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Alt, need help with class chosing, companion Storys.

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Alt, need help with class chosing, companion Storys.

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01.19.2012 , 07:54 AM | #1
Hello all Lore-nerds,

Heavy KotOR player here and I have always enjoyed the story. So far I've got a 50 JK. Absolutely love the class and companions story (Especially since Kira is fix'd).

Me and my friend are going to create alts now on the Empire side so I need some recommendation what I should play. Story is a pretty big deal for me, especially the companions since I love to continue in main story just to unluck additional secrets/backgrounds with the companions. Played all classes until 10 in beta and it doesn't give me a taste of what to play. They seems interesting to me in many ways:
  • SW - As said playing JK even though I loved the story in beta dont know if I cba playing with rage and feeling UP again
  • BH - Like waow, they got a Jawa :3 Dont know about the rest, the mandalorian seems like an interesting concept and Mako is nice. The others are kinda "meh".
  • SI - Orly ? A fkin dough thingy... Hate him and his voice... Ashara seems nice though. Need info about the rest
(No IA since thats what my buddy will play)
So I need tips with what of those 3 classes got the best companions story (Bonus if the romance interests are good, not sure about (fe)male yet). The main story would I also like some references to other things or short description on so I get of taste of how everything goes without heavy spoilers.

Thank you for whatever answer I get. Hopefully I posted in correct forum