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New Class - Very Long/Detailed/Thought Out

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New Class - Very Long/Detailed/Thought Out

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01.18.2012 , 09:36 PM | #1
What I do in my free time Enjoy the read:

Base Class:

-Imperial Trooper
Weapon: Vibrostaff
Armor: Medium
Prime Stat: Strength/Cunning
Resource: Up for Debate; Troopers Ammo system called "Maneuvers" and is red, not green.
Starting Zone: Dromund Kaas "Troop Training Facility" (a sub-section of Dromund Kaas that isn't connected to the current map)


Adv. Class:

-Imperial Riot Guard
Weapon: Vibrostaff, Electrostaff
Armor: Heavy
Prime Stat: Strength/End

-Imperial Technician
Weapon: Vibrostaff, Tech-Staff
Armor: Medium
Prime Stat: Cunning/Strength

Roles: Tank / Support


Imperial Trooper Description: Behind the lightning, light-sabers, and backstabbing are the dedicated men and woman of the Empire. Armed with years of hard military training and with a trust weapon in hand, they'll cut thru any enemy that stands in their way.

Riot Guard Description: The unsung heroes of the Imperial Troops. Armed with their mighty Electrostaffs and Generator, Riot Guards are the men and woman that don plated armor and sent in first to strike a definitive blow and take the brunt of the attack.

Technician Description: Few can boast as much know-how as the Imperial Technician. Armed with their Tech-Staff and powerful Generators, the Technician can bring forth the latest in technology to turn the tides on any opponent and empower their allies.


Trees: Riot Guard
- Grit (Tank)
- Confinement (DPS)
- Onslaught (Shared)

- Bioware (Support/Healing (AND PUN!))
- Cyberware (DPS)
- Onslaught (Shared)


The Idea - Trooper: Pretty much, the one thing we don't really see on the Imperial side are the Troopers; sure, they're great quest givers, but it's usually "Oh my men got killed!" or "Oh it'll take a whole platoon!" No. Look at the Commando on the Republic side. They're pretty gosh darn kick-*** aren't they? Why are our guys just cannon fodder? That doesn't sit well with me or the men and woman out there getting one shot by punks with lightsabers!


The Idea - Riot Guard: The thing I want to avoid doing here is copying some other class, take a bunch of it's abilities and label it "New". I want Riot Guards to be exactly what their name makes you imagine; they're the guys that go in with Riot Shields, Tear Gas, Pepper Spray, the works and hold off the foe. Obviously trading up to Heavy from Medium Armor and normal Vibrostaff to a Electro was obvious; these guys and gals will be face to face with some of the baddest baddies in the galaxy, and they plan to punch a hole in their chest ala Darth Maul to Qui-Gon.

Grit: Focus on the hard-skinned, tough SOB under the plate armor. Has more AoE related forms of attention grabbing then other classes (basic attack will Cleave, Spins around hitting all targets, etc)

Confinement: A class I'm starting to really like the vision off, because I think it's arguable at this point that this can be considered a DPS/Support in that it's like the Grit RT's back-up that's holding the taser. Compared to Onslaught, they won't have as high DPS, but they make up for it with more debuffs then the usual DPS Class (i.e. Damage reduction, non-CC Debuffs, Stat reduction abilities). Imagine the Prototype Powertech BH that got the Flame Burst 4% Damage Debuff; not quite as high as that (maybe 2-3%) but essentially that's the idea.

Onslaught: The shared, pure DPS tree for both AC. I don't think I need to really go into detail since it's just a tree that implements abilities of the base class.


The Idea - Technicians: I'm sure if you look at this at face value you'll say "WELL HEY NOW THAT'S AN OPERATIVE!" As much as I hate to say it, they do share similarities (Healer spec, Medium Armor) but beyond that they're nothing alike. First and foremost, Operatives are Melee Assassins where as Technicians are Ranged Casters with a few Melee "Go Away" abilities. Healing, while sharing the "Ranged" aspect, will work differently; Operatives work with Tactical Advantage where as Technicians will be working with HoTs (think WoW Druids) and more importantly buffs, filling the non-existent "Support" Role.

Example: Your doing Colocoids and your Healer runs out of Force/Energy against the the giant mantis thing. You would have an Innervate-like ability to help restore their Resource, while also throwing the tank an "Armor Buff" to help withstand the moments of less healing since your HoT you popped on him will keep him alive while your main healer recoups.

