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Dooku and Windu - Could it have been done?

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Dooku and Windu - Could it have been done?

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01.20.2012 , 07:13 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by RayceUlrand View Post
All right, I see, I see ...but I don't know if its fair =/

I mean this is Mace vs. Dooku, not Dooku vs. Sidious ..yes, defeating Palpatine in saber combat was impressive and I will not claim Dooku could have managed the same because I lack the facts and evidence ..but Dooku from what I've seen can handle combat very well. A Jedi Padawan, a Knight, and a Master all in a row and he handled himself well.

This is not countering your opinions at all, I liked them ...but I just don't feel right saying Windu could win because he beat Sidious in a saber duel, when we've never seen Dooku attempt such a thing with him.
Darth Sidious was Tyrannus' master and Tyrannus knew he was no match for him, Yoda was handily defeating Dooku in AotC and Windu is an even better duellist than Yoda, yet not nearly as powerful in the force, again, Windu is demonstratively the second best duellist in the EU, Tyrannus was perhaps the 8th best.