
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