-Bioware: The Support AC, the one that I want to be a bit of a mold breaker. It will still have heals, but in the form of like one or two less-then-impressive HoT that you can pop for the sake of "supporting" your healer. The main focus of the class is to work as a team buffer; you would have access to buffs that can range from 10 seconds with a long cooldown (think how Adrenaline works) to re-applying buffs that increase damage/healing output.

-Cyberware: This is the "Tech Caster" tree, in that your literally a spell caster that scales off Tech Power. Don't think that means you won't still be in the nitty gritty melee, because while firing a space laser on an area would be nifty, Cyberware Technicians would benefit more from being in melee range (though they could be farther away). They will gain a percentage buff named "Perception" that increases the closer you get to the target, since they would be able to see "...the Flaw in the Design". This would also give incentive to use Melee-Ranged abilities that are common to the base class.



Hanger Bay
In-Game Locations
Voice Acting




If you've got any comments by all means leave me one and tell me what you think. As an aspiring Game Design Student I want all the feedback I can get ^_^

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01.18.2012 , 09:46 PM | #2
A class like this would sound pretty awesome. One issue though is that there would have to be a Republic mirror. Every class is mirrored after all.

Jedi Knight = Sith Warrior
Jedi Consular = Sith Inquisitor
Smuggler = Imperial Agent
Trooper = Bounty Hunter
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01.18.2012 , 11:01 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Ardim View Post
A class like this would sound pretty awesome. One issue though is that there would have to be a Republic mirror. Every class is mirrored after all.

Jedi Knight = Sith Warrior
Jedi Consular = Sith Inquisitor
Smuggler = Imperial Agent
Trooper = Bounty Hunter
True, I got some work to do IRL but i'll post a Counter-Class when I get the chance. Thinking up some ideas . . . though now that I think of it, if the Republic does come out with another class, it doesn't exactly HAVE to be a counter to something . . . just brainstorming a smidge.

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01.19.2012 , 07:11 AM | #4
See, Republic doesn't have playable SIS characters, but that would kinda mess up the existing class mirroring, considering those are the exact mirrors of an IA
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01.19.2012 , 07:38 AM | #5
A good proposal.

While the SIS Spy is a good equivalent, it's not quite the same. I would suggest a republic aligned bounty hunter equivalent perhaps. Call it the enforcer or something.

Box of tricks tanking tree that resembles the BH, but uses more cryo rather than pyro. Make the medium armored version an out right spy design. All james bond gadgets and what not.
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01.19.2012 , 07:40 AM | #6
Bioware left 0 room for additional ship docks in both the imperial and republic fleets. This game won't ever see additional classes added. AC's maybe, but not brand new classes.
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01.19.2012 , 08:34 AM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Zeppelin View Post
Bioware left 0 room for additional ship docks in both the imperial and republic fleets. This game won't ever see additional classes added. AC's maybe, but not brand new classes.

That ship dock has been changed three times since I started testing beta 6-7 months ago.

It is not difficult for the devs to change entire areas of the game, it just takes time. Given the proper resources and tools, it probably wouldnt even take that long - I've been doing 3d modelling for years now and it'd probably take me a few hours to turn the current 4-way docking area into a 5 way docking area to fit an extra ship.

Anyways, I do not think imperial troopers will be added. If you're really wanting to play something akin to a soldier on the imperial side, I suggest rolling a Sniper. At level 29, if you have a VIP pass, you can get a set of imperial soldier's armor from the VIP section of vaiken spacedock.
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01.19.2012 , 08:39 AM | #8
they could never think of a way to over come the space docking issues of a new class

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01.19.2012 , 08:42 AM | #9
The biggest issue is having to write new story content complete with VA, while adding in new VA to old content, while also adding in new content for all the classes. This amount of work will only grow with each new class added. Much more likely they will add new ACs before new classes.
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01.19.2012 , 09:01 AM | #10
To the points of Docking; realistically it's not that hard of a job, it just takes time and effort. For the Fleet, as said before that's gone thru many changes already. As for space ports, you could overlay elevators (aka, make one elevator for Operatives and Troopers) since each classes hanger is a separate instance and not connected like with the Fleet.

As for the VA portion, if a new class were implemented chances are it would only be for expansions (since it would involve so much work).

Update Log:

- Added in potential starting zone