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Update on Ilum Open World PvP issues

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Update on Ilum Open World PvP issues
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

jamiede's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 07:07 PM | #111
To late should of hired people that knwo what they are doing not mythic.

Game is fail good launch and thats it the product is crap .

TEsco ownbrand mmo

masterprtzl's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 07:07 PM | #112
no roll back? Back to ilum to grind 60 out tonight.

Mithay's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 07:08 PM | #113
WHAT THE ****?

NO rollback on valor?

Epic solution from BW

Gratz all today Battlemasters in few hours.

Cancelling subsciption.

shadowrwolf's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 07:08 PM | #114
**** you no roll back im gone, no roll back im out

the **** is just coming out of your mouth. not as intended, the base defenses have never ever worked!

Scottsch's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 07:08 PM | #115
i just canceled my abo

RetardoMontalban's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 07:08 PM | #116
There's no problem with valor farming in Ilum but they're going to keep people from flying in anyway, to prevent further exploiting. SOMETHING DOESN'T COMPUTE.

Learn some basic mathematics, Bioware. When numbers STACK they get crazy. See the stacking buffs that were just fixed (What kind of idiot lets that make it into the game?) and see now the valor bonus + massive spam farming inside Republic bases.

gyMe's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 07:08 PM | #117
So all of the people that gained battlemaster today because they were part of the zerg side will remain as such? That puts everyone on the other side at a severe disadvantage. You do know that right?

The Ilum buff that rewards the zerg side will remain in effect? That puts the non zerg side at a severe disadvantage. You do know that right?

I ask those questions not to be rhetorical, because clearly someone with decision making powers doesn't understand.

pagerfriendly's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 07:08 PM | #118
Unsubscribed, along with my entire guild.
Xylok - Bondar Crystal Commando

Holyjudgement's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 07:08 PM | #119
Epic fail by bioware

CortneyF's Avatar

01.18.2012 , 07:08 PM | #120
No rollback, looks like my friends and I are staying unsubbed.